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Short Story Bingo 10 - “Tim ‘Doc’ Anderson”

*Explicit Content* In this episode we read out of, “The United States of Absurdity” about Tim ‘Doc’ Anderson! This book, “The United States of Absurdity” has quickly become my favorite. Mostly I think because I love “The Dollop” podcast by Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds. Nonetheless, this story they portray of a man that just wanted to have a real shot at being a big time boxer in Tim Anderson is kind of heartbreaking. Currently serving a life sentence from a murder charge that he...

Duration: 00:27:01

Short Story Bingo 9 - “A True Story”

*Explicit Content* In this episode Mr. Mark damn Twain makes another IMPRESSIONABLE appearance with, “A True Story”! Originally released in 1874 and titled, “A True Story, Repeated Word for Word As I Heard It.” This is written in the language of a slave woman of the times who is dealing with a very damaging experience of her son being taken away from her at his early age. Now I must say that I was very, ‘in character’, as I read this one and loved every second of it. My friend Will...

Duration: 00:36:45

Short Story Bingo 8 - “A Dream of Red Hands”

*Explicit Content* In this episode we take a dive into the mind of infamous Bram Stoker in , “A Dream of Red Hands”! This story is not quite, “dracula”, which is not what I was expecting as it was anyhow. But I will tell you that this certainly takes an emotionally short rollercoaster of its own. I was joined in this episode by my good friend and DJ, Will Wonder (@DJWillwonder), him and I share some laughs whilst being taken aback at the progression of the characters. Being that this...

Duration: 00:57:14

Short Story Bingo 7 - “The Sandman”

*Explicit Content* In this episode we read another creepypasta classic, “The Sandman”! We are back in action you beutiful people! is a gold mine for some of the creepiest stories I haveever read. ”The Sandman” provides a look into a dark fear of losing something so close and not having the power to reverse things. Wonderfully written by Tam Lin, we are taken down a path of no return. While I was hoping James, the father. Would have just took his son Daniel out of the...

Duration: 01:00:09

Short Story Bingo 6 - “The Comedy of Errors”

*Explicit Content* In this episode we read a little Billy Shakespeare in, “The Comedy of Error’s”! Buckle up. Back in the building and ready to rock as always for the SSB audience! We dive into the mind of William Shakespeare. Truly a patriarch for writing playwrights, it was a must to and will be in the future of course reading the stories that he depicts. I was a little weary about messing up names as that can be the case with vintage ones like Aegeon! This story starts a little...

Duration: 00:39:34

Short Story Bingo 5 - “The Drum”

*Explicit Content* In this episode, I let my guest, Angie, read another tale from Alvin Schwartz, “The Drum”! We are back and better than ever ladies and gents. I have some new equipment that is going to make new episodes even easier for you all! In this installment, I let my little sister, Angie, who happens to be in town, read a story. Being that it was her first time, she was a little nervous but ended up totally nailing this bizarre story of two little girls that obsess over a drum...

Duration: 00:21:42

Short Story Bingo 4 - A Ghost Story

*Explicit Content* In this episode we read from one of many stories of Mark Twain’s, “A Ghost Story”! Classic writing is not at a loss here or ever on Short Story Bingo! Mark Twain is officially in the building on this silly ass podcast and is not leaving anytime soon. Today we read, “A Ghost Story’. This humorist wrote yet another gem. I would tell you everything but then why the hell would I have recorded the audio? Just kidding. This is a story of a giant that was alledgedly buried...

Duration: 00:30:11

Short Story Bingo 3 - “Jeff The Killer” (Creepy Pasta)

*Explicit Content* In this episode we read from a story from, “Jeff The Killer”! I’ll admit. I have been distant from creepypasta for too long. That is why when my friend Alex suggested I read a story from their I damn near hit myself because it is LOADED with gold! This story is no different and beyond that is a cult classic, at least in the internet age. This story has been changed, updated, re-done, I don’t know how many times but the original has always been creepy...

Duration: 00:42:55

Short Story Bingo 1 - The Trouble

*Explicit Content* In this episode we read from the third installment of the “Scary Stories” series by Alvin Schwartz. Welcome to the pilot episode of “Short Story Bingo”! In this episode I read, “The Trouble” from, “Scary Stories 3: More tales to chill your bones”. Alvin Schwartz was a man beyond his time and knew exactly how to frighten a child using folklore passed down and retold in his matter of fact way. This story is no different. I am accompanied by my friend Pete. Take a...

