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Short Corner: The NBA with Paul Shirley and Justin Halpern

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An irreverent look at the NBA with comedy writer Justin Halpern (Sh*t My Dad Says, I Suck At Girls) and writer/ex-NBA basketball player Paul Shirley (Can I Keep My Jersey?).




SC02 - Ep 23 - Ewan Currie/NBA Playoffs

Sheepdogs singer Ewan Currie joins the boys to talk about the oddities of the NBA and what to expect in the playoffs.

Duration: 01:22:06

SC02 - Ep 64 - The Masterpiece - Don't Miss it

Lukewarm takes, Eff that Guy, Crushing the InBox, a shout out to the Start Up Podcast and So Much More.

Duration: 01:37:46

SC02 - Ep 63 - Christian Finnegan and the Finger-Bangin' Life

Beleaguered Knicks fan/Comedian Christian Finnegan joins the boys in a raucous episode that covers NBA recklessness vs. confidence, stupidity, finger-banging and a very special listener email.

Duration: 01:25:44

SC02 - Ep 61 - Better Than Teen Wolf w/ FilmDrunk & Joe

Paul juggles calls and guests as Justin abandons his baby so he can call in and talk about Doc Rivers' son. Then Phil calls in to hassle guest host Joe Sinclitico about sitting in his chair. Then Film Drunk's Vince Mancini calls in to explain why the Bay Area's not totally inspired by the Warriors.

Duration: 01:15:42

SC02 - Ep 60 - Lamorne Morris vs DeMarcus

Actor-Comedian-Chicago born LeBron Fan, Lamorne Morris (Winston on Fox TV's New Girl) Joins Paul and Phil in studio to discuss the state of the Cavs, his love of the game, what it's like to play a basketball player on a show where know one knows how to play basketball and then go toe-to toe in a Facetime Battle with his brash buddy DeMarcus. Kobe vs LeBron - Round 1.

Duration: 01:17:17

SC02 - Ep 59 - Happy New Year with David Berri

Sports Economist David Berri joins Paul and Phil as they create New Years Resolutions for each NBA franchise.

Duration: 01:05:00

SC02 - Ep 58 - Pooch Hall & The Rondo Trade

Paul is joined by - Ray Donovan star (Showtime) - Pooch Hall and model slash BBall rec league queen Melissa Stetten. Topic include the Rondo trade, a potential Clippers blockbuster, Rec League pet peeves and NBA players as Xmas gifts.

Duration: 01:11:56

SC02 - Ep 57 - Ian Karmel & the Loveable Blazers

Late Late Show writer (and Blazers fan) Ian Karmel joins Paul and Phil in the studio. Topics include; Are the Blazers too likeable to win it all, Does Firing your coach mid-season actually work and are there quality NBA players stuck in the D league.

Duration: 01:24:30

SC02 - Ep 56 - The 7-Foot Man-Eating Chicken Returns

Legendary NBA Agent Keith Glass (creator of the 7-foot Man-Eating Chicken) returns with his take on why teams "Tank" and which teams actually are versus which teams actually just "Suck."

Duration: 01:17:12

SC02 - Ep 55 - BasketBall Cosby & Lana Berry

Justin's back in studio, with Paul and new "3rd Wheel" Phil Hay. The boys also welcome NBA Tweet-ologist Lana Berry to discuss who the dumbest NBA coach actually might be. Plus WTF is wrong with the Cav's? And Who is BasketBall Cosby?

Duration: 01:22:49

SC02 - Ep 54 - Kobe vs. Byron and Will NY figure out the Triangle.

Justin calling in again, while Paul's joined by Vice Sports editor Eric Nusbaum, TakePart.com's Jacob Soboroff and Knicks observer (but Celtics fan) Ben Adams. There are some "Lukewarm Takes," plus "is Kobe still fun to watch?"

Duration: 01:17:44

SC02 - Ep 30 - WTF Do We Do Now? w/Jonah Keri

Grantland.com sportswriter/podcaster/author Jonah Keri joins Paul & Justin to try and figure out WTF his favorite NBA team will do now. Then the guys discuss the over-dramatized NBA finals and whether Derek Fisher is going to be a robot, a puppet or cannon-fodder.

Duration: 01:18:48

SC02 - Ep 29 - Amir Blumenfeld

Paul's hungover in Toronto, so Amir Blumenfeld (CollegeHumor.com, "If I Were You" the podcast) joins Justin to discuss which team winning the NBA Finals will make the his beloved Lakers look better. Then Paul calls in from to share his thoughts on the Clippers sale and why he's certain that being from Kansas is cooler than hailing from San Diego.

Duration: 01:19:29

15 - Russ Killed the Thunder

Why do people love to hate Russell Westbrook? Is Kyrie Irving worth anything, let alone a hundred million dollars? Why is no one talking about the guy who signed Jason Collins, Mikhail Prokhorov? Plus, Crushing the Inbox.

Episode 14 - Trade Deadline Unfun

Why don't more teams do something before the trade deadline? Are the Miami Heat Gregg Popovich-ing the NBA? What's a diarrhea player?

Duration: 00:53:30

Episode 13 - All Star Is Broken

We discuss the average NBA All Star's reaction to actually having to go to the All Star game. Then we fix All Star weekend, which isn't so difficult because All Star Weekend is terrible. Plus, a reader question about what makes certain sports stories explode in the media.

Duration: 01:07:37

Episode 12 - Alan Sepinwall

We're joined by television critic and New York Knicks fan Alan Sepinwall, with whom we discuss Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks' continued awfulness, and the likelihood that someone will ever (successfully) bring fictional sports to television. Plus, what's up with basketball players and illegitimate children?

Duration: 01:11:21

Episode 11 - The Short Cornies

It's midseason, which means it's time to hand out some awards. That's right, it's the Short Cornies. Categories include Worst Offseason Acquisition, Coach You'd Least Like to Have Pick You Up at the Airport, and the Bakersfield, given to the NBA's biggest disaster. (In honor of Bakersfield, CA, the worst city in the world.) Plus, the MVPOS, the Banana Republic All-Stars, and many more.

Duration: 01:29:43

Season 2, Episode 10 - Filmdrunks

Joining the show for a day: Vince Mancini of Filmdrunk.com and Joe Sinclitico of a comedy club near you. We talked about the Golden State Warriors and rumors of relocation to San Francisco. Then, Kevin Durant and comparisons to Carmelo Anthony. Later, NBA shower scenes.

Duration: 01:02:44

Season 2, Episode 9 - David Berri

Esteemed sports economist and statistician David Berri joins the show and inspires all manner of discussion surrounding basketball player efficiency and basketball fan inefficiency.

Duration: 01:09:08

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