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News from the Hamilton, Ontario community and the world, from a labour perspective. Interviews with sources and topics excluded from the mainstream discourse.

News from the Hamilton, Ontario community and the world, from a labour perspective. Interviews with sources and topics excluded from the mainstream discourse.
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News from the Hamilton, Ontario community and the world, from a labour perspective. Interviews with sources and topics excluded from the mainstream discourse.




Unusual Sources: Coming to Hamilton: Economic warfare and threats vs. Korea, Segment 1

Brendan interviews Christopher Black about his upcoming lecture in Hamilton on the very dangerous economic warfare and threats that are directed at "North Korea," or the DPRK. He focuses on the illegality of blanket sanctions and threats to annihilate a nation, as well as Canada's slouching role in following behind Trump. Christopher, as well as Prof Atif Kubursi, speak in Hamilton on March 20.


Unusual Sources: The securitization of Africa via AFRICOM, Segment 1

McMaster PhD candidate Khaled Al-Kassimi joins the program to discuss his article about the creation of AFRICOM, the U.S. "Africa Command." It clashes with local structures and methods. Khaled argues that the U.S. increasingly views all African affairs through a securitization framework, one that places U.S. agency above African, in line with previous conceptions of U.S. exceptionalism.


Unusual Sources: Get Ready for another Gowans book!, Segment 1

Montreal-based author and publisher Robin Philpot joins the program to tell us about two exciting new book launches happening this spring. Stephen Gowans' much-anticipated book on Korea's struggle against colonialism could not have come at a better time. Philpot provides the details. But first, we learn that Fred Jerome's "The Einstein File" is re-launching with an updated 25-page section and new introductions! A pivotal book about the unreported story of Einstein's political convictions.


Unusual Sources: A Look at NDP Foreign Policy, Segment 1

This week on Unusual Sources, Brendan and Doug discuss NDP foreign policy issues with Hamilton Mountain NDP activist Henry Evans-Tenbrinke. For many years, peace and justice activists have been advocating that the NDP take more independent and fair positions on international issues such as Israel/Palestine, Syria, Korea, Arms sale to Saudis, and Venezuela. How can Canada have an independent foreign policy while being a member of NATO? How did the NDP's long-standing policy to withdraw from...


Unusual Sources: Korea needs an honest and conscientious approach, Segment 1

Lawyer Chris Black and Prof. Graeme MacQueen are helping build a revitalized peace movement. Part of that involves standing up to the barrage of propaganda on North Korea, and demanding that our government play a more positive role in defusing tensions on the Korean Peninsula. We discuss their recent op-ed article in the Toronto Star, the less-known reality of Korea, and the U.S. as a stopping block to peace.


Unusual Sources: Supporting Tim Hortons' Workers, Segment 1

A detailed interview with Hamilton and District Labour Council President Anthony Marco about labour's support for Tim Hortons' workers, and the community coming together to picket on behalf of their minimum wage increase.


Unusual Sources: Community College Faculty Reject College Board's poor offer, Segment 1

We look at the strike of Ontario's community college faculty and staff. During the prior week, the province had forced striking OPSEU members to vote on management's last offer. The OPSEU members voted decisively against the offer as it did not address the main issues of precarious employment and academic freedom. Subsequently, the legislature passed back to work legislation. Doug gets an update on the situation from Kevin Mackay, VP of OPSEU Local 240, and a professor at Mohawk College.


Unusual Sources: The "Saudi" War on Yemen, Segment 1

Stephen Gowans issues a corrective about the 'Saudi' assault on Yemen.


Unusual Sources: College Faculty Strike to Improve, Segment 1

Doug interviews Kevin Mackay, VP of OPSEU Local 240, and a professor at Mohawk College. They discuss working conditions in Ontario's community colleges and the strike of more than 12,000 professors, instructors, counsellors, and librarians.


Unusual Sources: U.S.-Saudi Interest in Myanmar is Suspicious, Segment 1

Antiwar activist Sara Flounders joins the program to discuss the worrying interest in Myanmar by the United States and Saudi Arabia.


Unusual Sources: The Ugly Canadian - In the Trudeau Era, Segment 1

Yves Engler discusses the continuation of his work on the "Ugly Canadian." Not restricted to the Stephen Harper administration, Canadian governments uniformly carry out a foreign policy in service of Empire and neo-colonialism.


Unusual Sources: Correcting "The Intercept" on Syria, Segment 1

Danny Haiphong discusses the flawed approach of a recent Intercept article on Syria. Cheap articles demonizing Syria according to the bête noire of the day does not help Syrians, and does not befit any sort of "resistance."


Unusual Sources: Initial impressions of North Korea, Segment 1

The surprise visit of Eva Bartlett and Prof. Tim Anderson to the DPRK sent waves of excitement around the world. We reached Eva via overseas telephone to get her earliest possible impressions of the country.


Unusual Sources: Privatization Panel Discussion, Segment 1

Public services and assets, like highways, hospital labs, and hydro are being sold off to generate profits for private corporations instead of serving our communities. This panel resists the privatization of public infrastructure and public services by the federal and provincial governments. Doug is joined by five community leaders to discuss the impact of privatization of public services. Joining the discussion are Eric Tuck, President of ATU Local 107 representing Hamilton's transit...


Unusual Sources: Destabilizing Venezuela, Segment 1

Venezuela's problems are not simply of their own making - rather, there are powerful international forces determined to hobble that bold country. Dan Kovalik details some of the forms of U.S. interference, and the challenges faced by Venezuela's reformers and revolutionaries.


Unusual Sources: Corbyn rejects empire and wins votes, Segment 1

Host Brendan Stone and journalist Ann Garrison reflect on the growth of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn. From the standpoint of North Americans interested in progressive change, it is notable that Corbyn revitalized the Labour Party by rejecting the imperial agenda of war and corporate globalization, and speaking directly to working-class voters who had been abandoned by their supposed representatives.


Unusual Sources: Recent Developments in Kashmir + Persian Gulf, Segment 1

Zafar Bangash reports on the conflict in Kashmir, and also developments in the heated dispute between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Unusual Sources: "We Own It" campaign against privatization, Segment 1

Brendan interviews Olivier Lopez about the "We Own It" campaign against the privatization of public utilities and services in Ontario.

Unusual Sources: Conference about Syria and imperialism in Australia, Segment 1

Brendan interviews Prof. Tim Anderson about a recent anti-war conference in Sydney. Organized by the Center for Counter Hegemonic Studies, presenters discussed "self-determination and imperialism in Syria and the wider region, corporate media presentations of the war, the ‘humanitarian war’ narrative, the geopolitical repercussions and the roots of the war on Syria."

Unusual Sources: Washington's Long War on Syria, Segment 1

Brendan and Stephen discuss themes in Gowans' new book, "Washington's Long War on Syria."

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