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Semiautomagic, Inc - Episode 30 - King Oberon's Court

When Rowan, Fiona, and Solomon materialize in King Oberon's demesne, things start to get a little out of hand. The group mingles with a bunch of Faeristocrats, offers redemption to them that seek it, and ultimately, begin the final show down with King Oberon himself.

Duration: 01:45:57

Semiautomagic Inc - Episode 29 Twilight of the Throne of Mists

Our heroes, though weary from their battles with the Knights of Mist, now turn their vengeful gaze upon the heart of the city. Unexpected allies help them carve a path to Oberon.

Duration: 02:34:26

Semiautomagic Inc - Episode 28 - The Last Temptations

The Mega Man Boss Rush prophesied has arrived! Solomon's inversion matrix, meant to turn the Throne of Mists in upon itself, finally comes together, and the blow-back rips open some really bad news for the team. Rowan and his boyfriend Xavier Tangleforth V run off to the town lumber mill, Fiona and her girlfriend Peroa Dahlma head over to the cemetery, leaving Solomon and Wake Wagner to dredge the forest.

Duration: 01:53:50

Semiautomagic Inc - Episode 27 - The Theotokos Incident

We now rejoin our story in progress as the Task Force deals with the revelation that they're up against Titania's old flame. Rowan and Solomon have themselves a tense confrontation, while getting back to work means paying a visit the latest site of reality unraveling: The Museum of Weird History

Duration: 01:16:00

Semiautomagic, Inc - Episode 26 - Let's Save Jewish Christmas

Our Holiday season special has arrived, just in time to save Vampire Hanukkah from the clutches of an ancient evil, offending as many people as humanly, faerie-ly, and vampiricly possible. Join Rowan, Fiona, and Solomon as they face down the Hanukkahbra and save Jewish Christmas!

Duration: 01:26:55

Semiautomagic, Inc - Episode 25 - King of Land Portlandia

We check up on Rowan's quest for that gallon of drugs he's after, and his search walks him straight into the hipster king, whose name is impossible to reproduce in the written word. It's a wager of wits and wanton beard-waggling, but when Rowan recovers his prize, the Magic Bean goes up in smoke.

Duration: 01:02:49

Semiautomagic, Inc - Episode 24 - Fae-sploitation

Fiona and Peroa Dahlma project themselves across metaphysical space-time in their efforts to uncover just what the hell's going on in the Nevernever. The sites of power designated in the Throne of Mists array point to a Fae history that even Fiona doesn't recognize.

Duration: 01:15:09

Semiautomagic, Inc - Episode 23 - Nothing but Good News

Solomon and Rowan, on their way to meet Rowan's Three-Eye supplier, are intercepted by the illustrious Emperor Dr. Mrs. Bismark, PhD, Esquire Extraordinaire, who informs the buddy-cop duet of a lead she has on a literal nightmare factory that produces the stuff they need in the quantity they need. Their point of contact with the organization, one fearsome Reverend Stitch, proposes an unsavory deal.

Duration: 01:06:40

Semiautomagic - Episode 22 - Reaping the Harvest

The Task Force concludes its fight with Mother Harvest and cleans up at the Hearthstone Quarry. Rowan is accosted by the spider-lady he pissed off. Fiona quenches her bloodthirst momentarily. They're all visited by a spectral visage of whatever sits on the Throne of Mists, whom Solomon flips the bird. It's all very exciting.

Duration: 01:04:49

Semiautomagic, Inc - Episode 21 - Heck Off, Joel

Rowan, Fiona, and Solomon keep their momentum rolling, pointing their ire toward the Hearthstone Quarry, and the final name connected to Mother Harvest. When they piss off the other-worldly scarecrow-obsessed witch, the Task Force finds themselves at odds with a pinecone-grenade laden living tree, a technicolor forest fortress, and a whole lot of bad news.

Duration: 01:30:37

Semiautomagic Inc - Episode 20 - After School Debriefing

We recuperate after our victory over The Huntress and her stupid wolf crony at the Westfield Carter Hotel. Solomon reveals a plan that he hopes will turn the tide away from a defensive posture, and bring the fight straight to the Throne of Mists itself.

Duration: 01:06:47

Episode 19 - Walking PTSD

The task force spreads out to sweep the grounds of Clackimus Middle School. Rowan dopes up, Fiona follows her instincts, and Solomon rummages through files, until they are beset by the sinister agents of The Huntress. Find out whether they survive, this week on Semiautomagic, Inc!

Duration: 01:23:15

Episode 18 - Moon Man Mystery Machine

We kick the figuring-stuff-out machine into a high gear. The Throne of Mists is connected to a decades-old event, and it turns out we've only got about a week before the twenty-first anniversary of the Unseelie Incursion. Things are bad, and they're only going to get worse.

Duration: 00:48:38

Episode 17 - Yakuza Floutist

Fiona P. Quirk and Solomon Byron make their visit to the Mayoral Pagoda, where they run into persons of interest in their investigation. What follows is the biggest break the investigation has gotten. Follow us for more, every other Monday at Semiautomagicinc.com!

Duration: 01:00:44

Episode 16 - Complex Eyebrow Semaphore

In this Rowan-centric episode, everyone's favorite bounty hunter with endless underground contacts makes his way to a magic fight club and places a bet for information. When the terms of that bet are put in contention, Rowan finds himself caught in a web of bureaucracy that he must fight to survive.

Duration: 00:59:18

Episode 15 - Monica R. Handle

Preparations and equipment and informative discussion abounds as we learn the results of Fiona and Rowan's stalking mission. A plan is hatched, and the party splits, on this week's Semiautomagic, Inc!

Duration: 01:42:34

Episode 14 - Chronic Italianism

We now return to our regularly scheduled podcast, with Rowan's journey into the Dark Womb of Accountancy, Fiona's tea time, and Solomon's anger at silly things slowly coming to a boil. The mystery surrounding January Olliander and Joel Heck begins to bare its threads. All this and more, here on Semiautomagic, Inc!

Duration: 00:59:19

Episode 13 - Pigurines (and other tokens)

This week on Semiautomagic Inc, we take a walk down self-referential lane as we take a brief respite at the Westfield Carter. Fiona gambles, Rowan rummages around, and Solomon visits the accounting office. All this and more in this week's rendition of Semiautomagic Inc!

Duration: 01:06:13

Episode 12 - A Plague of Mummodiles

Salvador Hernandez has a lot of information for us, straight from a precocious code breaker who solved the cipher behind the runic sigil our heroes found in Teddy's playhouse. Join us to find out what Altozephyr has in store, this week on Semiautomagic, Inc.

Duration: 01:26:49

Episode 11 - Kangaroo Named Hitler

On this week's Semiautomagic, Inc, we clean up Solomon's mess, with only marginal help from Solomon himself.

Duration: 00:57:56

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