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SDP 10: Mike Faulks on cybersecurity, IoT and being part of a GCHQ accelerator

In episode10 of the Sheffield Digital podcast, we’re joined by Mike Faulks, co-founder and director of Ioetec, a Sheffield company that provide a cloud service solution to connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices with end-to-end authenticated, encrypted security. The second half of the show, as per usual, is spent going over some of the latest goings on in Sheffield’s Digital sector. That includes a great opportunity to get your company on a new directory, some news from Kollider, city...


SDP 09: Leila Johnston on digital art, artificial intelligence and robot crows

In episode 9 of the Sheffield Digital podcast, we are joined by the fantastic Leila Johnston. Leila is an artist, technologist, curator, consultant, journalist and plenty of other things too. It was great to speak to her about what she’s currently working on, including her role as digital curator at Site Gallery.


Episode 8: David Richards on WANdisco and his new tech skills foundation

We kick off 2018 with a fantastic guest on episode 8 of the Sheffield Digital Podcast. David Richards is the CEO of the hugely successful WANdisco, which specialises in big data and has offices in Silicon Valley and Sheffield. It was absolutely fascinating to hear David talk through his own and WANdisco’s journey so far, from starting out to successfully floating the company on the stock market. I think there is lots to learn here for anyone who owns a business or is in the process of...


SDP 07: Immigration, employment law and the digital sector

Episode 7 of the Sheffield Digital Podcast features a really interesting interview with Kathleen O’Donnell and Nathan Woodcock, both from Fragomen LLP. They are experts in immigration and employment law and provide a fantastic overview of the system and how it affects both companies and individuals. In the second half of the show, Mel and Chris go through some of the city’s digital sector highlights from the last month or so. That includes info on the Channel 4 bid, IoT Tribe North’s...


SDP 06: Educating digital stars of the future with The Sheffield College's Bella Abrams

This episode of the Sheffield Digital Podcast was recorded in two parts. In part one, you’ll hear me interview Bella Abrams, Chief Information Officer at The Sheffield College. We talked about how the College recently became an associate sponsor of Sheffield Digital, as well as ways that the College can feed into and work more closely with digital sector companies. The second half of the show is almost back to normal as Chris and Mel take you through the latest going on in the city’s...


SDP 05: Designing a startup with Paper’s Mark Goddard

We’re on to episode five of the Sheffield Digital Podcast. This time, we’re joined by Mark Goddard from user research and design studio, Paper. We talk a lot about the decisions Mark and his co-founders made when starting the company. I think it makes for a really interesting look at the process and how there is no one way of doing things. We also cover, the bi-monthly event that Paper organises, and how that fits in with their business. In other topics, we briefly talk about...


SDP 04: Google Garage, meetups and being a horse

In episode four of the Sheffield Digital podcast, we speak to Rachel Ferla, who is currently part of the team running Google Digital Garage. She tells us about how the Garage came to be in Sheffield and how she came to work there helping people develop their digital skills. We also ask Rachel about Google’s decision to keep the Garage open until April and look at the impact of the Google Garage bus. Other topics include the previous and upcoming Meta Meetups plus a look back at the third...


SDP 03: Chris Bryant – mental calculation world champion

In this episode, we interview Sheffield's Chris Bryant, who recently defended his mental calculation world title. It's amazing to hear him talk through the experience and some of the techniques involved. Chris also talks about his Asperger's and provides some valuable insight into how it applies to the workplace. In the show, Mel also covers a recent visit to AMRC's Factory 2050 facility by a number of digital businesses. We go through some upcoming events and Chris (Dymond) explains maker...


SDP 02: Mark Gannon and working with Sheffield City Council

The second episode of the Sheffield Digital Podcast is here and this time we're joined by a very special guest in Mark Gannon, Sheffield City Council's new CIO. Having recently announced our partnership with the Council, this is a great opportunity for you to hear all about how it happened, what it means and what we hope it will bring. The episode also includes a brief update on the city's various tech-hubs-in-progress and the release of our new Slack guide and code of conduct. There’s...


SDP 01: The story so far

This first episode of the Sheffield Digital podcast includes an intro to Sheffield Digital itself, Appt's experience in China, our partnership with the AMRC and a list of upcoming events you might like to attend. There's also the story behind the Google Digital Garage Bus. Hosted this week by Iain Broome, Mel Kanarek, Chris Dymond, with our guest, Neill Birchenall.


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