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Hilarious fan podcast of the Ottawa Senators NHL team. Hosted by Kardinal, Canuck and Pan.

Hilarious fan podcast of the Ottawa Senators NHL team. Hosted by Kardinal, Canuck and Pan.
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Ottawa, Canada


Hilarious fan podcast of the Ottawa Senators NHL team. Hosted by Kardinal, Canuck and Pan.






Season 6 Episode 2: Return of the King

We’re back after about 10% of the season is done. This week we spend about half the time talking about the Sens and half the time talking about Canuck’s wedding SHOULD THE SENS TRADE ERIK KARLSSON?!?!?! Listen to find out!

Duration: 01:49:55

Season 6 Episode 1: Back in Black (well, still red, but that’s going to change soon)

We’re back & the Sens hit the ice in less than 24 hours! Logan Brown & Alex Formenton are still on the roster & Erik Karlsson may be back sooner than later. We’re looking to start a new segment called “Question Period” where Kardinal & Pan debate a listener question and Canuck picks a winner. E-mail in your questions!

Duration: 01:47:20

Season 5 Episode 23: Summer Show

We’re back to summarize what some would say has been a summer of blunders. From the loss of Methot in the expansion draft, not drafting a goalie, signing Nate Thompson and other long contracts along with having Daniel Alfredsson leaving the team once again. What does this mean about the team? What does it mean to the fan base? And most importantly what does it mean to Erik Karlsson? WHO KNOWS!?!?!?!?Seas

Duration: 01:45:32

Season 5 Episode 22: Jamie McLennan & Ian Mendes Call Up and We Wrap Up!

We’re back a little bit later than expected, and also in a way, a little earlier than wanted. We summarize the remainder of the playoff series where the Sens lost to the reigning Stanley Cup Champions Pittsburgh Penguins in double overtime of game 7. Regardless as to how much it hurts, we’re joined by Jamie McLennan from TSN & Ian Mendes from TSN 1200 to summarize the season. Thank you for listening and staying in touch. We look forward to continuing this summer & going into next season.

Duration: 02:41:27

Season 5 Episode 20: Those “Boring” Sens?

We are up 2 games to 1 against the defending champs? 2 wins away from a trip to the dance? Beat the Pens 5-1 last game? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

Duration: 01:07:26

Season 5 Episode 19: Holy Smokes We’re Up 3-2!

Can you beleive it!!?? Sens pull off another miraculous comeback and Saturday afternoon win and now take a 3-2 series lead in Round 2! Pan is heading to NYC for game 6 #prayForPan Who is this Chris Neil guy?

Duration: 01:27:27

Season 5 Episode 14: Strugling Sens

Pan comes back in town & the team isn’t preforming very well. Is it goals for? Is it the penalty kill? Is it losing against the Habs? WHO KNOWS?!?! Sens @ Habs 4-1 L Sens vs Bruins 3-2 W Sens vs Penguins 2-1 SOW Sens @ Canadiens 3-1 L Sens @ Flyers 3-2 SOL

Duration: 01:29:22

Season 5 Episode 13: The Mailbox Show with Russell

Russell from the former Sens Underground fills in for Pan, who is away in Iceland! We read through the large volume of emails from all over the world in this episode. All while grinding our teeth at the outcome of the home-and-home series versus the Habs.

Duration: 02:00:09

Season 5 Episode 11: Push to the Playoffs

*** Recorded BEFORE the Alex Burrows trade *** As we wait for the media to figure out how games in hand work, the Sens continue to fight for the division lead. Sens vs Sabres 3-2L Sens @ Devils 3-0W Sens @ Leafs 6-3W Sens vs Jets 3-2L Sens @ Devils 2-1W Sens @ Hurricanes 3-0L Sens @ Panthers 2-1 W

Duration: 01:51:42

Season 5 Episode 10: Calling it Now - Road to the Playoffs

We’re back already! Even though it’s a 50-50 week, Craig Anderson returns to the team & we’re back up and running for the rest of the season Game 50: Sens @ Sabres 4-0L Game 51: Sens vs Blues 6-0L Game 52: Sens vs Stars 3-2W Game 53: Sens vs Islanders 3-0W

Duration: 01:23:59

Season 5 Episode 9: A Trade, a Signing and a New Presidential Regime

We’re finally back & end up summarizing 13% of the season. Guess what, everyone: 14 out of 18 points! Sens vs Pens 4-1W Sens vs Leafs 4-2L Sens @ Blues 6-4W Sens @ Blue Jackets 2-0W Sens @ Leafs 3-2SOW Sens vs Blue Jackets 6-5OTL Sens vs Washington 3-0W Sens vs Calgary 2-1OTL Sens @ Panthers 6-5L Sens @ Lightning 5-2W

