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Go ahead and ask us what we think and you'll be...Seeing R.E.D!

Go ahead and ask us what we think and you'll be...Seeing R.E.D!
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Go ahead and ask us what we think and you'll be...Seeing R.E.D!




#138: Sleep Deprived Pt. 5 of 5 - Seeing R.E.D. Daily

If you've made it to the end, wow! Good job! As Rebecca, Eron and Dave wrap up this long sleep deprived show, they close with a fun news story about a disappointed man and his food.


#136: Sleep Deprived Pt. 3 of 5 - Seeing R.E.D. Daily

They're still going in this third part, as Rebecca, Eron an Dave chat about the time Dave saves a little girl's life after being stuck by a speeding car. Then, Rebecca reflects on a friend who was burnt after a house fire, but remained one of the happiest people she knew. While it sounds serious there are still more laughs in this episode too!


#134: Sleep Deprived Pt. 1 of 5 - Seeing R.E.D. Daily

In this part one of this five parter, Rebecca, Eron and Dave talk about mobile data charges, and the mystery of what happened to Fios? Which leads them to recount the age of dial-up internet and the crazy world of America Online. Afterward leads into Rebecca's weird way to play the video game SIMS and the revival of the old game systems like Nintendo, Sega and Atari!


#127: Going Back Home - Seeing R.E.D. Daily

Today Eron and Dave (and Rebecca in the background) go back home with weird news from the HuffPost about Police saving a Sex Doll and then, travel to Florida for a tale of a woman's scorn after losing her crack pipe!


#126: Beware the Scarecrow - Seeing R.E.D. Daily

Today Rebecca, Eron and Dave update everyone on their Pokemon Go status and then get into stories about how a scarecrow killed a man, as well as how a 3D porn got a woman pregnant!


#123: The Truth Is Out There - Seeing R.E.D. Daily

Today, Dave brings back Justin Klinger to finish there conversation from yesterday about space and the great beyond as the truth is out there.


#120: It's About A True Believer - Seeing R.E.D. Daily

Welcome to Seeing R.E.D. Daily, Eron and Dave sit-down and talk about how the two want Bryan Cranston to play Stan Lee in a dramatization of Stan's life which is solely based on a fan fiction idea. Plus, a lot of comic and movie talk all based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe!


#117: Unearthed Gem Part 1 - Seeing R.E.D.

As we make the transition to the new server, Dave found an unpublished podcast with guest S. Sadie Burbank record roughly around early 2014! They cover business, books, comic and the CNN article about Dave and MythWurks Corporation.

#116: I Bid Thee All A Goodnight - Seeing R.E.D.

An impromptu episode with Dave as we sadly all bid Terry D. Scheerer farewell.

#115: The Very Best of 2015 - Seeing R.E.D.

This week, we celebrate three years of the JayZoModcast and Seeing R.E.D with Dave as he present to you the very best and most memorable of what the year had to offer in the very best of 2015!

#114: Der Fuhrer Stinks - Seeing R.E.D.

This week, Rebecca, Eron and Dave comes at you running on all cylinders! Find out who is Der Fuhrer and why he stinks, as well as what was Seized at LAX airport! Then, find out what is the newest way to use your cellphone and finish off the episode with the top ten Grossest Bestiality Cases in Arizona!

#113: Bittersweet Memories - Seeing R.E.D.

After a five month absence, Rebecca, Eron and Dave return to their mics to remember a sweet soul, and awesome woman extraordinaire Lacie Montoya and why 2015 has been the most bittersweet year ever.

#112: Plumping The Pork - Seeing R.E.D.

Rebecca, Eron and Dave finally make their triumphant return with a update on everyone's whereabouts and then jump into some weird news Seeing R.E.D. style with topics like Religious man says you can impregnate your hand in the afterlife after masturbation, an attempted murder in a Nursing Home, Zombie Cats raise, the funniest porn star on Earth and an Oklahoma man takes 'PORKYS' to a whole new level!


#111: From CKX to JX3 - Seeing R.E.D.

On the heels of the successful CK eXpo, Dave sits down with Co-Founder and JX3 Executive, Rob Bellamy! The two talk about podcasting and the Movie Madhouse, afterward they chat it up about how CKX came to be and just how successful it was with their two special celebrity guests! Following that Dave asks Rob about JX3 Productions and his up-and-coming film called, "Stones," and much, much more!


#109: Sh!t Just Got Real - Seeing R.E.D.

In this mid-week special Eron and Dave pull back the curtain and get into a real conversation, forgetting that they are recording, as they have a loooong talk about where entertainment mediums are heading, and what they expect to get from it.


#104: Artsy Fartsy - Seeing R.E.D.

This Week Rebecca, Eron and Dave cover a wide range of topic this time around. Picking up where they left off with Marvel movies, then head over Dave's weird dream about Vegas. Then wrap up for the week with a little talk about Bill Cosby and Shia Labeouf's controversial music video.


#103: Got It Covered - Seeing R.E.D.

This week, Rebecca, Eron and Dave return to talk about their health and fitness, then they cover banned foreign movies, Dave's life without cable and a little update on the Mongers. Afterward, the trio talk about reality television and the get on a tangent about Marvel Movies.


#102: Welcome To The Future - Seeing R.E.D.

This week, Eron and Dave start the show off with a bit of weird and disturbing news that comes out of the heart of Texas. Afterward they chat a bit about celebrities and movies, which leads them to brainstorm about the North Korea and the Interview incident. Then, the duo wrap things up this week as they investigate just how close 'Back To The Future II' was about their predictions of 2015.


#101: The Force Awakens With Another Child - Seeing R.E.D.

Eron and Dave return from a long absence to gives us new news on how the Montoya Household is getting bigger! Then, the two talk about how the Mongers project is far from dead, as well as how things have been since they last met up.


#100: Um, Way Of The Masters - Seeing R.E.D.

Welcome to episode 100! This week Rebecca, Eron and Dave take a long time to talk about the status of the Mongers movie project, then Eron gives us an update on his schooling. Afterward, the trio revisit the very first episode of Seeing R.E.D. with tons of laughter and embarrassment, as they make fun of their former selves in this extra long fun-filled episode!


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