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Ricardo Ponce San Bernardino

QUOTES: "We’re super passionate about helping families." "There’s always challenges ahead. The tougher they are, the more you get over them, the bigger the reward in the end." "We don’t have an ideal client. It’s just helping the agents and clients get to the point where they want to be." "Don’t be afraid to fail." "I don’t have anything that worries me. I think the big thing is taking on the challenges and not being afraid of taking on them. " SHOW NOTES: In this episode of Shaping the...


Pablo Fonseca Riverside



Andrew Malik | Silvertoken

Andrew speaks about the delicacy of currency and how the future of Silvertoken can provide others with peace of mind, all while leading his team with tenacity, vision, and a concrete plan to help shape the future and change the world.


Ilya Orlov Travelution | TravelChain CEO

"I’m really excited about the ideas of a united world where all the regions are connected, and there are no wars." - Ilya Orlov, Travelchain CEO


Scott Welsh Redlands CA | Welsh Insurance Services

QUOTES: "We are passionate about helping people in a one-on-one basis.” "We need strong communication with the people we work with, and a list of expectations on how we communicate with our clients.” "We can play a role in between both David and Goliath. We have an important role to play for our clients.” "Things within our control are for us to become more efficient.” "Begin with the end in mind.” SHOW NOTES: Scott Welsh is the co-owner of Welsh Insurance Services Inc., a health insurance...


Lucas Manning Redlands CA | Fox Dance Studio

QUOTES: "It extends beyond dancing, I am passionate about creation and the creative process.” "I am always thinking about how we can find people to create and shape a world, a business setting that we can all be proud of.” "I came to the time, where I had to decide I wasn’t going to pay myself to keep the business running.” “When I started looking at the business more in terms of motivating my employees this, in turn, shaped the operations of my company and allowed us to begin progressing...


Michael Burger Indianapolis IN | Four Seasons Consulting Group

QUOTES: "Success Really Comes Down to People." "Discomfort is part of the price for Success." "Change is gonna happen no matter what. Finding the best possible outcome for a particular situation is key." "Improve, Adapt, and Overcome." "Leaders are Readers." SHOW NOTES: In this episode of Shaping The Future Podcast, Gregg gets the chance to chat with Michael Burger; a Business Consultant from the Indianapolis, Indiana area. Michael is passionate about helping businesses actively shape...


Cory Weck Ontario CA, Personal Injury Attorney

QUOTES: "I am passionate about taking care of the members of our community.” "If your attorney doesn’t have confidence in his capabilities or the capabilities of his staff, it’s time to for another lawyer.” "Too much aggression sometimes blinds you to those areas in your case or those weaknesses that others try to raise to you and you forego the advice of others and you march forward unfortunately to your deterrent.” "You have so much to learn from your failure than from your successes.”...


Scott Cathey San Bernardino CA

QUOTES: "I am passionate about my faith, my family, and of course my job.” "Be ready for the unknown circumstances that may come up and bite you in the butt.” "It is great to put everything in writing especially when it's family.” "My ideal client is someone who appreciates what we do for them.” "Employees are our biggest asset - seek advice when you need it." SHOW NOTES: Scott Cathey is the owner of Brydenscot Metal Products, a family owned metal fabrication business in San Bernardino,...


Mike Stevenson Loma Linda CA | Import Automotive Loma Linda

QUOTES: "As a business owner, you cannot assume anything. You’ve got to constantly keep your eye in the chest, man. You’ve got to watch the money coming in and out and pay attention to the bottom line.” "Signing a check is a mental thing, as I see them. I know each of my expenses are and it keeps me aware and allows me to be on top of each expense.” "Money is a flow. It tends to flow away faster than the flow towards you.” "If he can do it, I can do it!” "An ideal client is someone who...


9. Gearard LeFore Redlands CA | Farmers Insurance Agency in Redlands

QUOTES: "My biggest thing that I find within my industry passion is that people are uneducated about their insurances. They’re not necessarily making the best choices for their family.” "People are making their choices based on price, not on logic.” "We believe in a sound future including financial, health and general wellbeing.” "You're going to have setbacks, but you cannot have time off.” "My biggest advice for you to grow is READ! Read a book every day. Read something positive,...


