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By blending her vast general knowledge of all things sexual with her hard sciences background she delivers with her trademark calm fearless intelligence a clearer, more demystified body of information used equally by the general population and her peers in the fields of sexuality. Her brand is known for delivering information about sexuality and relationship sans the sleaze factor while retaining all of the accuracy, fun and the "You're kidding!!" factor. Techniques and Tips are her specialty, she delivers bite-sized chunks of information you can use right away, that work!






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November 16, 2015, Charlie Sheen's HIV announcement, Getting tested

I recorded this the day before Charlie Sheen's HIV announcement, Please let us remember he is a son, a brother and a father. This is now a time for discernment not judgment. He made this announcement to get control of his life and face the secret he'd been keeping. I intend that this will lead to greater acceptance of testing and discussion of HIV testing. HIV and AIDS are not the same thing. This is about maiintaining YOUR Sexual Health. Difference beteween Anonymous and Confidential...

November 9, 2015, Dr. Diana Wiley, Psychotherapist and expert on sexuality and aging. Dr. Pepper Schwartz' AARP Survey

Dr. Diana is a Seattle based Psychotherapist with expertise in the area of Sexuality and Aging and given our aging population there are many things that can impact our sexual enjoyment and function. We cover all that and more. As a long time colleague and friend we always have a great time on one another's shows. Dr. Diana Wiley, Radio show on I was her guest on November 3, 2015.

November 2, 2015, Building Sex Relationships, Sextalkwithlou, Dr. Diana Wiley, Children of the Night

Sexual Relationship building comes in many sytles and forms. When someone 'gets you' they usually can make you laugh. Consider how kind you are to yourself. How careful are you with your words and language? Each one of these can change your lovelife and sex life. Will be a guset on Dr. Diana Wiley's show sex, lust and laughter and she'll be my guest next week to talk about Sexuality and Aging and what's changing in that arena...LOTS!!! I'll be prsenting at Children of The Night this week...

October 26, 2015 The Power of Your Listening and Speaking, Married at First Sight, Experts share Masturbation experiences. Sex Talk with Lou

Lou looks at how powerful listening will impact all areas of your life, better sex, better personal relationships and better work relationships. Her recent retreat with the National Leadership Council in Seattle. Her fellow council member Dr. Pepper Schwartz talked about Married at First Sight and the lessons we can learn from the participant couples. Then Lou shares what fellow experts shared about their first masturbation experiences.

October 19, 2015, What Makes You Feel Sexy? Desirable? Great Lover Playbook ideas. Using Essential Oils. Sex Talk with Lou

A personal review show where listeners can Review What Makes You Feel Sexy? Desirable? Is it inside you? Outside you? Great Lover Playbook ideas that 1000s have shared with Lou in her seminars work to make them feel sexy and desirable.

October 12, 2015 National Coming Out Day, Ilyana Vanzant, Trevor Project, Sex Talk with Lou

Lou covers the power and support that National Coming Out Day gives many. How the Trevor Project online has been a life saver for gay teens committing suicide, Dan Savage and his husband's "It Only Gets Better' . Ilyana Vanzant working with two gay reachers who are Coming Out.

October 5, 2015, Lou talks about Abusive Relationships, Stalkings What it looks like and what YOU can do. Sex Talk with Lou

Lou discusses the growing issue, yet still silenced area, of Abusive Relationships, Stalkings and what one an do about them. Truly one can only help someone who wants help. Lou covers what are possible solutions and help. She talks about her friend HLN anchor Christi Paul who wrote, Love Not Supposed to Hurt, about her own abusive first marriage.

September 28, 2015, Lou Talks about Great Lover Playbook Her Couples' Book, Sex Talk with Lou

Lou discusses best sexuality ideas and techniques from her Great Lover Playbook, her couples' book.

September 21, 2015 Cory Silverberg's Sex Is A Funny Word. Ideas from Lou's Great Lover Playbook Sex Talk with Lou

Sex is A Funny Word, Sex Educator and author Cory Silverberg's fabulous new book for parents, caregivers and 7-10 year olds. A unique book about, Bodies, Feelings and YOU!! More ideas from Lou's Great Lover Playbook

September 14, 2105, Lou discusses Messages from Miss America Contest, 7 Things that will Make a Relationship Work, Vanessa Williams

What do we learn about sex and life from the Miss America Pageant? Vanessa Williams' redemption and then 7 Things That Will Make A Relationship Work and & 7 That DON'T from Lou's Great Lover Playbook

August 31, 2015 - Ashley Madison, Josh Duggar, Art of Forgiveness and Love Sex Talk with Lou

August 31, 2015 - Ashley Madison, Josh Dugar's exposure, Lou discusses the Art of Forgiveness, Non-Judgment and Love as ways to deal with social awareness and reaction to infidelity and covered up child molestation.

August 24, 2015, Flibanserin and Mission Date Night

Flibanserin tries to be female viagra, their statistics are a joke and this was their 3rd attempt to bully their way onto the market. Then the Jared Fogel issue. I did Mission Date Night with Janelle and Rob. One of the highest rank youtube radio shows. I talk Touch Exercises.
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