Duration: 00:29:10

syncro’s podSHOW - EPISODE 16 (Dirty Pete and I Double “P” a podcast)

Links to support and complain:

Duration: 01:15:25

syncro’s podSHOW - Episode 14 (LONG OVERDUE…The work Episode)

This is EPISODE 14…not 13! Why did this episode take so long? Maybe because of the upload process. I will blame it on that. Nonetheless, I am still very excited to release this recording. I made it a point to show what I really feel during the work day. Beyond the opinions that I express that are…in a vacuum…mind you..I still show what I have been making prevalent in the realism. I hope you have fun listening! ENJOY! If you want to be on future episodes, email me at...

Duration: 02:15:40

syncro’s podSHOW - Episode 13 (Dirty Rotten show and Stars of Unique)

Happy New Year everyone! I certainly hope everyone was safe and were around people that made bringing the next 365 days in special. In this episode we may or may not be inebriated. Why not? It was 1:11 in the morning, what can I say? Nonetheless I was happy to chat with Pete Steiner of the “Dirty Rotten show” ( and Astrea, from Stars Of Unique ( We talk about the recent the...

Duration: 00:53:25

syncro’s podSHOW - Episode 12 (Jay Whittaker likes bar ambience and writing jokes.)

Halloween is tomorrow! Ladies, is your slutty pirate costume ready? Fellas, is your ebola hazmat suit on lock? What a great time of the year if I say so myself. The World Series, NBA and NHL season starts, NFL is halfway through their season, so is college football, and great weather! I had the pleasure to sit down with fellow AirForce veteran, comedian, hard worker, and self made man Jay Whittaker. We recorded this at Maxwells downtown. Which was a first for me as far as recording with...

Duration: 01:34:05

syncro’s podSHOW - Episode 11 (Will Wonder and his uncle Gerald Dean Harvey)

RIP Jeff Archibeque Orlando Magic fan alert! I had a great time speaking with Will Wonder, formerly of “The Strangers”, and still currently DJ’ing. We chat about the 1995 finals, his occupation, why his uncle is weird, and reminisce about where we were when the Twin Towers were hit in 2001. Laughter is a very large side product from this episode, if you don’t laugh then something is wrong with your funny bone! ENJOY! If you want to be on future episodes, email me at...

Duration: 01:41:22

syncro’s podSHOW - Episode 10 (V/O explains how to “Make It Happen”)

Why not? Huh? Why effing not? Why can’t I release a podcast whenever I want to? Wait…I CAN! I had a wonderful sit-down with a good friend Travis Vallejo aKa V/O. We spoke on the origin of CSE, his former company, politics, fatherhood, Life in general, and the UTES! I had such a great time that for some reason we spoke for 3 hours! Easily the longest podcast I have been apart of. Easily worth it to listen to. Love you all for listening and supporting the podcast! ENJOY! If you want to be...

Duration: 03:09:44

syncro’s podSHOW - Episode 9 (Dean Risko In the place to be!)

WHAT??! This can’t be right! Two episodes so quick?! Yep, you awesome listeners deserved it after such a long hiatus. In this episode I sit down with Michael, Jurrasik Taktics, and Dean Risko calls in from his California abode to discuss his life. It seemed like we didn’t have enough time because we could have just kept on going! Nonetheless this is by far one of my favorites thus far and I am confident that you will love it too! ENJOY! If you want to be on future episodes, email me at...

Duration: 01:42:48

syncro’s podSHOW - Episode 5


Duration: 01:28:28

syncro’s podSHOW - Episode 4

One week off and I feel like I let you all down! No worries, we have lift off again. I am on a solo mission for this episode sharing opinions on the Malaysian plane shot down, the gaza strip, the world cup, NBA free agency, the 4th of July recap, and a special interview with @theonlykail. So please join me if you will on this matrix zeros and ones adventure into nothingness. Or something like that. Thank you for listening, next podSHOW will be uploaded on 08-03-14! if you want to be on...

Duration: 01:14:33

syncro’s podSHOW - Episode 3

WE MISS YOU “BIG BEN”! In this episode I sit down with Jurrasik Taktics of Mr. Beny Records. We speak about the Emerson Kennedy vs BSide battle released with AHAT, KOTD’s #BOLA5 and the Dizaster vs Math Hoffa debacle, stupid people believing everything they read on the internet and other awesomely non important stuff. I also got Fresh Coast battle rapper Caustic on the phone to speak on the World Cup, his training techniques, new ventures in music, and a bit on his battle at #BOLA5 as...

Duration: 01:41:29

syncro’s podSHOW - Episode 1

In my opening episode I am joined by the impervious Ben Stine and we go over the death of a priest in Arizona, random melodies, and a bunch of other non informative subjects that for some reason seem entertaining. Thank you for listening, next podSHOW will be uploaded on 06-29-14! if you want to be on future episodes, email me at Links:

Duration: 01:06:44