Duration: 01:47:54

Season 5 Episode 6: Jamie McLennan Calls Up

We’re joined with Jamie McLennan from TSN to talk on a few points of the season and a little more about him and his experiences Panthers 0 @ Sens 2 Sens 5 @ Penguins 8 Sens 4 @ Sharks 2 Sens 1 @ Kings 4 Sens 1 @ Ducks 5

Duration: 01:33:20

Season 5 Episode 5: Ho Ho Hold on for Deathcember

We’re back and it’s starting too look a lot like Christmas Sens 4 @ Habs 3 Bruins 1 @ Sens 3 Hurricanes 1 @ Sens 2 Sens 2 @ Rangers 0 Sabres 5 @ Sens 4 Flyers 3 @ Sens 2 (OT) Panthers 0 @ Sens 2

Duration: 01:36:53

Season 5 Episode 2: Game On!

Our first in-studio guest of the season, Todd Van Allen joins us to talk about the Sens! Check him out at and on Twitter at @heyitsTVA Leafs 4 @ Sens 5Habs 3 @ Sens 4Sens 1 @ Red Wings 5Coyotes 4 @ Sens

Duration: 01:41:45

Season 4 Episode 17: End of Season Summary with Dean Brown

We reunite at the end of a very inconsistent season to debrief on the year that has been. What better way of doing so than by being joined by Dean Brown, the voice of the Ottawa Senators on TSN 1200! There has been significant changes with Pierre Dorion taking over the reins as General Manager and we’re seeing lots of changes from the top down. Thank you again for listening and contributing in our 4th year & we look forward to getting back to it in the summer.

Duration: 02:20:24

Season 4 Episode 15: March Madness

We’re finally back for March and have returned after a couple of busy weeks Blues 4 @ Sens 3 OT Loss Lighting 4 @ Sens 1 Loss Sens 3 @ Leafs 2 Win Stars 2 @ Sens 1 Loss Sens 3 @ Hurricanes 4 OT Loss Sens 2 @ Panthers 6 Loss Leafs 0 @ Sens 4 Win Wild 2 @ Sens 3 Win With the season pretty much a write off, we collect our thoughts about the team, the league and the new rules.

Duration: 01:50:38

Season 4 Episode 11: Sens Are Looking (Lebreton) Flat

We’re back after the road trip and after terrible scheduling. Bruins 1 @ Sens 2 OT Sens 1 @ Caps 7 Sens 1 @ Ducks5 Sens 5 @ Kings 3 Sens 4 @ Sharks 3 SO Sens 3 @ Devils 6 Islanders 5 @ Sens 2 Rangers 0 @ Sens 3 Sabres 3 @ Sens 2 There’s a lot of player notes, we get into a great debate about the future and direction of the team, a good conversation about the Lebreton Flats bid, touch on the All Star Game (suck it Gary) and notes around the league.

Duration: 02:12:18

Season 4 Episode 5: Continuation of .500 Hockey

The Sens continue on this week with further .500 hockey. The week is saved by a home win against Vancouver, but there’s still a lot of shuffling around - now more so on the defence. Jets @ Sens 3-2 SO Sens 2 @ Hurricanes 3 OT Sens 5 @ Preds 7 Canucks 2 @ Sens 3 Pan goes through a lot of math in creating his own stats and looking at an implementation of Kardwick (Takeaway/Giveaway) and we discuss the D pairings & the potential of a rumoured trade of Matt Duchene. “What grinds my gears”...

Duration: 01:28:35

Season 4 Episode 4: Consistently Inconsistent

The Sens continue on not exactly going on any type of streaks, yet can lose to the Coyotes and beat the Habs. Who knows with this team? Game 7: Sens vs Devils 5-4 SOL Game 8: Senators vs Coyotes 4-1L Game 9: Senators vs Flames 5-4 SOW Game 10: Senators @ Red Wings 3-1W Game 11: Senators vs Red Wings 5-3L Game 12: Senators @ Habs 2-1 OTW The team has been through a series of injuries & a suspension, but is still currently 2nd in the division. The Callups as always got through what’s going...

Duration: 01:24:49

Season 4 Episode 3: Everybody Panic!

The season starts and we get a couple games in. There’s a bit of panic in the air, but the 3 of us aren’t concerned at all. No game recaps, but we talk about the following games in brief: Game 1: Sens @ Slugs 3-2 WGame 2: Sens @ Leafs 5-4 SOWGame 3: Sens vs Habs 3-1 LGame 4: Sens @ CBJ 7-3 WGame 5: Sens @ Penguins 2-0 LGame 6: Sens vs Predators 4-3 SOL A couple player thoughts and talk around the league. Kardinal uses reverse psychology to tell us what he wants for Christmas from the NHL...

Duration: 01:30:07

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