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Andrew Neill, Eric Carlson, and Marcus Mann from Two Jackets Productions write and perform fanfiction for TV shows, movies, and books they’ve never seen before!

Andrew Neill, Eric Carlson, and Marcus Mann from Two Jackets Productions write and perform fanfiction for TV shows, movies, and books they’ve never seen before!
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Andrew Neill, Eric Carlson, and Marcus Mann from Two Jackets Productions write and perform fanfiction for TV shows, movies, and books they’ve never seen before!






Just the Fics Volume Four (Part 2/2)

In this second part of our final Just the Fics Shamthology, we cover episodes 46-51. No pitches. No discussion. Just the cold-hard fics!

Duration: 01:30:28

52: Season One Finale Special

Jeepers, gang, the ShamFiction guys have had a heck of a year, and now it's time to reflect, celebrate, and look to the future! What could be in store for our intrepid sham-writers? When will we hear from them again? How might one beat the Drej? These questions and more will be answered in this exciting (and lengthy!) special finale episode of ShamFiction!

Duration: 01:29:38

51: HamFiction #3: Marcus writes Mad Men

This week, we're going MAD! ...ison Avenue as Marcus writes the sixties-set, smoke-filled, booze-soaked drama, Mad Men! Meanwhile, your hosts may be legitimately going mad. Like the "crazy" kind of mad. Why? Because Eric and Marcus believe they're on a ham-themed show, and Andrew may be losing sight of what's real and what's make believe! And how does Mad Men fit into their salty scheme? Because it stars Jon Hamm, of course! That makes sense, right? Right? NO! It doesn't! That was a test!...

Duration: 01:07:23

50: HamFiction #2: Andrew writes Spider-Ham

HamFiction continues into its triumphant second episode! This week, Andrew spins a tale of romance and adventure as he explores a day in the life of the Amazing Spider-Ham! He's part spider, part ham, and all ham! This bit definitely isn't getting old, just ask Andrew! It's HaaaaaaamFiction!!! And once again there's a song! Download it here. Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham - Volume 1 (Peter Porke, the Spectacular Spider_ham)

Duration: 00:55:41

From the Vault: Star Wars - Rebels: A Star Wars Story: Holiday Special

This week, we dig deep into the Jedi archives and uncover a very special holocron from Life Days past! It's a secret episode of ShamFiction that the guys recorded in the fall of 2015 before the show even began, which means you're in for a treat - or at least you would be if you considered a slight reduction in production values a treat! But what's that? You've got a bad feeling about this? Fear not, my young apprentice! Andrew is at the helm and he's not such a bad writer himself! He may...

Duration: 00:44:39

47: Andrew writes The Girl with All the Gifts

It's Andrew's birthday! Well, the release day of this episode is. How fitting that Eric and Marcus should choose this installment to introduce your favorite ShamFiction host to The Girl with All the Gifts. Darling Andrew is in for a surprise though, as the titular "Gifts" aren't really of the kind you would expect on your birthday. They're talents, morelike, or abilities. If you'd like to know more about the titular "Girl" and these titular "Gifts," give this episode a listen; though we...

Duration: 01:09:05

38: Andrew writes I Am Not a Serial Killer

Spooky-tober continues with Andrew's dark take on Dan Wells' horror/thriller, "I Am Not A Serial Killer"! Venture deep into the mind of John Wayne Cleaver, an unassuming youth in small-town America who has a dark secret. He battles with urges to kill and a fascination with the morbid. He wants to stay strong, but will Mr. Monster get the better of him? Join us for this chilling tale. I Am Not A Serial Killer (John Cleaver) $9.78 By Dan Wells

Duration: 01:00:49

37: Eric writes Suicide Squad

To kick off our Halloween-themed Spooky-tober series, Marcus and Andrew implant an explosive into Eric's head and tell him to go save the world with a team of DC Comics villains you all know and love! We've got everyone! The Joker! Harley Quinn! Deadshot. El Diablo... Slipknot...? Captain Boomerang...?! You know and love all of them, right? We swear we didn't make any up - even if one shares a name with a popular masked heavy metal band from the mid-aughts. Do you know what happens when...

Duration: 01:09:31

36: Marcus writes Mr. Robot

Hello friends. Are you ready to take back control of your lives? Oh, we know what you're thinking. "You're mistaken, ShamFiction guys. I'm in control of my life." WRONG! You are not! We see that Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte in your hand and your eyes glued to that iPhone screen. You've lost control, friends. The corporations own you. Luckily, we've met the guy who's going to change everything. We'd like you to meet him, too, so you'd better listen to this week's episode. His name is Mr....

