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An improv based comedy discussion with the personalities behind all of your favorite Shark Dropper shows.

An improv based comedy discussion with the personalities behind all of your favorite Shark Dropper shows.
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St. Petersburg, FL


An improv based comedy discussion with the personalities behind all of your favorite Shark Dropper shows.




Shark Dropper Episode 134 (Moore)

Rest in peace Rodger Moore. Robert and Kyle go it alone to talk about 70's soft rock. Fallen 90's rock star Chris Cornell, and the rock solid Rodger Moore. They also discuss new music and Guardians Volume 2.

Duration: 01:16:27

Shark Dropper Episode 132 (United)

John and Robert record one of their classic duo shows and discuss some hot topics: whitewashing, United Airlines, Kong: Skull Island, trailers vs movies, and inventors. Follow @sharkdropper

Duration: 01:09:26

Shark Dropper Episode 128 (Lines)

Robert, John, and Kyle talk about Trump's first week and office and the changes that are already being made. They talk about NFL stadiums and how they hurt the fans. Then its time to talk about our favorite ending lines and beginning lines in film.

Duration: 00:51:23

Shark Dropper Episode 124 (DMX)

John Leavengood (Movies, Films, and Flix) fills in for Kyle this week on a backlogged episode of Shark Dropper. The guys talk about sequels of childhood franchises, Halloween, Playstation VR, and DMX as an actor.

Duration: 01:17:01

Shark Dropper Episode 118 (Things)

Its time to talk about Stranger Things. The guy have started the Netflix series and go into its more endearing qualities, no spoilers are given. The guys into to a chat about movie remakes and the state of cinema today. John talks about the story that is Game of Thrones, before the guy literally try to re-invent the wheel.

Duration: 00:58:46

Shark Dropper Episode 112 (Buttons)

The Shark Dropper crew talk about the latest concerning E3 and the offerings from each developer. John breaks down the last generations console wars, and who is winning them right now. After the break, the guys reflect on the upsetting Orlando news and talk openly about some of the issues concerning gun rights and terrorist attacks.

Duration: 01:16:05

Shark Dropper Episode 110 (Oversell)

Kyle takes the reins in this episode as he hosts a Shark Dropper free of John and Robert, but full of new guests, including two new members of the Shark Dropper network. Have you heard of the Oversell podcast? You have now.

Duration: 01:01:19

Shark Dropper Episode 109 (Cabin)

Robert, Kyle, and John talk about creepy videos on reddit, then Robert wants to rent a cain with a helipad. Then the guys talk about the oversatuation with superhero movies.

Duration: 01:07:49

Shark Dropper Episode 106 (Cinnamon)

Will Kuncz from HMB Radio joins the Shark Dropper crew to talk about aspirations in broadcasting, stand up comedy, local radio, and the trials of podcasting. @KyleWotb Find Will at @home_made_man

Duration: 01:09:33

Shark Dropper Episode 105 (Yeti)

Robert, John, and Kyle talk about corporate logos, Zip line travel,televison shows, movies, Batman V Superman and Indiana Jones. @Sharkdropper @KyleWotb

Duration: 01:16:48

Shark Dropper Episode 103 (Ghostbusters)

Adam Jetmore (Horror Play, End of All Hope) joins the Shark Dropper crew as they discuss wireless hair brushes, Horror Play, water pollution, the new Ghostbusters movie trailers, Oscar winners, and old Nick toons.

Duration: 00:46:27

Shark Dropper Episode 102 (Sedaris)

Kyle, Robert, and John welcome musical artist Z to the podcast as they discuss rap music, the Super Bowl half-time show, the Grammies, improv classes, and of course Bond movies. You can find Z's work at and

Duration: 01:07:52

Sharkdropper Episode 100 (Everybody!)

We're 100! John, Robert, and Kyle celebrate their 100th episode with guest from Shark Dropper's past. They talk about their favorite Shark Dropper moments, have some rousing Oscar debates, and a couple of old charaters stop in to say hi!

Duration: 01:18:59

Shark Dropper Episode 99 (Music)

Robert and Kyle start by having a rhyme battle, then get intoTurtle sex, marathons, and mud runs. They talk movies revolving around recent history as13 hours is brought up. They get into Genisis andPhil Collins, which ultimately brings them totoday's music, and the late great Daivd Bowie.

Duration: 01:17:50

Shark Dropper Episode 96 (Two)

Robert and John talk about movies, James Bond, and a bunch of other topics that I wasn't aware of. Guess I should have been in on this podcast eh? But hey, I was in Texas at the time. What do you want from me? Anyways, check out this podcast becuase you love us, don't you?

Duration: 01:06:18

Shark Dropper Episode 95 (Anal)

Robert openly wonders about the amount of malegenitalia he's seen in . The guys talk about the Waiting dick showing game, using Bing for , Playboy, and trying to trick Google into not returning images of . We succeed!

Duration: 01:02:18

Holiday 2015

John, Robert, Kyle, and Special guest Bryan talk about Seinfeld, Obama, James Bond, Kevin Bacon, Home Alone,and scotch. After the break they are joined byJohn Levengoodof Movies Films and Flix, and Black Santa to talk Star Wars - The Force Awakens

Duration: 01:43:03

Shark Dropper Episode 85 (Podfest)

John, Robert, and Jonathan head to L.A. to attend their first Podfest. They take some time out to report about the festivities, the drinks, the podcasters, and the fans. If you've never been to a Podfest, take a listen, and find out what to expect.

Duration: 01:37:03

Shark Dropper Episode 84 (Wayne)

Robert, John, and Kyle talk about the works of John Wayne and his alleged racisem. This opens a discussion on the far right, the upcoming election, and Donald Trump's crazy ass. Robert talks about a few business card quotes that didn't make the cut, and kyle tells a story about the Goldman family.

Duration: 01:21:35

Shark Dropper Episode 82 (Mars)

Robert, Kyle, and John discuss Matt Damon's filmography and which films would be the best on Mars. They discuss which artist are able tomaintainthoughout their entire careers. They discuss which era they would like to go back in time to, and war in America. The works of Tim Allen are discussed. Things get serious as they discuss Straight Outta Compton not being shown at their local theater.

Duration: 01:12:20

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