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Uncertainty Feels Like Fear

Do you always want to know what is going to happen? Uncertainty means that you don’t know, and when you don’t know you’re afraid. How do you feel when you imagine what is going to happen? Can you imagine how something is going to work out well? Or will you be disappointed? You conjure up all kinds of stories about how things will work out! You want to know what’s going to happen, when’s it going to happen, how it’s going to happen, when it’s going to be over, and what’s expected of...


Believe in Yourself

Self-confidence is one of the most difficult challenges you experience in life. We are taught to doubt ourselves and listen to the authority of others. Learn to believe in yourself, what three ultimate challenges there are in life, and how you can build your confidence from within. Find out how self-doubt begins, how it is generated, and how you build your own self-worth and value so that you can make good judgments and know that YOU do matter. Until you use a few tools—intellectual,...


Give Yourself a Juicy Reward

Daily you diligently do things, the dishes, go to work etc. and these things become arduous rather than a joy to your life. They become maudlin. And you suffer. There is another way! Here’s the importance of rewarding yourself for your accomplishments. Learn when to use rewards, why to use them, and what action steps to take to reward your self. Rewarding yourself for even the smallest of accomplishments like getting out of bed in the morning can make a huge difference in how you...


Eclipses for Transformation with Ray Couture

I am delighted to have my guest, astrologer Ray Couture, on the show today. Ray brings insight on the kinds of energy to expect from the lunar eclipse, happening on Jan. 31. He describes how to use these energies to discover who you really are, your true authenticity. This particular lunar eclipse is in the part of the sky that has to do with relationships including your relationship to yourself. Ray and Shiela discuss what that means to you. A solar eclipse on Feb. 15, following the...


Emotions - Energy in Motion

Do you feel intense emotions? Do these emotions get stuck in your body in the form of tension and stress? Do you want to know why and what to do about it? The word “emotion” comes from the words “energy” and “motion.” Energy in motion! However, we are taught to keep our emotions in check. Do not express, so emotions get caught in the body which responds in one of two ways: Love or Fear. Fear is our natural state. Love is a choice. Listen for tips and techniques on what to do so your...


Call IT Something Different

Do you know that your words create your reality? Words are powerful! The language you use goes out into the world and creates an energetic resonance which returns to you. You energetically attract that which you talk about whether it’s an internal dialogue or you are actually speaking out loud. What you focus on expands and YOU call your life into creation. Think about excitement and anxiety, physically the body responds the same way to either. But with anxiety you feel compelled to...


Enhance Your Relationships in 2018

Do you want to make the most of 2018? Let me help you. 2017 was a ONE YEAR, all about YOU sorting out your priorities, examining your beliefs and seeing how you show up in the world. Set your intention to use the ONE energy to propel you into YOUR best year ever! 2018 is a TWO YEAR, all about relationships. Not just boy/girl relationships or boy/boy or girl/girl ones! It’s about ALL your relationships to everything: to food, nature, your car, your home, your environment. It’s also about...


How Soul Retrieval Helps Heal Trauma

Have you felt like something was missing in your life? Or have you suffered with long-term depression in spite of years of therapy? Soul retrieval can and does help! Throughout your life, you may experience traumatic events such as divorce, car accidents or surgery. These events can cause soul loss. Even something as seemingly insignificant as not getting invited to a birthday party when you were five can cause a soul part to leave. Most often soul parts come back by themselves, but in...


Boost Your Bliss in Sacred Space

Do you know that YOU can feel safe and secure anywhere, anytime anyway?? What a wonderful feeling to know you can be calm and relaxed. No matter what! Sacred space does that, you feel confident and assured. This podcast gives you practical, useful, fun and easy tips on creating your own sacred environment. There are easy and practical ways you do this, for example: the way you arrange the items in your home. When you feel safe you are open to all that the Universe has for you. Connected...


The Art of Listening

Listening, like speaking, is an art form! How do you listen? With an open mind? Or already having prejudged? Or believing that you know what’s coming next? How do you take in information? Before someone begins to speak, do you prejudge their ability to tell you anything? This prejudgment dials down your ability to hear what’s being presented to you. Imagine that before you listen to anyone you do a quick little clearing. Imagine standing there clearing yourself, perhaps it’s smudging...


