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Short Men / Tall Tales - a comedy podcast, consisting of comedy conversations between radio star King Karamel and Hip Hop Karaoke host Bobby Champagne Jr that, each week, sees them delving back into their pasts and dredging up a selection of their most ridiculous (but 100% true) anecdotes. May contain strong language and adult themes, will definitely contain awkward and embarrassing recollections! If you are searching for the height of podcast comedy - you have taken a wrong, but intriguing turn which may well end in you being devoured by a redneck cult, a risk worth taking. Allow us to introduce the stars of this weekly comedy podcast! Firstly there's Reprezent Radio DJ and fashionable man-about-town King Karamel - or Munya Chawawa [*good name] to his parents. Munya spent his childhood in Zimbabwe, where he accumulated a range of frankly-unbelievable stories, such as a brief foray into running with a local gang (until a stray kick in the bollocks set him on the straight and narrow) and an unfortunate incident that saw his dog Charlie being eaten by his neighbours, which must have been traumatic for the young 'Pimp Slicky-Slick' (another apparent 'aka', which we're almost certain he's never been called), but has proved to be gold-dust for a comedy podcast. Relocating to badlands of Norwich, our soon-to-be Vlogger had to navigate the choppy waters of a god-fearing father, with almost as many aliases as his son - and a surely-unhealthy obsession with the women and, it turns out, men of WWE… And whilst this is all great material for a comedy podcast, we need someone to prise these ludicrous scenarios from Munya's memory banks, which bring us to his comedic sparring-partner - Bobby Champagne Jr Bobby grew up in South London's answer to Zimbabwe, by which of course we mean Wimbledon - and whilst his youth was mercifully free of dog-eating, his life took no less a bizarre path, thanks to a self-sabotaging sense of humour, and love of showing off which saw him play in a number of appallingly-named bands (e.g






You're a Sickeningly Romantic Twadros (Comedy Podcast)

There's a masterclass in 'meeting the parents', this week on the 'Short Men / Tall Tales' comedy podcast, as Munya recounts how a meeting with his potential mother-in-law went 'tits up'. Elsewhere, Bobby recalls his days as the producer of a computer games show, a particularly successful period in his life, that saw his fondness for a joke result in the firing of the whole team... Speaking of jokes, King Karamel tells a horrified Champers about the 'shittiest' prank he ever played on his...

Duration: 01:15:39

My Sexiness was Oversold to these Schoolchildren by a Lisping, Jawless Man

This week’s ‘Short Men / Tall Tales’ comedy podcast is slightly shorter on tales - as well as men - because Bobby’s been delayed waiting for a visit from the plumber (not a euphemism). When he finally arrives, he and Munya swap tales of transit, which include Munya’s greatest ever bus journey and Bobby’s encounter with a trio of sneering ruddy estate agents on the N35. Elsewhere in the podcast, romance is in the air as Munya recounts how he mended the broken heart of an ex-girlfriend via...

Duration: 00:41:47

Who's this Mental Man Stuffing Hardened Pods Down His Mouth? (Comedy Podcast)

Snitches get stitches this week on The Short Men / Tall Tales comedy podcast as a casual tweet from Munya about a thwarted trip to the cinema results in him being front page news. In other cinema news, King Karamel recalls taking a young lady on a date to see the Oscar-troubling masterpiece 'Sausage Party', and cements his one way ticket to the friend zone with his unorthodox choice of snacks. Elsewhere in the podcast, a horrified Bobby learns about The 'Stinky Club' and is baffled by...

Duration: 00:59:28

The Healing Hands of Dr. Maharajah (Comedy Podcast)

This week on 'Short Men / Tall Tales' comedy podcast, Munya receives some oral (hygiene) phone sex from a delectable dentist with the somewhat unlikely name of Dr Maharaja, whilst Bobby suffers a slapstick disaster on his first day at a new job. Elsewhere in the podcast, Bobby falls victim to the world's weakest practical joke - courtesy of that loveable ball of fun King Karamel and recalls the time he turned down the offer of sweet sweet romance in a gents' toilet. Oh, and once again,...

Duration: 00:50:47

Hullabaloobabollocks & The Invisible Nonce (Comedy Podcast)

There are tales of terror and mystery in this week's episode of 'Short Men / Tall Tales' as Munya recounts his terrifying encounter with a mythical beast known as The Norfolk 'Panther' to a highly scepical Bobby. Elsewhere in the podcast, Bobby recalls the time he woke up in a hotel bar to find a terrifying old man attempting to pimp his daughter out, with practical assistance from a lever arch file and 'King Karamel' gets punched in the head by an anxiety-addled antipodean.. ****** Short...

