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Series A - #12 - Paul Valcheff - COO/CTO - Metrotech

Atlanta startup enabling air traffic control for autonomous cars, smarter cities A tragic fatality involving an autonomous Uber vehicle in Arizona this week again underscored the challenges facing the burgeoning industry. But Atlanta-based startup Metrotech is at the forefront in developing solutions that could help make the future safer and help manage the ever increasing congestion throttling most of our major metropolitan areas. The lastest edition of Series A- The Podcast travels to...


Series A - #11 - Piyush Saggi - CEO/Co-Founder - SalesTing

Why would anyone leave a highly successful sales career after a decade at Microsoft with all the benefits that come with it? "One day I just realized sometimes you have to step out of the picture to actually see the picture clearly," says Piyush Saggi, the CEO and co-founder of Atlanta-based SalesTing. What Saggi repeatedly encountered was a huge disconnent between sales and marketing. So the Georgia Tech MBA set out to fix it. Saggi shares his insights founding the flourishing startup...


Series A - #10 - John Dogru - CEO/Co-Founder - 3DPrinterOS

From the time he was a kid, John Dogru was always tinkering with electronics, taking them apart and trying to put them back together again. So it's little surprise he would one day become CEO and co-founder of 3DPrinterOS, a company revolutionizing 3D printing. But it's a journey over 30 years in the making. "I quickly realized (as a child) this mechanical world had a lot of restrictions," he tells host Jim Brisimitzis in the latest edition of Series A-The Podcast. Dogru offers...


Series A - #9 - Cole Winans - CEO/Founder Flyreel

When it comes to the founding of insurance industry upstart Flyreel, there's been nothing quick or easy. "Everyone reads the TechCrunch article about so and so raising $5 million and it just seems so effortless. And that just wasn't our experience at all," admits Cole Winans, the tenacious founder and CEO of the rising Denver-based startup. Winans is the latest founder to share his experiences, insights and embarrassments in another revealing episode of Series A-The Podcast. "Trust me....


Series A - #8 - How Microsoft and startups are transforming the insurance industry

When it comes to innovation, some old-school industries aren't exactly the epitome of transformation. But thanks to a number of exciting new partnerships between Microsoft and some cutting edge startups, dramatic change is coming to the insurance industry and other traditionally staid finanical services sectors. It's far more sexy than it sounds, according to Microsoft US insurance industry lead Colin McClive, who offers a wealth of insights in the latest episode of Series A-the...


Series A - #7 - Vishal Joshi - CEO/Co-Founder, Joy

What do you do when a friend asks for help with her wedding? If you're veteran Microsoft engineer Vishal Joshi, you hack an app. And before you know it, you’re CEO and co-founder of a burgeoning startup disrupting a $90 billion industry. In this edition of Series A-The Podcast, Joshi details the improbable rise of San Francisco-based Joy. You could call it an accidental startup. Joshi was a rising star at Microsoft on the fast track to senior leadership. But as word got out about the app...


Series A - #6 - AI and the future for startups w/ Microsoft AI guru Justin Bronder

Regardless of the business, artificial intelligence has become the holy grail for just about any startup. There’s been plenty of buzz but we’ve barely scratched the surface, according to Microsoft AI engineer Justin Bronder. In this edition of Series A-The Podcast, Justin joins host Jim Brisimitzis for a revealing and fascinating look at the history, present and future of AI as it relates to the startup ecosystem.Justin says the AI offers huge potential implications to everything from...


SERIES A - #5 - Germain Chastel - CEO, Co-founder / Newton X

Harvard Business school. A former Associate Partner with McKinsey & Company. A financier at Societe Generale Investment Banking. By most measures, you'd call Germain Chastel a business success. But it wasn't enough for the CEO and co-founder of New York-based startup Newton X. "I was very comfortable in corporate life," Chastel tells host Jim Brisimitzis of Microsoft for Startups in the latest edition of Series A - The Podcast. Chastel says he saw a significant pain point for his...


Series A - #4 - Joel Luxenberg CEO, Co-Founder/Deep Current

Silicon Valley, Boston, Seattle, New York, Austin. They're all synonymous with startups. But often overlooked is the nation's second largest city. While Hollywood is the 800 lb. gorilla in the City of Angels, a vibrant and ever growing tech scene continues to flourish to the west of downtown Los Angeles in what's become affectionately become known as Silicon Beach. Veteran entrepreneur Joel Luxenberg was convinced there was plenty of talent and opportunity in LA for his newest venture,...


Microsoft for Startups - NRF Big Show 2018 - Startup Showcase recap

While hundreds of companies and thousands of potential customers packed New York’s massive Javits Center for the annual NRF Big Show, a much more select event was taking place at Microsoft’s flagship store in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Tereza Nemessyanyi - who spearheads Microsoft for Startups on the east coast out of New York - curated the exclusive panel of top retail startups. It was a chance for each one to pitch to NRF attendees from all over the world – showcasing the power of...


Series A - #2 - Kate Bradley Chernis - Founder, CEO/Lately

When you’re a founder, one of the challenges is knowing when to listen to others, and when to trust your gut. It became pretty obvious to Lately founder and CEO Kate Bradley-Chernis it became apparent after years of working for others. “Once you know that it’s a line in the sand that you draw. And to know what you have to do as a result of it,” Kate says in the latest episode of Series A-The Podcast. What the founder of the burgeoning New York City-based startup has done is built a...


Series A - LogDNA CEO and co-founder Chris Nguyen

LogDNA isn't co-founder Chris Nguyen's first rodeo. But when he found out longtime partner, friend and co-founder Lee Liu learned a new baby was on the way, they realized it could be their last as co-founders, and LogDNA was born from another startup the pair had built. At the time, the company had just $17,000 in the bank, so it was as Chris calls it a true "Hail Mary." But the bet paid off and the reception for LogDNA has been overwhelming. Along with numerous major customer wins, the...


Welcome to Series A

They're the disruptors, the innovators, the dreamers and the doers. Men and women changing the world as we know it, one startup at a time. Series A-The Podcast goes in depth with the founders, investors, engineers, technologists and others paving the way to the future. In this prologue, join host Jim Brisimitzis - the head of Microsoft for Startups - as he introduces you to some of the top talent he'll profile throughout the series. They share unique insights, lessons learned, personal...


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