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Shallow Thoughts with Matt and Critter is a weekly or semi weekly variety/comedy podcast that is no holds barred. We will offend you and we don't care. Instagram - @Shallowthoughtspodcast Facebook -




Shallow Thoughts Podcast - Episode 15 - Go Die In A Car Fire

Today on the podcast we have Larry formerly of The Splatter House Podcast (Unless he's still involved??). Larry asks us 6 questions to find out who the fuck we really are, Matt sends his regards to a dear friend, rule 34, we talk about the Universe/hippy shit and all sorts of other terrible stuff. Go like our new Instagram @The_Shallow_Thoughts_Podcast! Share this episode and help more people hate us!

Duration: 01:09:49

Episode 14 - Lap dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight

ITS LADIES NIGHT! And we have our friendly neighborhood stripper "Madison" come on to shake her dirty little mind all over our awful and shallow recording. We all talk culture, stripping stories, sex in the champagne room, feminism (a womans point of view), and all sorts of other weird shit. Madison also seems to love Kylo Ren and wants his junk as much as Matt loves some Scarjo!

Duration: 01:23:05

Shallow Thoughts Podcast - Episode 13 - Don't Forget To Eat Your Vegetables

We are finally back with episode 13! Critter and I have gear now and can do these every week/bi weekly depending on whats going on. On this show we talk about Instagram sucking dicks for quarters, John Wick, Trump, Nazi's, Valentines day, tipping, cashin me outside, how you dah, and all kinds of other shallow garbage. Add our new Instagram! @The_Shallow_Thoughts_Podcast and add us on Facebook for more info on new shit. We might start doing funny/goofy videos for this if we stop being lazy.

Duration: 01:18:51

Shallow Thoughts Episode 12 - Political Shit Porn

Our first podcast in a new undisclosed location. We talk all about politics and shit porn. Jimmy from @theSplatterHousePodcast stops by and we have a guest appearance by Crawdad himself.

Duration: 01:07:23

Shallow Thoughts Episode 11 - Return Of The Browneye

WE ARE FINALLY BACK! Episode 11 is here just in time for Halloween! Spoooooky! We have been off for a month or so and hope to get a weekly show back on track soon. This week we talk to Patty the old slut, talk about cops, national anthems, shit eating hoarders, Gene Wilder, and much much more.

Duration: 01:08:37