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The Sexual Pleasure Crisis!

Devi speaks with Sacred Sex Worker, Lesley Love about the sexual pleasure crisis and the role of sex workers in healing this issue. They tools for ending the silence and shame around the topic of sex work. Everyday, millions of men (and some women) willingly pay for sex - be it in the form of phone sex, webcam sex, sensual massage, fellatio, intercourse or fetishes. This particular occupation is always in demand and is so very important! Find out how Sacred Sex Work can help heal sexual...


What Is "Safe Sex?"

Given the fact that some STI's are passed via skin to skin contact, is there any way to truly practice 100% "safe sex"? Dia and Devi explore different options for practicing "safe" sex, taking into consideration non penetrative sex and different kinds of communicable illnesses. In this episode, find out: Several different options for practicing safe sex How different kinds of STD’s are passed Why oral sex needs to be included in the conversation What to do if an illness is...


The Art Of Yoni Steaming to Release Trauma and Rejuvenate Your Sensuality

Discover how womb health and Yoni consciousness through vaginal steaming can help release emotional and sexual trauma, and revitalize sensuality for happiness, joy, love and sexual pleasure. Find out: * What is Yoni Steaming? * What are the benefits? * Can it help increase sexual pleasure? * Is Yoni Steaming new? * Working Through Trauma for healthier relationships Tune in Live at 7pm PST! About Tracey Bryant~ Tracey R. Bryant is a Sensual Empowerment Coach, certified Yoni Steam...


Sacred Kink and "Gender Stuff" with Lee Harrington

Devi speaks with special guest, Lee Harrington about Sacred Kink, the Bliss of Bondage, and Gender Issues in Sex Positive Communities. About Lee Harrington Lee Harrington is a passionate author, artist and educator on erotic and spiritual authenticity. Some folks think he's an all-around interesting person. He thinks you deserve the life of your dreams... yes you. - See more at:


Can Orgasms Reprogram Your Brain?

What are the positive affects of orgasm on the human brain, and can orgasmic pleasure be used to "reprogram" neural pathways and change toxic behaviors? Join Devi and Grand Trine Tantra Master, Thomas Hargrove, as they discuss using pleasure as medicine to alter consciousness by changing brain patterns. Find out: * What causes distortions in self perception * What are Counterfeit Personality Structures? * How do you manage a C.P.S? * What is Neural Plasticity? * 3 Layers of the Brain and...


Polyamory and The Sacred Man

Devi speaks with Dwayne Mooney about how men can introduce polyamory to their women, and how couples can more easily move past resistance and emotional road blocks to successful relationship transitioning. Find out: * What is Healthy Polyamory? * How to you get started? * Why did you decide Polyamory was right for you? * What are the benefits of Polyamory? * How does it work? The nuts and bolts! Comedian,Polyamorous Dwayne Mooney, has Authored an ebook called “Sacred Man.” With “Sacred...


Lessons in Love, Sex and Intimacy for Couples

Devi speaks with Brion and Karen Craig about the importance of integrating our spiritual, energetic and sexual selves. Brion and Karen Craig are life and relationship coaches who own Next Chapter Relationship Coaching to help couples and singles transition to their next chapter. They also own Love, Sex and Intimacy Retreats that hosts retreats and events that focus on themes such as The Art of Sacred Sexuality. They operate Brion and Karen Boudoir Photography to create stunning sensual...


Date Night with Devi! Regenerative Female Orgasms + Ejaculation Frequency for Men

Go on a date with Devi and get answers to your most intimate sexual questions. In this episode, Devi answers questions about regenerative female orgasms, bringing other people into the bedroom, and how often men should have non-ejaculatory orgasms. Call in with questions, or send your questions to Devi at


Healing Vaginal Pain Disorder

Pain during intercourse is very common—nearly 3 out of 4 women have pain during intercourse at some time during their lives. For some women, the pain is only a temporary problem; for others, it is a long-term problem. In this episode, Devi speaks with Certified physiotherapist and body psychotherapist, Marthe Schneider about what vaginal pain disorder is, what causes it, and what YOU can do to heal it. Find out: What are some common symptoms? What are the most likely causes? What are the...


Get Cliterate! Understanding Female Erection and Arousal.

Join Devi and Expert S. Denise Jefferson as they demystify the female clitoris, female erections, and the female sexual arousal cycle. Listen live and call in with questions! About S. Denise~ Shirley Jefferson is Managing Director of Clinical Services for Health Educators. She’s an avid learner, achieving multiple degrees and certificates including: A Doctorate of Human Sexuality at The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, California Masters of Arts in Women’s...