Duration: 00:59:10

35: Andrew writes Twilight

This week we're packing up the U-Haul and moving to Washington - state, that is - to a sleepy, little town called Forks. We've heard the scenery is beautiful, and so - it turns out - is this one particular guy in our class. He seemed to be sickened at the sight of us at first, but he's coming around. He's super dreamy, and - get this - he sparkles in the daylight! Because he's a vampire! But how is he going to be our boyfriend if he wants to drink our blood all the time? Listen as Andrew...

Duration: 01:03:07

33: Marcus writes Brick

Cover for us in homeroom! We have some sleuthing to do! Well, Marcus does at least. This week, he's raiding lockers, turning over tables in the cafeteria, and knocking heads together under the bleachers - anything to solve the mystery at the heart of Rian "Star Wars Episode VIII" Johnson's high school film noir breakout, Brick! He just better watch out for any of those long-haired lugs! Especially if they're named Chuck Burns! Read the fiction here. Brick $2.99

Duration: 00:45:25

32: Andrew writes A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Did you know that A Song of Ice and Fire, the hit series that HBO's Game of Thrones is based upon, is not the only tale from Westeros that George R. R. Martin hasn't finished? This week Andrew spends a couple hours in the world of dragons and white walkers as he writes A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, and we find out why it takes Martin much longer to write his (objectively more amazing) version! Read the fiction here. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (A Song of Ice and Fire) $17.85

Duration: 00:59:12

31: Eric writes The West Wing

On this week's show, Mr. Carlson goes to Washington! Ready or not, Eric's been assigned an immense challenge: to sham-write a piece based on the most prestigious of all prestige dramas, Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing! Will people walk and talk at the same time? (They'd better!) Will President Bartlet tell a folksy story of great significance? (Most likely!) Will all our nation's most pressing issues be solved? (We're counting on it!) If there's an Emmy for podcasting, this is our chance to...

Duration: 00:52:58

30: Eric and Andrew write Ex Machina

In this final week of Dueling ShamFiction, Marcus asks Eric and Andrew to wrap up their days as crime-fighting heroes and make some real change - in politics! Yes, indeed, we're following in Mayor Mitchell "The Great Machine" Hundred's steps, heading to New York City Hall with dreams of machines dancing like sugar plums in our heads (or something)! But only one sham-writer can call himself the hero-mayor of New York! And there's only one way to determine the victor: a head-to-head...

Duration: 01:03:55

From the Vault: Marcus writes There Will Be Blood

The Dueling ShamFiction finale proved too big a beast to tame in only a week's time! In its stead, we've pulled an episode out of the vault! This is a complete test cast from back in 2015 when we were sussing out the show's structure and getting comfortable in front of the mics. We believe you'll find the quality of the content and the audio to be more than sufficient for your listening pleasure! Can Marcus drill deep enough to strike black gold? Find out in his attempt to break into the oil...

Duration: 00:25:54

29: Marcus and Eric write The Leftovers

It's week two of our Dueling ShamFiction series! In this installment, Eric and Marcus go head-to-head to see who can make Andrew cry harder! It's the saddest episode of ShamFiction yet, as we battle grief and confusion in the wake of the sudden disappearance of 2% of the world's population. Smoke 'em if you got 'em, because we're shamming HBO's The Leftovers! Leftovers: Season 1 [Blu-ray] $11.99

Duration: 00:59:37

28: Andrew and Marcus write Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

In the first of our three-part Dueling ShamFiction special, Andrew and Marcus tune up their automail limbs and go transmutation-circle to transmutation-circle to find out which of them is full-metal! It's a competition the likes of which you haven't seen on ShamFiction, so strap yourselves in for two full takes on Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood! Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Complete Collection One [Blu-ray] $38.55

Duration: 01:37:00

27: Marcus writes Cowboy Bebop

Three, two, one, let's jam! This week, we're jazzing things up by getting down with the coolest crew of bounty hunters this side of the solar system. It's Cowboy Bebop! Marcus is writing, and he had better keep the beat because these thugs know how to swing. One mis-step and we'll be saying, "See you, Space Cowboy!" Read the fiction here. Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] $40.08

Duration: 01:03:08

26: Andrew writes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Hey everypony, canter right up and fill your favorite feed-bag for Andrew's version of one of the biggest fandoms in the history of fanfiction! That's right, it's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! We'll make a brony of you yet! Read the fiction here. My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Season 1 $13.08

Duration: 01:05:07

25: Eric writes The 100

The hormones are flowing on this week’s episode of ShamFiction! We’re sending Eric down to Earth to observe and report on the angsty/horny/teenaged settlers of The CW’s The 100! Turns out they’re all criminals! And criminals - as John Turturro taught us in that Transformer movie - are HOT! Enjoy! Read the fiction here. The 100: Season 1 $12.96

Duration: 01:04:05

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