Tell Yourself a Better Story

The story you tell yourself becomes the life you live! You asked for something but you didn’t get it. Events like this leave an impression, and oftentimes you live out of those impressions. The story you tell yourself over and over becomes a belief and that belief becomes the story out of which you live. Whether you are conscious or not of your traumas, they begin to formulate your life. You can tell yourself a different story. There will be some “what ifs” in this altered story. We all...


Chakra Meditation

Listen to this guided meditation to release stress and tension, discomfort and dis-ease from your body. Then you can anchor the feelings of calmness, harmony and balance in your body. In this episode, we cleanse, harmonize, and balance the 7 chakras within the body. The Chakra system is an ancient way of viewing the energy centers in the body. Blocked energy in the chakras leads to illness, but when cleared energy moves freely. The Root Chakra, associated with the color red, is at the...


StressLess Season

Are you already feeling pressured as the year comes to an end? It is time for some practical coping tools for the most stress filled event of the year, the Happy Holidays. Couple that with the distress and uncertainty of the current world situation, we need all the help we can get. Lucky for us we eat turkey with its soothing effects throughout this time! Here are some simple techniques for you so you can quell stress and anxiety BEFORE the panic attack! Easy to remember, easy to do...


The Art of Gratitude

Have you actually thought of giving thanks as an art form? When you receive something and give something back, this is the Art of Gratitude. Giving and receiving is our basic nature. When you ask for something and say “please,” that word goes out and it draws people toward you. For example, when you hear someone say, “Please, can you help me with something?” you automatically get curious and have a desire to take action. Do you want to feel lovable, capable and worthwhile? As humans, we...


Akashic Records

Who am I? What is my purpose? These soul searching questions haunt us all. The Akashic Records store every thought, deed, action, and intention of your soul from its inception to the present and all future possibilities. This makes the Akashic Records a valuable source for you to ask important questions. Your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones know your soul for they have been with you for many, many incarnations. And they also know the path of your soul’s evolution. Open ended questions...


Shamanic Journeys

Are you searching for answers to your life’s most important questions? A shamanic journey is a very powerful way to get guidance. Divine wisdom is easily available to everyone. A monotonous drumbeat drops you into an altered state in which there are practical everyday solutions. This state is called non-ordinary reality and is not confined to the laws governing our physical practical world. By using all your senses while in the journey you become aware of all the possibilities available...


Smudge, Clear and Bless Your Environment

Every day, people come in and out of your home environment bringing with them whatever it is that they’ve attracted and collected over the day. Some of it is wonderful and positive and some of it, not so much. Using smudge and a burden basket is a wonderful way to cleanse yourself and your environment. A burden basket is a real or imaginary basket to keep outside of your door where everyone enters and exits. It’s useful to have a burden basket, so that when leaving home or coming back,...


Bust Your Bogus Beliefs

A belief is a thought or an idea that you have told yourself over and over enough times that you then believe it. What if it doesn’t have to be that way? What if those outdated beliefs are actually holding you back from having what you want? What if your heart’s desire is easy to get, within reach and there for YOU? You can see just now in the world, whenever this is, that we don’t know our neighbors now, we don’t know our community, we’re not connected to anyone in the outer world. Now...



Do you want to know how to be fearless, brave and courageous NO MATTER what? Learn to put your “shields up” so that you feel safe, stable and cared for. From this protected place you can use all your senses to know the next right step to take. Imagine not having to worry about being certain that you’re doing and saying the right things. Imagine the self-confidence of entering any room in a self-assured, easy manner. That can be YOU! Shaman Shiela Baker knows that protection is vitally...


Practical Shamanism

You can discover your very own personal relationship to Spiritual Guides, Ancestors and Allies. These beings come to assist you so that you are in harmony and balance in your everyday life. Practical Shamanism connects you to the personal answers that can propel you forward in health, wealth and prosperity. You can connect to your guides for practical information about any area of your life from health, to finances, to relationships, to career. Your guides can help alleviate stress and...


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