Duration: 01:12:19

Ooh La La Calum & The Attack of the Apes (Comedy Podcast)

In this week's action-packed episode of the 'Short Men / Tall Tales' comedy podcast, Munya Chawawa reveals his plans to seduce a woman with a powerful aphrodisiac known as 'garlic' and recalls an incident when a well-intentioned attempt at cheering up some monkeys resulted in a full-scale escApe! Meanwhile, Bobby remembers the time a tiny drunken racist sat on his lap in the world's most awkward car journey and asks Munya to adjudicate in a case of The People vs Champagne Jr. ***** Short...

Duration: 01:02:52

'Downsy in the DMs' with Richard Downs (Comedy Podcast)

It's a big week on 'Short Men / Tall Tales' as Munya and Bobby are joined, for the first time ever, by a guest - a former colleague of both of theirs, and one of the funniest writers on the planet - Rich Downs! Despite messing up the SM/TT USP by being six feet tall, Rich brings some much needed balance to the show, and offers his opinions on sharing an office with 'irritating children's entertainer' Munya and 'trouble-maker' Bobby. Elsewhere, Rich and Bobby's teenage song-writing efforts...

Duration: 01:14:28

Your Twig, My Bottom and 500 Zimbabwean Dollars (Comedy Podcast)

This week on Short Men / Tall Tales (comedy podcast), Munya attempts to impress a fancy lady by slipping into anaphylactic shock, and we learn how a discussion about a 'pork hoof' may have been responsible for Bobby going on a date with a Mediterranean beauty. Elsewhere in the podcast, it's a bad week for dehydrated dogs and life-sized clown dolls, both of which feel the 'Wrath of Karamel' and Bobby relates another 'Tale From the Dirty House'. Oh, and if you have 500 Zimbabwean dollars to...

Duration: 00:52:32

Sushi Seduction, Bus Stop Booty Calls & Getting Gyaldem God's Way (Comedy Podcast)

Romance is in the air, this week on Short Men / Tall Tales, as Munya debriefs Bobby on whether he managed to 'de-brief' Bae on their first date over the weekend. An incredulous Bobby learns how Munya prepares for a date and pours scorn on his assertion that women 'love a financially intelligent man'. Elsewhere, Bobby finds love at a bus stop, Munya lures his granddad into some inter-generational sexting and we hear about a young King Karamel's brief career as a racist actor... *** Short...

Duration: 00:58:26

A Tiny Man in Urine-sodden Corduroys (Comedy Podcast)

There's a typically high-brow discussion on this episode of SM/TT... oh hang on, our mistake, that should have read 'eyebrow' because Munya and Bobby discuss their personal grooming regimes, including Munya's adventures with a Bic razor (upstairs AND downstairs). Later, Bobby recalls his first visit to France, the land of love (and damp corduroy) and Munya reveals his unorthodox take on suitable cinema snacks... *** Short Men / Tall Tales - a comedy podcast, consisting of comedy...

Duration: 00:53:15

Artistic John Cena Nudes (Comedy Podcast)

Munya and Bobby discuss the fine arts - specifically their teenage experiences in drawing the female form. In Bobby’s case this involved a life model and a well-deployed stick of charcoal, in Munya’s case - a biro and a stack of wrestling magazines… what can we say - they’re renaissance men! *** Short Men / Tall Tales - a comedy podcast, consisting of comedy conversations between radio star King Karamel and Hip Hop Karaoke host Bobby Champagne Jr that, each week, sees them delving back...

Duration: 01:02:10

Insert the Wrench, Then Clench (Comedy Podcast)

In this week’s Short Men / Tall Tales comedy podcast, Munya and Bobby’s thoughts turn to romance as they ponder the questions that have troubled history’s greatest lovers - is a Girls Aloud museum a suitably romantic location? Does a stolen futon, lightly-drizzled with feline urine suffice as a marital bed? And are wrenches the tool of the more ‘free-thinking’ lover…? *** Short Men / Tall Tales - a comedy podcast, consisting of comedy conversations between radio star King Karamel and Hip...

Duration: 01:54:03

African Witch Doctors Ate My Dog (Comedy Podcast)

Ever wondered what was in the world's most exciting shopping basket? What happened when Munya flirted with a dog? Or how Bobby reacted to a date showing him her stab wounds? You have...? Well this podcast, my friend, is for you... *** Short Men / Tall Tales - a comedy podcast, consisting of comedy conversations between radio star King Karamel and Hip Hop Karaoke host Bobby Champagne Jr that, each week, sees them delving back into their pasts and dredging up a selection of their most...

Duration: 00:57:47