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248 // Wolves and Wolves and Wolves and Wolves

In this episode our friends Wolves and Wolves and Wolves and Wolves stop by the studio to chat about their newest record The Cross and The Switchblade, Touring, Wrestling, Music, and so much more!

Duration: 01:09:38

247 // Nazi Ghost

In this episode we begin with a little bit of politics because Donald Trump, Kid Rock furthers his senate run, Tool is releasing their back catalog on vinyl with remasters, SoundCloud is still struggling but got millions more in investments, BandCamp is awesome, we had a slight run-in with a tiny ghost or apparition disembodied voice, Thor Harris of Swans and Shearwater is running for governor of Texas, Liam Gallagher is still running his mouth, the New Mexico man arrested for urinating on...

Duration: 01:04:34

246 // Cereal Killer

In this episode we start talk a little talk about doom metal, stoner metal, and black metal... never a bad way to begin. We get right into talking about how bad artwork and band names can turn people away (or at least us,) Danny Trujillo's son plays bass with Korn in a new documentary, Jane's Addiction and Dave Nevarro, the Foo Fighters MASSIVE post-Lollapalooza set-list, Muse, Martin Shkreli and his recent court troubles for being a jerk, Donald Trump "Shitty Tweets" toilet paper, Sean...

Duration: 01:27:40

245 // Un-Holy Rolling

It was a slow news week, but we discuss Justin Bieber finding Jesus again, going to church, and running over a paparazzi when leaving, and Radiohead's newly reformed Radiohead.tv showcasing recent live shows in full.

Duration: 01:02:44

244 // Time Traveling Ghost

In this episode we start down a rabbit hole talking about creating custom songs in the style of various artists, we play a mini-game and Derek is tested, then we go down a 90's music rabbit hole as well, Stone Temple Pilots new "Core" reissue with 3 additional discs, new Converge music, Tyler, The Creator's new album being released on cassette, Justin Bieber is "Just over it," and cancels his tour, more of the Mandela Effect and Listener Questions!

Duration: 01:11:07

243 // This is how you remind me... that we hate Nickelback

In this episode we discuss Radiohead and their recent concert in Israel and the conflict surrounding it, Roger Waters comments toward Thom Yorke, RZA and his Chipotle inspired musical endeavors, the R. Kelly sex cult, the passing of George Romero, Donald Trump and Sean Spicer's love for Daft (Funk) Punk, Kid Rock and his Michigan senate run, and Billy Corgan selling off his old Smashing Pumpkins gear on Reverb. We also answer listener questions ranging from ice cream, broken social scene,...

Duration: 01:33:13

242 //

In this episode we open with our new (and one time only) rap intro and we talk about Noel Gallagher joining U2 in Manchester... Liam had quite the response, the meaning to the song Closing Time by Semisonic, Morrissey is a fan of Smashmouth, says Smashmouth. Migos' gets kicked off of a flight, Ryan Adams bashes Alt-J, the Foo Fighters new album featuring members of Boyz 2 Men, The Dickies outburst at Warped Tour and Eagles of Death Metal and Offspring defend their "freedom of speech," and...

Duration: 01:34:47

241 // Remember the time... Michael Jackson owned the Beatles catalogue?

In this episode, we begin the show by talking about our newly updated website, Jay-Z's new album "4:44" streaming only on Tidal... if you pre-ordered it, Kanye and Jay's ongoing feud, the Fyre Festival organizer is going to jail, Paul McCartney might be getting the rights back to the Beatles catalogue, more pre-order frustration, Kylie and Kendall Jenner making "vintage" band t-shirts with their faces on them, Hannibal Buress sends a double to the Spider-Man red carpet and no one notices,...

Duration: 01:28:34

240 // Adventures in Pizza Delivery

In this episode we jumped straight into conversation about man-spreading, Keanu Reeves, John Wick Chapter 2, the similarities and differences of Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver, the Foo Fighter's very conservative tour rider, Johnny Depp's comments on Donald Trump at Glastonbury Festival, Linkin Park playing new music at Hellfest and getting things thrown at them, adventures in pizza delivery, the new trend in pop music where everything sounds the same such as the new Fall Out Boy, a Senator was...

Duration: 01:59:23

239 // Blink-182 is "Coal," and Radiohead is "Renewable Energy."

In this episode we talk about Father's Day, the decline of Fidget Spinners with the new addition of band branded spinners, Blink182's "Dude Ranch" and Radiohead's "Ok Computer" came out the same year... weird, Gene Simmons is attempting to trademark the devil horns hand gesture and Ronnie James Dio's wife says "it belongs to everyone," more talk on Sour Beers, the new music from Arcade Fire and The Killers, the new Queens of the Stone Age produced by Mark Ronson, Steve Earle calls out Noel...

