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16: Shade-Luma Reviews...Episode 16

Davide and Jums review the new netflix sci-fi fantastico, Alex Garland's Annihilation. James promises not to rant too much, and rants on everything from interviewers through cruel filmmakers to finally the general viewing public. David remarks on how empathic Guy Pearce's face is. Also reviewed are Black Panther and Memento.


15: Shade-Luma Reviews...Episode 15

James and David are back into the normal swing of things after 7 weeks of Oscar binging with a spooky special. Reviewed are Netflix's newest horror sensation Veronica, the modern spooky classic It Follows and the dense Upstream Colour. Also involved is the usual anger at casual racism, anger at gender pay disparages and James' mostly sexual feelings towards the Steadicam. As Hitchcock famously said about horror movies..."If it screams, you can eat it".


14: Shade-Luma Reviews...Episode 14

Oscars Special! David and James drink loads of beer and talk for absolutely ages about film. We review the excellent Lady Bird, hate on the absolutely awful Greatest Showman and give our Oscar predictions. Also reviewed are A Fantastic Woman, Victoria and Abdul, The Breadwinner and the boring Faces Places. We also go through and review every Oscar nominated Short film, short doc and short animation. All done on Davids birthday too, the big Wookie.


12: Shade-Luma Reviews...Episode 12

RIP Johann Johannson. Dave and Jim review Phantom Thread, Kong: Skull Island, Logan, The Square, Roman J Israel Esq. and I, Tonya. Also generally buzz about life imitating art, hating on trump (standard) and an unsung hero who has dedicated his life into being a monkey.


11: Shade-Luma Reviews...Episode 11

David and James review the new Pixar animation Coco, with varying emotional responses. They delve into the details of their new short film, We Progress, shout a lot and agree that James Corden is an unfunny piglet. Also reviewed are the documentaries Abacus: Small enough to Jail and Last Men in Alleppo, as well as the "movies" Beauty and the Beast, Boss Baby and On Body and Soul. As Shakespeare was often quoted "Listen to this podcast because these flabby cow men are funny!"


9: Shade-Luma Reviews...Episode 9

Oscars season is here and the boys discuss, Darkest Hour, Get Out, War for the Planet of the Apes, DUNKIRK, Icarus and Baby Driver. James' can't ignore Kevin Spacey and gets emotional about his film of the year whilst David questions his morality for rubbing a black co workers afro. As Paul Simon said "These are the days of miracles and wonder"


8: Shade-Luma Reviews...Episode 8

In this weeks pod David & James talk Martin McDonagh's Three Billboards, James rekindles his love of Japanimation and David reveals traumatic events of his past. With the usual attack on Hollywood's nasty boys as well as an Unnamed Actor and a Iranian-British property mogul. A happy pod full of hope and cheer for all.


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