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Staying motivated even through tough times with leadership expert Shawn Doyle

Our guest this week is Shawn Doyle, contributing writer for The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Inc, The Good Men Project and Addicted2Success and author of Jumpstart Your Motivation and The Sun Still Rises. His mission as a trainer and certified speaker is to make a monumental difference in people’s lives at work and at home, as they go through this thing called life. He founded the largest motivation group on LinkedIn, Motivation Nation, with over 16,000 members. Today he takes us...

Duration: 00:40:55

The Easiest Path to Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Our guest this week is Jay Biss. Jay has worked with small businesses for over 15 years and is now focused on helping clients save money by finding cash management solutions and maximize their short/long term credit opportunities at a large bank in New York City, currently the top ranked banker in the US in his category. An avid football fan and runner, his motto is 'show up and follow up'. This episode is brought to you by, Strassburger Steaks, visit today and...

Duration: 00:40:35

Podcasting can help your business with Doug Sandler, host of The Nice Guys on Business Podcast

Our guest this week is Doug Sandler, host of The Nice Guys on Business podcast. He's here to explain that podcasting is within your reach and can help your business and sales. Doug Sandler is an entrepreneur and industry leader. His book, Nice Guys Finish First is a #1 ranked Amazon Best Seller. As a podcast host of The Nice Guys, Doug has interviewed Jeffrey Gitomer, Gary Vaynerchuk, Arianna Huffington from HuffPost, Dan Harris from Good Morning America, Ron Klain, White House Chief of...

Duration: 00:44:48

AppSumo's Noah Kagan tells us how to build a multi-million dollar business

Our guest this week is Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo at Noah was employee #30 at Facebook, #4 at Mint and has since created four multi-million dollar businesses. His latest obsession is (free marketing tools for small businesses to become big). He founded (daily deals for entrepreneurs) and has a popular podcast on business, Noah Kagan Presents. This episode is brought to you by, Strassburger Steaks, visit today and click the “Steak Lover”...

Duration: 00:36:21

Hubspot's Mike Pici and Hubspot developer Jon Pavoni

1:16 - Jeffrey Gitomer joins Mike Pici, Director of Sales at Hubspot, for their Inbound Sales Day 9:42 - Why Jeffrey reads the 1-star reviews 16:30 - How to overcome the "bad experience last time" barrier 22:50 - Is there a difference between selling a product vs. a service? 26:34 - What happens when you're in a situation you're not prepared for? 32:00 - Hubspot developer and inbound sales expert Jon Pavoni joins for a lead-gen and content creation talk you can't miss. 33:10 - People...

Duration: 00:39:57

Sam Caucci, CEO and Founder of 1Huddle on Sales Gamification

Gamification isn't's here. Companies all over the world are incorporating game mechanics into training, production and even the product or service itself. The industry is worth $2 billion and growing fast. Our guest this week is Sam Caucci, CEO of one of the top gamification companies in the world, 1Huddle. He breaks down why gamification works and where training is going in the next decade.

Duration: 00:53:46

Peter James, SVP of Sales, MapAnything

Peter James is a former Navy Seal turned Senior Vice President. It's not hard to imagine that a lot of the values and lessons he learned from his experience as a Seal carried over into his new career. You don't have to go through basic training to pick up the tips, strategies and amazing sales and life advice Peter has for us today. 2:00 - Jeffrey and Jen have a message, "Flying stinks...GET OVER IT!" 7:45 - Peter James on the most important thing he learned as a Navy Seal 14:42 - "If...

Duration: 00:49:35

Author Karen Salmansohn helps us stay happy

Karen Salmansohn, author of Think Happy and Enough, Dammit joins us to discuss the secrets to maintaining a positive attitude in any environment. 4:40 - Can you become instantly happy? 7:05 - Is happiness innate or learned? 8:50 - Techniques to beat a bad day 12:00 - Wisdom out of the mouth of babes *** Follow Jeffrey on twitter and instagram @gitomer Follow Jennifer on twitter and instagram @jeninanyminute *** Other helpful places… Jeffrey’s website:...

