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Episode 11: R2 To Crashbreaker (NostalgiaCast 2004)

Shark Jumping nukes the beer fridge and doubles down on its love for 2004 and videogaming with the inaugural NostalgiaCast episode. Listen in as we relive the great moments our teenage years never had, from Gandhi losing his 8-bit overflow shit, to Ben's refugee status following his homeland's Uruk'hai coup. We'll probably do another, but like Valve, we'll be predictably shit at finishing our trilogies.


Episode 10: The Full Dennis Waterman

This week, we go full Patrick Warburton Appreciation Cast on a review of Netflix show A Series of Unfortunate Events; find new and imaginative ways to talk about anything other than Ed Sheeran; and do a surprisingly in-depth review of Stardew Valley and The Witness. All whilst openly resenting and hating one another. All Filler, No Killer? No way!


Episode 9: Johannes Kepler, The Spiciest Memelord

We many not have listened to this episode ourselves, but we've definitely heard good things about it. This week: The triumphant return of Robot Wars; a retrospective on Objectively THE Best Band Of All Time; and a preview of the upcoming BAFTA Video Game Awards (BAGAs?). We may be consistently one G short of a decent mobile connection, but at least we know not to annihilate our sperm.


Episode 8: Fridge Nuking

The gang go all meta this week with a Build-A-Podcast attempt that moves irreparably away from the original premise of the show. Instead, we get headshot-crazy with JOHN WICK, blow our own heads off trying out Virtual Reality (live!), and then blow our childhood minds reminiscing about Lego. It's the episode where we Don't Stop Talking Or Everyone Will Explode.


Episode 6: 12 Health Remaining

This week on #2004cast: We bid a teary, violin-heavy farewell to emo-punk legends Yellowcard; discover that we truly are Knee-Deep In The Pod when it comes to our preferred FPS games; and make an (untimely) review of Rogue One, complete with spurious listener-friendly spoiler warnings. And just know that, wherever you are, we are here for you and hope you're doing okay. No, seriously.


Episode 4: What Kind Of Year Has It Been

It's the Shark Jumping 2016 Awards! Listen in as our intrepid podcast hosts channel their inner Chris Tarrant and pick over the bones of the rotting carcass that has been this year, because they're worth it too. What was the Unmissable Music Event this year? What is the Best Shower Gel of 2016? Who was the Arsehole Of The Year? Find out all these and more on our most expensive episode yet...


Episode 1: Private Browsing Mode Enabled

Episode 1 of Shark Jumping, where three guys who can't use a microphone properly talk music, culture and other random crap. Featuring a review of Scholars, working life in a band, and Pokemon Go. Many thanks to Scholars for allowing the use of their music in our podcast!