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Meredith Andrews: Worship & Passion for the Church Fuels Her Music

You’ve likely heard her songs like “How Great is the Love,” “Not for a Moment,” and “Spirit of the Living God” on the radio, but leading worship in the church remains Meredith Andrews’ passion. For years, she was on staff at Harvest Bible Chapel and toured with Harvest’s Vertical Church Band. Now she and her family are in Nashville, but recently was in the Chicago area for the Vertical Church Conference. That’s where I caught up with this Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter and had an...


Kathryn Scott: Still "Hungry" for God & Excited About Spiritual Awakening in Ireland

Kathryn Scott: Still "Hungry" for God & Excited About Spiritual Awakening in Ireland by Julie Roys


One Refugee's Story Reveals Horror of U.N. Camps

Many refugees have fled war-torn areas where they witnessed unspeakable atrocities and barely escaped with their lives. After weeks, months, or even years, they arrive at a refugee camp run by the United Nations, places billed as safe havens for refugees until they can be resettled or it’s safe to return home. But as recent reports have revealed, the workers in these camps can perpetrate some of the same horrors that refugees have fled, abusing adolescent and pre-adolescent boys and girls...


Christian Terrorism Expert Warns Against Admitting Refugees

Christians are divided over whether to support President Trump’s tighter limits and restrictions on refugees coming into the country. Some say Trump’s harder line violates Jesus’ commandment to welcome the stranger, while others say it’s necessary to protect citizens, which is government’s God-given role. I’ll discuss the issue with Christian leaders on both sides of the debate on my radio show Up For Debate ( But in advance of that discussion, I interviewed Brigitte...


Revolutionizing Pro-Life Outreach: Save the Storks Puts Crisis Pregnancy Centers on Wheels

Despite the 4,000 crisis pregnancy centers in the U.S., studies show that most women considering abortion don’t know about the services these centers provide. And sadly, they think abortion is their only option. So, one pro-life group, called Save the Storks, has come up with an ingenious way to bring these pregnancy centers to the women. The group has built specially designed vans that operate as mobile medical units. And, it parks these vans where abortion-vulnerable women are – outside...


If Fetuses Aren't Human, Then What Is Abortion Survivor Melissa Ohden?

The National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) this week is crying foul because of a Doritos ultrasound ad that allegedly used the “#antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses.” But, one has to wonder who or what NARAL thinks these fetuses really are? I actually talked with one of those so-called “humaniz(ed) fetuses” last week – Melissa Ohden, a woman who survived a saline-infused abortion designed to end her life at only five months gestation. Miraculously, she survived. And today,...

Volf & Qureshi Debate – Do Muslims & Christians Worship the Same God?

A controversy at Wheaton College has spurred a national debate on whether Muslims and Christians worship the same God. Certainly Muslims deny the Trinity and deity of Christ. Yet, is there enough overlap between the two religion’s concept of God to sufficiently claim that adherents of both worship the same God? In this edition of Seeking Truth, Julie Roys explores the issue with Dr. Miroslav Volf, and Dr. Nabeel Qureshi. Volf is the leading Protestant proponent of the view that Muslims and...

The 40 Film: A Wake-Up Call About Abortion

One million babies are slaughtered in the U.S. every year — sometimes in our own backyards — yet we often go about our everyday business without even giving it a thought. The 40 Film seeks to change that. It’s been called a wake-up call for America — a cinematic experience that will forever change the way you see this issue. Highlighting the testimonies of those whose lives have been devastated by abortion, the film explores the true legacy of Roe v. Wade over the past 40-plus years. With...

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

Do Muslims & Christians worship the same God? Julie Roys explores this question with Nabeel Qureshi, a former Muslim and itinerant speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. The issue recently became the focus of national debate when Wheaton College suspended a professor for asserting that Muslims and Christians "are people of the book" and "worship the same God." Qureshi addresses this controversy and also explores what's appropriate when reaching out to Muslims; whether Islam...

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