Duration: 01:42:55

238 // Doing God's Work

In this episode we talk about the new Frank Turner documentary "Get Better," the new Grateful Dead documentary on Amazon Prime "Long Strange Trip," All 4 One, a new study that shows what drugs are most popular at each music festival, a man gets arrested for selling fake drugs at Bonnaroo claiming he was "doing god's work," Taylor Swift returns her music to streaming sites the same day as Katy Perry's new album releases, the Matrix soundtrack getting a vinyl repress, The Sword's new Pink...

Duration: 01:06:57

237 // Danzig, Trump, and Baby Parts

In this episode we discuss the new Grateful Dead documents-series on Amazon Prime titled "Long Strange Trip," Childish Gambino to call it quits after his next album, the Foo Fighters new track and music video, the new Dan Auerbach record "Waiting on a Song," the new Beach Fossil's record "Somersault," Thom Yorke takes shade from Roger Watters for playing a Radiohead show in Isreal... Thom fires back in typical fashion, Scott Stapp's upcoming "Make America Rock Again" tour, and Danzig's...

Duration: 01:12:26

236 // I literally "NOTHING" her music...

We are back after a week off, and we've got a good one! In this episode we talk about Aerosmith (for some reason), LCD Soundsystem and Lana Del Rey's new LPs, Radiohead's new "OK Computer" box set, the new Danzig album "Black Laden Crown," the passing of Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's beef, anxiety and depression, the uncontrollable news-cycle with Donald Trump, Oasis and Liam Gallagher's new solo album and benefit for the Manchester Bombing, Father John Misty...

Duration: 01:52:08

235 // The Worst Thing Next To Hell

In this episode we discuss the new Harry Styles record (seriously, we know that sounds weird,) the Memphis musician that set himself on fire on Facebook Live, PWR BTTM and their recent collapse under allegations of sexual abuse, no new Tool or Perfect Circle records in 2017, the new Master of None and Fifth Element vinyl pressings, Incubus playing on Conan, Melania and Donald Trump, conspiracy theories, Avril Lavigne, a Danish Brewery making beer fertilized in piss from the Roskilde...

Duration: 01:25:16

234 // Jordan Hudkins

In this episode we are joined by our friend Jordan Hudkins of Rozwell Kid to talk about their upcoming record "Precious Art," on SideOne Dummy Records.

Duration: 01:26:41

233 // Alex MacWilliam of Overwatcher and The Local Wave

In this episode we are joined in the studio by Alex MacWilliam of the Nashville band Overwatcher and The Local Wave, a Nashville focused local music and scene podcast. We had a nice lengthy discussion about boxed wine, podcasting, rare records, Hip-Hop and obviously Kanye West, Alex's band Overwatcher, and MORE!

Duration: 02:09:19

232 // Adam Morgan of Hopesfall RETURNS!!

In this episode we are joined once again by our friend Adam Morgan, drummer of Hopesfall, to talk about the recording of the new record, the recent repress of the back catalogue, sour beers, managing band life and family life, bowling, our biggest vinyl collecting pet peeves, touring, sigur ros, and more. We also took listener questions including - is limited edition sometimes a scam? Top 5 Christian Rock releases, 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, how Chipotle sucks, best music to listen to with...

Duration: 01:53:12

231 // "God Don't Like Ugly"

In this episode we discuss Jay Z removing his catalog from Spotify and Apple Music, Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament wears a t-shirt at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame of bands that have yet to be inducted to the Hall of Fame, the new DREAMCAR music, Britney Spears shuts down Isreal, Shia LaBouf's new movie sells 3 tickets in the U.K., Spotify is adding a 2-week wait for new music to free users, a new conspiracy theory involving Tupac's death, and Christian Bale playing Dick Cheney in a new biopic.

Duration: 01:14:17

230 // Radiohead is Touring Again...

In this episode we talk about last night's Radiohead show in Atlanta (4.1.17,) ICP being accused of plagiarizing "Chicken Soup for the Soul," Limp Bizkit made Kerry King want to quit music, the economics of music streaming, Papa Roach eats bugs on the internet, and Danny Brown's newest music video for "Ain't It Funny." We also play a track called "Alone" from the band Overwatcher, from Nashville, TN.

Duration: 01:17:08

229 // The Internet is a Vicious Place...

In this episode we discuss Tool's discography coming to streaming services, Josh Homme being sued for "berating" an autograph seeker, Trump seeking legal action on a 17-year old girl for staring #TrumpCat, and we talked a bit about the RSD list for 2017. We also answered listener questions ranging from Albums we've regrettably sold, the latest Los Campesinos! record, what Cult we would choose to join, things that are dead to us, what record label we own the most releases of, favorite...

Duration: 01:05:41

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