Matt Lauer Fired – Gender Equity in Action!

This is Gregg Kell on Wednesday, November 29 2017 with a breaking news event that strikes at the heart of our nation. We at Shaping the Future believe America's at a tipping point. What direction will we go? As citizens, we're obliged to gently shape America's future in a positive, inclusive and peaceful direction. Future Shapers, will you contribute to this nationwide conversation and help shape America's future?


8: William Pote eTop Technology Redlands CA

QUOTES: "It's always hard to change, but it's always the thing that you need to do." "Value the investment that technology brings, because it can really change the direction of your business." "If you stopped looking at technology as a cost and instead saw it as an investment, Technology could really drive your business forward dramatically in the next 5-10 years." SHOW NOTES: In this episode of Shaping The Future Podcast, Gregg speaks with William 'BJ' Pote; Owner and Founder of eTop...


7: Jim Husen Riverside CA Attorney

QUOTES: "The people I have met along the way broadened my horizons." "It's fun to figure stuff out on a deeper level." "It's important to be able to adapt and change." SHOW NOTES: Jim Husen is a Forensic Psychologist, focused on Child Custody Evaluations. He is a man of transition, with a career spanning Missionary, to Pastor, to Lawyer, to Therapist. In this episode, we'll cover the long process of trial and error Jim had to take to get to where he is now, and how he discovered his heart...


6: Marlene Cain of Marcain Communication Big Bear CA

QUOTES: "Communication is key to success in everything." "Sometimes we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes." "You can't let fear be the only reason you don't do something." "The more involved you are, the more evolved you become." "Go not where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail." SHOW NOTES: Marlene Cain of Marcain Communication: a public speaking, leadership, and communication expert that brings a unique spin to leadership...


Dorothy Husen Therapist Riverside CA

I use different holistic, mind-body techniques like deep breathing and mindfulness to help my clients break free from their chains of addictions, stress, fears, and anxieties. My clients start to move forward in their lives, get unstuck, begin to thrive, not just survive as they create and achieve success and happiness in their their professional and personal lives. QUOTES: "We can all use a little bit more love and acceptance." "Never run your business from fear." "Discipline and Focus...


4: Cathy Terreri TechArt Web Designs Lake Arrowhead

I build websites that are clean, intelligent, visually appealing, easy to navigate and easy to find. I am market savvy, detail oriented, multi-platform, customer service centered, and forward thinking. Quotes: "I've always believed in and valued a strong education." "If you have a technical background, take at least one business course." "If you're consistent with your beliefs, the right kinds of clients will be attracted to you." "Embrace technology and leverage it to your advantage."...


3: Ron Drake Tax and Bookkeeping Solutions San Bernardino CA

Quotes: "Communication is key in almost any business interaction." "I was committed to working hard, however many hours per day that took." "Success takes commitment and listening to those around you." "Respond to situations, not react. Reacting is dangerous." "Opportunity is there for those who seek it." Show Notes: In this episode of Shaping The Future, Gregg gets the chance to chat with Ron Drake; CEO of Tax and Bookkeeping Solutions in San Bernardino, California. Ron helps Small...


2: Peter Kell – Direct Response Online Marketer and Entrepreneur – CEO Ad Venture Holdings LLC

I have spent multiple 7-figures on Facebook and native advertising helping clients generate sales for their products online. I’m obsessed with growth and all things online marketing and am passionate about helping online business owners learn more about how to profitably promote their business through money-getting advertising. Quotes: "You are who your friends are." "It's the skills that pay the bills." "It takes courage to be accountable, but it's not as scary as not trying in the first...


First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs TX Shooting

SPECIAL EDITION: This is Gregg Kell on Monday November 6 with a breaking news event striking at the heart of our nation. We at Shaping the Future believe America’s at a tipping point. What direction will we go? As citizens, we’re obliged to gently shape America’s future in a positive and peaceful direction. Will you contribute to this nationwide conversation and help shape our nation’s future? 26 People Killed On Sunday November 5, a rifle bearing shooter committed a heinous act of...


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