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The "Seeking Justice" LIVE Radio Talk Show originates on the Campus of Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. The show's objective is to transcend issues of conflict by listening to both sides of the story. Topics include: Current Events, Political Controversies & National & International Conflicts. Hosted by Dr. Mary Kendall Hope. 90.9 FM WQFS Greensboro, 4-5pm ET every other Wednesday.

The "Seeking Justice" LIVE Radio Talk Show originates on the Campus of Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. The show's objective is to transcend issues of conflict by listening to both sides of the story. Topics include: Current Events, Political Controversies & National & International Conflicts. Hosted by Dr. Mary Kendall Hope. 90.9 FM WQFS Greensboro, 4-5pm ET every other Wednesday.
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The "Seeking Justice" LIVE Radio Talk Show originates on the Campus of Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. The show's objective is to transcend issues of conflict by listening to both sides of the story. Topics include: Current Events, Political Controversies & National & International Conflicts. Hosted by Dr. Mary Kendall Hope. 90.9 FM WQFS Greensboro, 4-5pm ET every other Wednesday.




Women in the Workplace with Ann Hardee, Business Owner

Ann Hardee, Business Owner, Real Estate Agent & Retired Flight Attendant shares her experience as a working woman from the late 1970's to present. Ann began her professional career as a flight attendant (stewardess) for United Airlines. She shared the specifics written into work expectations for women and men in the airline industry that were expected then. From the requirements to wear high heeled shoes, false eyelashes, short skirts and weight requirements that female "stewardesses"...


Women in Journalism & The Journalist As Witness Conference

Covering the Journalist As Witness Conference (March 17-18) at Guilford College and in continued support of Women's History Month, we focused on women in journalism and the experiences that participants will have at this upcoming event. From the earliest days of women in journalism through today, Cheryl Hatch and Richard Tsong Taatarii discussed women such as Dickey Chapelle, who indeed was a well known photojournalist from the WWII era through the Vietnam War. We discussed media legends...


Nevertheless She Persisted: The History of the Women's Movement Thru #MeToo

The "Seeking Justice" public radio talk show begins our honor of women borrowing this year's National Women's History month theme: "Nevertheless, She Persisted." Gwen Erickson, Tiffany Holland, and Sarah Thuesen present first a history of the women's movement and women's studies in colleges. As these departments soon evolved into women, gender and sexuality studies, all three guests described how the intersection of these aspects of women's history helped shape the last decades of our...


The Partnership Project with Nora Jones

Nora Jones from The Partnership Project talks about the Racial Equity Institute (REI) workshops such as Phase I - which educates participants about racial equity and stimulates discussions that empower and encourage while promoting increased awareness and understanding. Nora described the Phase II workshops as empowering individuals to take action - such as letter writing, community organization, protest movements and fostering active community discussions. She discussed how these...


The Beloved Community Center of Greensboro, 2018

Joyce and Nelson Johnson, who walked and worked with Martin Luther King, Jr. and founded The Beloved Community Center (BCC) in 1965 came with Wesley Morris to discuss the work the BCC continues to initiate. This center promotes dialogue, education and discussion among all cultures in the Triad area and is a national leader in social justice work. They discussed specific projects that they have championed such as Healing Tuesdays (stimulated by North Carolina's Moral Mondays). Nelson &...


The African Student Association at Guilford College

The African Student Association at Guilford College's President, Emerantienne Tang discussed the formation of this student organization on campus. She talked about the upcoming African Night events scheduled for April 21, 2018 and an upcoming pageant competition on February 24th between our ASA and other ASA organizations from other colleges. She discussed her inspiration to create Guilford's chapter of the ASA, detailing how she felt as a young adult immigrant from the continent of...


Representative Amos Quick, III (D) of North Carolina

I was honored to have as my guest, Representative Amos Quick, III (D) of North Carolina. Rep. Quick talked at length about the status of the redistricting in NC as our state waits for the Supreme Court to decide whether they will hear a full appeal from NC's GOP of the re-drawn district lines. Rep. Quick also spoke at length about North Carolina's challenges in education, detailing his goals for improvements. He outlined that the four pillars of his work to encompass: Education,...


Black History Month Kickoff & The Status of The Democratic Party

The first segment (4-4:30) of this episode was dedicated to previewing the activities planned to honor Black History Month (February) at Guilford College. Krishauna Hines-Gaither & Brianna Randolph detailed the many unique events being sponsored including a discussion of the history and use of "The N Word" and the first installment of a three part series: "Hair & Body Politics." The second segment (4:30-5) Dave Wils, NC Democratic Party leader and national party committee member came on...


Respect for ALL: When All Includes LGBTQ+

On this episode, Fernando Jimenez, Photo Journalist, discussed the LGBTQ+ identifiers and how to approach discussions of LGBTQ+ descriptors with family members, friends, co-workers and associates. Fernando shared his own personal stories of coming out to his conservative Christian mother and his time with the North Carolina State Legislature during the NC Bathroom Bill time frame. Fernando's experiences were poignant and relevant to many who may have listened to this show. We discussed...


