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Podcast #88 How Blockchain Technology Can Make The Sex Work Industry Safer

In this podcast we speak to Leah Callon-Butler of about what they are attempting to do with their new cryptocurrency. There is a lot of headlines about blockchain and crypto but the difference between headline readers and practitioners who understand what blockchain technology will do, is vast. Find out more in this podcast.


Podcast #87 Yoga And Sex with Pablo Saldarriaga

In this podcast we speak to yoga teacher(of 12 years) and tantra teacher, Pablo Saldarriaga of Colombia. Pablo used to be so much bigger with his muscles and now he only does yoga. In this podcast we speak to him about how yoga changed his life and his sex life.


Podcast #86 Talking Vaginas of Latin America (And Canada)

In this podcast Steve is in Colombia and he speaks Diana Nuñez of about vaginas who have something to say to the world. This is a very ear opening podcast for people with and without yoni's - please listen to what the vaginas have to say!


Podcast #85 Beyond Feminism + What The Future Holds For Sex Ed

In this podcast we speak to Anita Teresa, founder of The Sex & Medicine Summit about the current state of male & female dynamics on this planet and what the future holds for us all.


Podcast #83 How To Use Flow States To Improve Your Life & Relationships! With Justin Faerman

Justin Faerman is the founder of The Flow Consciousness Institute and of Flow Mastery. In this intriguing podcast we speak to Justin about how to get into flow, how it can be used in our relationships, and how it can truly change all of our lives!


Podcast #82 Become A Communication Master! With Rob Kandell

In this podcast we speak to former Co-founder of OneTaste, communication and intimacy expert, Rob Kandell. We talk about common communication mistakes, what to do when we are triggered and much, much more.


Podcast #81 Yoni Mapping with Bonnie Bliss

In this podcast we discuss yoni mapping with Bonnie Bliss from Byron Bay, Australia. We talk about how Bonnie got into giving yoni mapping sessions, what a session looks like, and how it can benefit someone who has a yoni (pussy).


Podcast #80 Entrepreneurship & Love. How To Find Love With A Busy Life!

In this podcast we speak to Chiara Mazzucco founder of Bold Self about the recipe for success in dating and relationship when you are an entrepreneur or you are so focused on your career. Chiara is a successful entrepreneur and mum of one who has been married and now consciously co-parents with her ex-partner. She is truly inspirational to listen to! For more from Chiara, visit


Podcast #79 Healing After #Metoo

In this podcast we speak to two of our favorite ever guests, Rachel Rickards & Buster Radvik (co-founders of Embodied Intimacy) about what we can do after #metoo. We speak about what forms of healing are available to us, and how the healing tantra community might be able to help us but also the warning signs we need to look out for when looking for a sacred sexuality teacher because some teachers are not qualified or capable of helping you heal at all.


Podcast #77 - Sexless Marriage or Relationship? This Podcast Will Help You!

In this podcast we discuss with Nicole Ananda about how to have more sex in your relationship or marriage. We talk about FOUR KEY POINTS that you need to follow to get things more sexy in your relationship!


Best Of Raw Attraction Sex & Love Mastery Podcast - 5 Year Anniversary of The Magazine

In this podcast we take clips from some earlier podcasts and pay tribute to our guests. It has been an amazing journey so far since we started the magazine. The podcast is 3 years old but the magazine is now 5. Thank you for your support, we hope you enjoy these amazing clips!


Podcast #76 Brain Orgasms Part II

In this podcast, Steve discusses what it is like to have his brain orgasms. He likens the feeling to having a labia on his forehead that can be licked and sucked, which then puts him in a trance. He also talks about why the single life is a good thing! Please enjoy and share this podcast!


Podcast #75 Sex & The Bible. A Podcast With Sexual Wellness Coach, Lauren Brim

In this podcast we speak to Lauren Brim, the author of the book 'The New Rules of Sex' about her Christian upbringing and what Christianity has to say about sex. We also discuss women's relationship with sex and how important it is for all of us that we have a more healthy relationship with our sexuality. Another great podcast!


Podcast #74 Big Spiritual Orgasms With Ben Rode

In this podcast we speak to social influencer and orgasmic master, Ben Rode. We speak to him about 30 minute orgasms, the state of humanity form a spiritual standpoint and what we can all do to improve our lives!


Podcast #73 Sacred Relating & Tantra With Chantelle Ravan

In this podcast we speak to renowned tantra teacher Chantelle Ravan about tantra, sacred relating, communication, self responsiblity, understanding masculine/feminine dynamics and much more! There is much to learn in this podcast!


Podcast #71 The Egyptian Mystery Schools with Jasmeen Hana

In this podcast we speak to Jasmeen Hana about her journey from an Islamic family to now teaching about sexuality, sensuality, tantra, and teachings from the Egyptian Mystery Schools. She is on a deep mission to give these gifts to the world. This an extremely interesting and exciting podcast to listen to!


Podcast #70 How To Do Sex Magic! With Laurie Handlers

In this podcast you will learn what sex magic is and how to do it. We will also discuss Laurie's life journey and all about what she teaches all across the world about sex and tantra. We talk sex ritual, sex and ageing, the importance of sex, and much more!


Podcast #69 Shining A Loving Light On The Sex Work Industry

In this podcast we speak to Rosie Enorah Heart about her work in the sex industry. We talk about how most people view sex work and what real, conscious sex work can do for her clients. At Raw Attraction Magazine, we feel the sex work industry is overly stigmatised and the more we can talk about what is going on, the better! Please enjoy and share this podcast! If you enjoyed this podcast, please share it with your friends and your lover(s)! :)


Podcast #68 Beyond Monogamy & Polyamory. Soul Initiation with Bruce Lyon

In this podcast we speak to the incomparable Bruce Lyon from The International School of Temple Arts about what he sees is beyond traditional monogamy or polyamory. We also speak about the great soul initiation that he believes is happening on the planet right now. This is a podcast you simply have to share! If you enjoyed this podcast, please share it with your friends and your lover(s)! :)


Podcast #67 The Healing Journey of Love with Prana Ji

Discover why the healing journey is often a difficult one and why the most important thing you will ever do is take the first step on it. This is a fascinating podcast, we know you will enjoy it! If you enjoyed this podcast, please share it with your friends and your lover(s)! :)


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