Duration: 00:18:02

Mitch Taylor, Taylored Events

Mitch Taylor of Taylored Events joins us to breakdown the key questions and sales tactics in the world of event planning and sales. 2:25 - What makes an event memorable? 4:45 - What do you ask prospects who are purchasing for their event? 7:50 - Jeffrey’s creative ideas for events 9:46 - “Time is the fire in which we burn…” 12:15 - “What do you want them to say? What do you want them to POST?” 13:26 - How Mitch gets NEW prospects *** Follow Jeffrey on twitter and instagram...

Duration: 00:23:00

Workplace culture and the workplace of the future with Tami Schlichter

Jeffrey and Jen are in Amsterdam and stunned by all of the communication gaps that are bridged in the name business. It has them thinking about what kind of communication it takes to bridge gaps in workplace culture. It's a constant focus of our guest, Tami Schlicter, president of Ajax Union marketing. She's a millennial managing machine and artificial intelligence expert. She explains the idea of A.I. and how it will impact your life in the future in a way that everyone can understand.

Duration: 00:38:38

Prospecting expert Jeb Blount on Sales EQ

Jeb Blount is the author of Fanatical Prospecting and has devoted his life to help people make more sales through the art and science of prospecting. His new book Sales EQ explores the new psychology of selling. In this interview he'll explain how ultra high performers are leveraging emotional intelligence to close more deals. PLUS! This episode contain multiple giveaways. Listen to find out how you can win breakfast on us and more.

Duration: 00:53:17

Jeff Bajorek on Sales and Golf

Jeff Bajorek (Parabola Consulting and host of The Why and The Buy podcast) joins us to talk to us about a subject that's near and dear to his It's not just a game, for many it's a sales tool. Learn about the right way to use a game of golf for sales and things you can learn from the game that you can take with you into any sale...anywhere. Jeff is hosting his own sales and golf event which you can learn more about and sign up for...

Duration: 00:28:18

If You're Doing Direct Selling...Do It RIGHT with guest Ash Waechter

On today's episode Jennifer and Jeffrey discuss how to sell in highly emotional situations. Our guest is Ash Waechter who stunned Jeffrey with his direct mailer. He'll tell us how he's maximizing his outreach and prospects in a medium that was supposed to be on the way out.

Duration: 00:27:27

Is artificial intelligence the future of sales? with guest Sandy Carter

Sandy Carter has always been on the forefront of technology and social media in sales. As an executive at IBM her focus was not only staying on trend but finding out what the next trend was. We discuss artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies that aren't on the horizon...they're already here.

Duration: 00:38:13

How Modern Muffin used 3 P's to bake up success

Our guests this week are Claire Putterman and Rachel Friedman a mother daughter team who are baking up sales success every single day. Claire took her passion project and turned it into money. Modern Muffin has done something that so many other businesses struggle to do...scale without sacrificing quality. Find out how inside this episode.

Duration: 00:30:02

Building Your Pipeline with guest Tony J. Hughes

Today’s guest is award winning blogger, bestselling author and international speaker Tony J. Hughes. He’s here to give you tips on building and maintaining a healthy sales pipeline. PLUS, we discuss the big difference between a sales problem and a sales symptom.

Duration: 00:48:47

Workplace Culture: Creating it, maintaining it and does it even matter?

Andrew Sherman is a lawyer, professor and the Author of The Crisis of Disengagement. We discuss how one employee can destroy an entire office culture and what sales managers can do about it.

Duration: 00:49:17

How to be a Great Sales Manager

Sales management is difficult but vital to the operation of any sales staff. If you aren't practicing the best management techniques you could see your staff's morale and closing rate fall through the floor. Listen to our tips and advice from sales management expert Glenn Mattson help get you in the right gear.

Duration: 00:20:39

The Tradeshow Show

Are tradeshows even worth the hassle and expense anymore? Our guest this week is Erin Gargan, founder of Socialite, a marketing agency that specializes in social media. She consults with companies to ensure that they maximize earnings from tradeshows and other large events. We discuss how to prepare, execute and follow up on your next tradeshow.

Duration: 00:48:49

After "A-ha": Turning your million dollar idea into a million dollars

You’ve just had a million dollar idea…but you don’t have a million dollars. What do you do after your a-ha moment? Guest marketing experts Joe Apfelbaum and Natalie Kathleen join to discuss the steps you need to take to take an idea out into the street and turn it into money!

Duration: 00:47:07

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