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October 1, 2017: Courage is Contagious | Emrys Staton

Witnessing the courageous actions of another, whether they feel it is courageous or not, often inspires bravery in ourselves. Given all the issues we are facing right now in the world, we need a major outbreak of courage to spread and infect us all!

Duration: 00:22:17

September 24, 2017 : Holy Days | Margret A. O'Neall

In this time of High Holy days in the Jewish tradition, we are called to consider the integrity of our choices and actions in alignment with our values and commitments. How do we welcome the grace of atonement and the power of new beginnings into our lives?

Duration: 00:17:11

September 17, 2017: Transitions and Beginnings | Rev. Margret A. O'Neall

Sometimes we find ourselves on a threshold, entering a time of discovery with unexpected potential for transformation. Welcoming the opportunity, we prepare to explore and celebrate the joy of new beginnings as we reconnect with the abundance of gifts and grace in our lives.

Duration: 00:13:12

August 27, 2017: Women, Race, Misogyny, Economics, and Lesbian Erasure | Katie Resendiz

Through storytelling, song, and obituary this service will grieve the women we have disappeared. As a community learning intersectionality, we find that naming and examining all of our aspects is hard, heartbreaking work. We look to our foremothers to remind us that it is the only work that has ever made us whole.

Duration: 00:25:08

August 20, 2017: Sanatana Dharma and the Four Yogas of Our Living Tradition | Arpit Davé

Our Living Tradition is sustained by “Wisdom from the world’s religions which inspires us in our ethical and spiritual life.” Join Arpit Davé in a brief exploration of the Sanatana Dharma tradition, known more commonly as “Hinduism.” We will seek modern truths in the ancient practice of The Four Yogas and, just maybe, discover the Yogi living within us all.

Duration: 00:19:02

July 23, 2017: Lessons from Sculptors and the Skin Horse | Rev. Kathy Baughman

Richard Rohr, contemplative Franciscan friar, says that “all great spirituality is about letting go.” In this sermon, Rev. Kathy Baughman explores the concept of “letting go," which is a strong component of Eastern and 12-Step spiritualities. We start “letting go” at birth when we leave the womb, and it continues right up until we die, when we surrender to leaving existence as we know it. Given that “letting go” is a life task that we will be asked to do again and again, this sermon...

Duration: 00:23:53

July 16, 2017: Letting Go of Neo-Liberalism: Religious Lessons from Global Politics | Emrys Staton

As the theology of UU-ism has often tracked progressive politics in the US, what does the shift of global liberal values mean for religious liberal values?

Duration: 00:26:46

June 18, 2017: Mark the Time | Rev. Susan Frederick-Grey

This will be the last service before the UUA Presidential election at General Assembly in New Orleans. Together, with leadership from the Board and staff, we’ll take time to mark the big week Rev. Susan and all of us are entering. We’ll send Rev. Susan off with blessings and honor this moment in the life of the congregation.

Duration: 00:04:08

May 28, 2017: From Jackhammers to Meditation: Spiritual Practices for Peace | Emrys Staton

A look at some faith-based resistance to war, and how we battle within ourselves for peace.

Duration: 00:18:12

April 16, 2017: Easter Celebration Sunday - Now More Than Ever | Rev. Susan Frederick-Grey

Velveteen Rabbit - what we put into community makes it real; not the building - the country was dying , people getting really sick.

Duration: 00:05:34

April 2, 2017: Money and Real Life | RogerJones

How we handle money can be a source of insight about how our spiritual approach to life developed and how it has evolved for us over the years. With stories about family life and overlooked inheritances, Roger Jones invites us to think about our personal relationships, our sense of self, our money, and those funny places where they overlap. Bio: A native of Indiana and Illinois, Roger is the senior minister of the UU Society of Sacramento, where he began serving as family minister in 2008....

Duration: 00:20:24

March 26, 2017: Nurturing the Inner Fires of Vision | Rev. Susan Frederick-Grey

Self-care, tending to the body, the soul and the spirit, is crucial in moments of challenge, tension, and fear. Even as we talk about justice and resistance, it is important that we tend to our spirits, our souls, that we nurture the goodness and fire of love within.

Duration: 00:16:26

March 19, 2017: Calling The Space Where Vision and Action Meet | Rev. Susan Frederick-Grey

Calling is a word I use a lot at UUCP. It is a word that has meaning in my own life and path. We use the word calling in our mission statement and when we talk about our vision. What does calling mean, and how does one discern and follow a call?

Duration: 00:10:37

March 12, 2017: Don't Just Do Something, Sit There! | Emrys Staton

Keen observation informs clear vision and effective action. From arid lands farming to liberation praxis to activism & resistance, the practice of being observant serves as the foundation for it all.

Duration: 00:22:42

March 5, 2017: Combined Campaign Kick-off: Now More Than Ever | Rev. Susan Frederick- Gray

Now more than ever, we are committed to making our congregation as strong as it can be to amplify our values and vision of justice, diversity and inclusion. Now more than ever, we need to invest in making our vision and values reality. This service is the kickoff to our combined stewardship and capital campaign to support our ministry next year and provide for greater accessibility and ministry capacity at UUCP.

Duration: 00:28:46

February 19, 2017: A Leadership Ethic of Love and Justice | Emrys Staton

What are the qualities we most seek in our leaders? What leadership do we need for today? In the leadership roles we hold (as parents, at work, in the community, in our families or households) what are the ethical principles that can help us lead in ways that encourage the values of love and justice.

Duration: 00:29:42

February 12, 2017: Multi-Gen Valentine's Day: RE Sunday (Petes's Dragon)| Katie Resendiz

February 12, 2017: Multi-Gen Valentine's Day: RE Sunday (Petes's Dragon)| Katie Resendiz by UUCP

Duration: 00:03:49

February 5, 2017: A Community of Love and Justice | Rev. Susan Frederick-Grey

Much theological work has been done to reveal the necessary connection of love and justice. What does this work offer to us as a community seeking to live at the intersection of love and justice

Duration: 00:26:16

January 29, 2017: Truth and Authenticity | Rev. Susan Frederick-Grey

One definition of authenticity is something being true. In leadership, there is much emphasis on the importance of authenticity. What does this mean even as we increasingly dispute facts and people talk about living in a post-truth age?

Duration: 00:21:06

Jan. 22, 2017: Getting Real | Rev. Terry Sims

In this post-inauguration sermon, Rev. Terry Sims suggests "I sometimes think that being 'real' with each other is overrated. After all, our authentic selves contain our worst as well as our best. On the other hand, if we are not who we truly and fully are, what is left for us to be with each other? Religious faith might provide a way out of this conundrum."

Duration: 00:22:14

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