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2 Aussie Guys Talking Racing and Motorsports







Welcome to Season 3 Episode 3 of the ShortShift Motorsports Podcast This week Sean Dardengo and Brock Harvey Cover all the latest news from the Sonic Hire Kart Championship, Discuss the Upcoming events at Phillip Island and preview the Supercars In WA

Duration: 01:02:03


We’re back!!! After a fairly lengthy break Pascal Benji and Brock are back to talk all things motorsport!!! This week we speak about the upcoming Vic State Championships at Phillip Island We cover the Supercars At Phillip island and Discuss the Future of F1

Duration: 01:02:44

ShortShiftMotorSportPodcast S3e1

Welcome to Season 3 Episode 1 of the ShortShift Motorsports Podcast We return high on happy gas as Chris the Stig McIvor Joins Pascal and Brock to dissect the Australian GP weekend we also cover Supercars, GT, Porsche Cup and our own Racing careers and we giggle our stumble our way through 60 minutes of madness Music BIGWIG You’re in Sample MAD CADDIES The Dirge

Duration: 01:02:11


Welcome to Season 2 Ep 9 ….. ep 9…. Really…. Wow Of the Short Shift Motorsports Podcast, this week we talk to Benji Rhodes and Pascal the Nightmare Neitzner as we review the Victorian State Racing Series opening round from Sandown We Cover the recent Supercars Event at Adelaide and we preview our own Sonic Racing Series season of endurance. Music Bigwig Last Call

Duration: 00:52:59

ShortShiftMotorsportsPodcast S2e8

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 8 of the Short Shift Motorsports Podcast In this very special edition we interview champion Excel Driver Emily Duggan Introduce you to our new commentator Saron Thatch Preview the upcoming Victorian Excel Series and the Supercars at Adelaide And take a look at the latest F1 News Music By BigWig Moosh New Jersey Sore Losers

Duration: 01:10:27

ShortShiftMotorsportsPodcast S2e7

Welcome to season 2 episode 7 of the ShortShift Motorsports Podcast This week we review the final round of the Sonic Hire Kart Series Talk a lot about paint and discuss the European legal System…… Wait what??? Make that We Review all the latest in Supercars F1 Australian GT and The Victorian Hyundai Excel Series!!!

Duration: 01:24:16

ShortShift Season2Ep6

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 6 of the ShortShift Motorsports Podcast Benji Rhodes Joins Pascal and I as we tackle the CAMS Superlicence debacle, take a look at the Tekno team and get you up to date with the latest sports car happenings All this and more and the ShortShift Motorsports Podcast

Duration: 00:35:31

ShortShift MotorsportPodcast S2E4

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 4 of the ShortShift Motorsport Podcast Pascal is back and we’re joined by Benji Rhodes as we preview the upcoming Bathurst 12 hour Take a look at Supercar News and F1 News and we preview the New HSV Racing team and Nissan Motorsports Teams for the upcoming Supercars Season Music

Duration: 02:06:43

ShortShiftMotorSportPodcast S2e3

Join Brock Harvey And Chris McIvor as Pascal takes a holiday to review the Sonic Hire Kart League Sprint season and the season of endurance We take a look at all the F1 News Surrounding Liberty Bernie and Brawn and the future direction of F1 In Supercar News, We let the cat out of the bag as we announce Walkinshaw Racings new name for 2017 And look at the format changes for the Adelaide Phillip Island and Auckland events And we Preview The Mclaren Renault & Ferrari F1 Teams heading into...

Duration: 01:37:50

ShortShift Motorsport Podcast

Welcome to Season 2 Ep 1 of the ShortShift Podcast (Formally the Sonic Racing Podcast) We're back with Supercars GT3 F1 and The Hyundai Excel Series Music By Kesha- Dance With you Bad Astronaut- Off the wagon Nikkie Minaj- SuperBass

Duration: 01:10:31