Date Night w/Devi~Male Multiple Orgasms & Overcoming Trauma

Devi and Jerome answer questions about male multiple orgasms, mastering ejaculation and overcoming trauma. Listen live and call in with questions! Listen & Subscribe in Itunes and! About Jerome~ Jerome Stuart Nichols is a 27 year old sex educator, sex coach and internet personality based in Ypsilanti, MI, resident sexpert and creator He started LTASEX as a blog called Let’s Talk About Sex in 2010 as a way of helping people improve their lives through their...


Sexual Health & Women of Color

The greatest discoveries in female reproductive health made in the United Staes were built upon the bodies of Black women, and yet- women of color continue to struggle for equality in the sex education industry. Why is this, and what can we do to create justice, equality, and respect? Devi speaks with Sexologist, Bianca Laureano about the 'herstory" of women of color in the field of sex education, uncovering the link between where we were, and where we are today. Find out why: * The bodies...


Date w/Devi & Jerome- How to make your penis stronger + work better!

Join Devi & Jerome as they discuss how to make your penis work better, last longer, and have stronger, more powerful erections. More info coming soon! Listen live and call in with questions! Jerome-Nichols-300x199 Jerome Stuart Nichols, a 27 year old sex educator, sex coach and internet personality based in Ypsilanti, MI, resident sexpert and creator of He started LTASEX as a blog called Let’s Talk About Sex in 2010 as a way of helping people improve their lives through their...


What's Your Vaginal IQ! "Understanding female sexual health and wellness"

Join Devi and Expert S. Denise Jefferson for What's Your Vaginal IQ! "Understanding female sexual health and wellness" Find out the answers to: * What is the best position for G-Spot stimulation? * The real purpose of the Clitoris is? * How many nerve endings does the vagina contain? * How many different types of female orgasms have been documented? * What is the average size of the inter clitoris ? * What parts of your body are made of erectile tissue? * What is female ejaculate and where...


Interview with Creator of “The Courage to Love” Paul Ginocchio

"The Courage to Love" is one of the first documentaries ever made about sexual addiction and recovery. Join filmmaker Paul Ginocchio for a discussion about his film and the topic of sexual addiction. Topics: What does the title "The Courage to Love" mean? Why did Paul decide to disclose his sexual addiction? Paul's childhood trauma... what happened? How can these changes be supported? What helped you recover from sexual addiction? About Paul Ginocchio Paul Ginocchio is a licensed marriage...


How to Talk to Your Teen About Sex

Devi speaks with Dr. Tamara Griffin about how to introduce healthy sexual concepts to your teenagers. Find out: Barriers, boundaries, and the importance of having conversations about sex Does talking about sexuality with youth give them permission to have sex What age should you start talking to your children What roles should parents, schools, churches/faith organizations play in teaching youth about sex? Tell us about your #HowDareINot #ISaveLives Healthy Sexuality Movement Dr. TaMara...


The Transgender Experience: Myths, Challenges and How to be an Ally

What's does it mean to be "transgender"? What are the challenges associated with that experience, and how can we have healthy, supportive relationships with people who identify as Transgender? Devi speaks with gender activist Corey Keith about the transgender experience, challenges, myths, and how to be a supportive ally. Find out: * What "gender" actually is * What it means to be trans & the transition process * The challenges for those connected to transgender folks * How to be an ally *...


Devi & Jerome -Sex & Mental Health Issues, Emotional Awareness & Puppy Play!

Devi chats with Jerome Stuart Nichols about creating a better life through better sex and relationships. Find out about: Mental Health Issues Emotional Awareness Puppy Play! BDSM for the sex positive but conservative Letting relationships grow organically Why you don't know what you want from relationships Listen live and call in with questions!! Jerome-Nichols-300x199 Jerome Stuart Nichols, a 27 year old sex educator, sex coach and internet personality based in Ypsilanti, MI, resident...


Womb Wellness! Empowering Female Reproductive Health

Devi speaks with women's health specialist Rhonda Byrd about how to keep your womb happy and healthy. Learn techniques to support mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness as it pertains to women and female reproductive Health. Find out: * What is a healthy womb? * How to know if your womb is "well" * What are possible symptoms of unwellness? * How to treat womb issues * Holistic Healing for Cysts and Fibroids * Maintaining a healthy womb for your whole life My name is Rhonda, and...


3 Ways To Use Porn As Medicine + Tantra Dates vs. Tinder Dates.

Get a boost for your Intimacy IQ with Devi & Jennifer Elizabeth Masters. Devi and Jennifer discuss 3 ways Porn can be used consciously to improve and heal your sex life. Also- what's the difference between a Tantra date and a Tinder date? And which one would you choose, if given the option? Find out: * 3 Ways to use Porn as Medicine * What to look for in choosing Porn for healing * How to make online dating meaningful About Jennifer Elizabeth Masters: As a gifted teacher, author, lecturer...


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