The Changing Roles of Women: As Survivors, Offenders, & Leaders in Criminal Justice

Dr. Ziwei Qi, Professor of Criminal Justice discussed her new course: The Changing Roles of Women within the criminal justice system. Zi discussed that this course and concept within the field of criminal justice has been evolving slowly since the late 1800's with some of the more significant changes coming in just the last few years. She discussed that this study will include an intensive look at women as survivors of abuse/crime as well as women as offenders. She discussed both of these...


TIME'S UP: The #MeToo Movement Going Forward

On this episode Nicole Kaufman, Counselor, joined me to discuss the deeper issues embedded within the #MeToo Movement. We also presented the new TIME'S UP Manefesto created by Hollywood Female Leaders to help low & middle income female workers experiencing sexual harassment. Nicole read through the TIME'S UP goals and objectives which included the work to establish a equal respect and working environment for women to include pay, respect, and validation. The TIME'S UP also is in the...


2017 The Year in Review with Dr. Mike Sistrom, Professor of History & Dr. Thom Little, Professor of Political Science

On this episode we planned to discuss the AP (Associated Press) top stories of 2017. Going off script, we discussed the impact of the Trump Presidency - and how it revealed what had been building underneath. Dr. Mike Sistrom, Professor of History, Greensboro College and Dr. Thom Little, Professor of Political Science analyzed how our collective narrative has become fragmented - and this fragmentation has played out in our political experience and continued to divide us. We discussed ways...


#MeToo: Defining The Watershed Moment

On this episode I was joined by Shania Lao, Staff writer for The Guilfordian and Cheryl Hatch, Assistant Professor of English. We discussed the #MeToo Watershed phenomena from the perspective of both social media and journalistic impact. Staying true to our commitment to focusing on current events, we discussed the influence of the #MeToo on yesterday's election in Alabama of Democratic Senatorial Candidate, Doug Jones (against Roy Moore, accused sexual predator). We further defined "fake...


The Privileges of Wealth with Dr. Bob Williams & Dr. Natalya Shelkova

On this episode, we discussed the book: The Privileges of Wealth, defining the distinction between wealth & income inequality and compared these to the most recent tax cut proposals in Congress. Head of Department (Economics) & Author Bob Williams defined "income" as the money a person or household earns to purchase monthly resources. Bob defined "wealth" as the accumulation of assets that give a person access to power and the ability to advance. He described that the growing inequality...


Quakers & The Underground Railroad Trail & Curriculum

On this episode, I was joined by Gwen Erickson, Tiffany Holland and Kate Hood, co-developers of the new Underground Railroad Trail & Curriculum. Tiffany and Gwen discussed the development of the details of this curriculum which was designed for 4th, 8th & 11th grade instruction in cooperation with Guilford County Schools. Kate Hood presented several interesting historical details from her research and presented aspects of the work she researched & coordinated for the grant. Kate, Gwen &...


A Return to Innocence

On this episode, Keith Harward and Jerry Reynolds returned to talk about Keith's story; The Innocence Project; and forensic science. A year ago, Keith had come on to the show to talk about his exoneration from prison, due to the long and diligent work of The Innocence Project. Keith had been wrongly convicted of rape and murder in 1983 in Virginia in a highly publicized case. Released last year, Keith has been working tirelessly to further the awareness of The Innocence Project (which...


Medicare: What's The Right Choice? & Healthcare 2018

On this episode, Don Hild, Educator, Trainer and Medicare Expert came on to specifically outline all of the Medicare options (A & B, C, D, & F). Don discussed the history of the creation of Medicare by Franklin Roosevelt and why it was not implemented until the Lyndon B. Johnson Administration - detailing why and how this history continues to define Parts A & B. Don discussed the differences between Med-Advantage and Medicare Supplements and emphasized that all individuals (age 65 &...


#MeToo: Sexual Harassment in Teen Girls + Boys React

On this episode, Katie Southwick came on to discuss a series of interviews she conducted with teen girls and teen boys about sexual harassment and sex education in the school system. Her own personal insights about her experiences as a 17 year old and those of the teen girls she interviewed that many "traditional" stereotypes continue to permeate current experiences. She discussed examples of sexual harassment to include catcalling, inappropriate touching and a new social media phenomenon...


Coming of Age in the Age of Trump

On this episode, three college students discuss the Trump Presidency. One caucasian male (age 19); one African American female (age 20); and a caucasian female - continuing education student (age 53) come together to discuss this new "Age of Trump." One student sent out 80 survey questions to his fellow peers (5 years younger to 5 years older) and received 45 responses. He discussed his findings, reporting that many students felt stunned at the election of Mr. Trump and many felt...


Tax Reform 2017 with Professor Andrew Haile, Elon Law School

On this episode, Professor of Tax Law, Andy Haile presented his initial impressions of the proposed changes to the tax code. He described that each individual or family's circumstances would determine whether they would see increases to their taxes or have tax cuts. Specifically, one change is a proposed "block deduction" for families (with children) and a removal of the prior deduction per child. Professor Haile discussed the ramifications of the removal of tax deductions for state taxes...


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