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Shotglass (living room ver)

Since our last podcast was a little bit of a bummer, here's a song about getting drunk and banging a stranger of questionable origin. Enjoy! Jake- guitar and face music Sharod- hand drum

Duration: 00:04:23

Podcast 35- The bummerist podcast ever...

Jake had to make an emergency trip back to the US to deal with the passing of his mother. Along the way, several adventures and misadventures ensued which made him a stronger person. Sharod has some stories of his own dealing with death in the family and what it means to the community that raised you to be living the ex-pat lifestyle. Thanks to our sponsors, Pacific Grappler and Central Translation Services.

Duration: 00:47:52

Podcast 34- Trans people make us SJW's... not MRAs.

We try to have a nice and calm discussion about superhero movies. We TRY to talk about the MCU. But the issue of Trans people serving in the military cuts in and stirs our sensibilities. De-railment ensues. Look, let's all try to be nice to one another. Thanks Pacific Grappler and Central Translation Services. Check them both out on Facebook.

Duration: 00:43:20

Podcast 23- Goodbye Chester, I'll go watch some superheroes.

Here's another rare episode where Jake is all by his lonesome, like a mad man, shouting into the abyss. This week, Jake ruminates on the death by apparent suicide of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and shares a creeperish concert story. Trying to take his mind of tragedy, Jake talks about some MCU netflix stuff on the horizon. Stay safe, everyone.

Duration: 00:38:14

Podcast 32- The N Word, imaginary Russians, Nazis, and Teddy bears

Sharod made it back from E3 and has some fun stories about a possible (probable, see also: likely) scammer. Meanwhile, Jake's kids have been playing video games with strong language-- oh, how to make this a teachable moment? This one was GREAT we are back with new equipment that makes the audio a pleasure to listen to! Check out or sponsors on Facebook!! Thanks so much to Central Translation Services and also Pacific Grappler!

Duration: 00:59:15

Podcast 31 - Fat to Fit with Lee mothafuckin' Adkins

Sharod is off at E3 promoting DiR Studios! That means that Jake is free to reach out to another interesting friend to co-host the show!! Enter Lee Adkins! Over the past 8 months, Lee has lost over 75 lbs of sweet Midwestern body insulation-- how did he do it?!? You'll find out here! Check out our sponsors Pacific Grappler on Facebook and Instagram and Central Translation Services on Facebook!

Duration: 00:59:07

Podcast 30- The Swimsuit Edition

This was a cool one! We teamed up with Evette, Brett, and Ian on the NERDOM couch for the XPBoostTV youtube channel. This was SO MUCH FUN! Thanks as always to Pacific Grappler-- find them on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks again to Central Translation Services, check them out on Facebook for all of your translation needs.

Duration: 01:19:26

Podcast 28- Ryan Gosling bangs you, with Evette Suarez.

This one went off the rails a few times. We were lucky to be joined by Evette Suarez, contributing writer for We touched on everything from Cosby to Hitler... for an uncomfortable amount of time. We have some Rick and Morty talk, we have some Walking Dead talk, we have some porn talk! We sincerely apologize to Pacific Grappler for sponsoring this episode of the podcast. Check them out on facebook and instagram. Check us out on facebook and twitter. Evette's writing can be...

Duration: 00:42:35

Podcast 27- Tamotsu Shinohara designed our childhood

Woah... this one was a great time! We got to sit down with a legendary designer in the world of Japanese sentai, Mr. Tamotsu Shinohara! Tamotsu san was responsible for a lot of the bad guy characters on the original Power Ranger series and most recently worked on Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans! Special thanks to friends of the show Shiho and Brett Odle as well as our dear friend Nic Cartwright for helping to set this whole thing up! This and every show brought to you by Pacific...

Duration: 01:09:27

Podcast 26- Strange predatory male behavior.

In this podcast, the guys reveal themselves to be pigs. Jake goes on and on about a mild obsession with instagram model @rosafairy while reminiscing with Sharod about the time they stalked a perfect 10 through a department store. Awful, truly awful. It's hard to believe that there was any time to bullshit about upcoming superhero stuff in pop culture. At some point next week, we'll have a review of Marvel's Iron Fist and more! Thanks always to Pacific Grappler. Check them out on instagram...

Duration: 00:43:43

Podcast 25- Sharod gets sexy.

Our heroes return to the show after a month long hiatus. Sharod has been perusing internet glory with DiR Studios-- his multi-media project. He also been working on... getting healthy! With a new workout and nutrition plan! Jake has been working weird hours and has yet to figure out the work life balance of his new schedule. We're glad to be back behind the tiny SWBW Podcast Microphone! Shotout to Pacific Grappler, as always. Check them out on FB and Instagram. Look for us on FB and...

Duration: 00:34:41

Podcast 24- Dirty words, mostly.

Haha! At around minute 50 Sharod reveals how it is that he stopped attending Sunday school as a child. If you made it all the way to minute 50, you'll probably think he shoulda stayed. Or should go back... and take Jake with him! The guys discuss fake news, Donald Trump's alleged Russian hookers, Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown, awkward online interactions, black Twitter and more!!! This one earns it's explicit tag.

Duration: 00:53:10

Podcast 23- We made it out of 2016... now what?

We had... another couple of lost episodes. Recording is dicey business sometimes! BUT WE DID IT! On this episode we talk about movies, comics, martial arts, and weird old porn that we stumbled on in adolescence. Thanks for listening!!

Duration: 00:54:31

Podcast 22.5 - Jake goes rogue (one)

After having massive technical difficulties in getting episode 23 of the podcast recorded and put out, Jake takes matters into his own hands to record his SPOILER reaction to Rogue One and address some common criticisms. The day that this episode was set to release, Carrie Fisher died at age 60 days after having a heart attack. There's an addendum to the episode where the guys talk about the loss of a global treasure. RIP Carrie, RIP Debbie. Check out our sponsor, Pacific Grappler on...

Duration: 00:29:13

Podcast 21- Michael Whalon will tear your leg apart and wear spandex.

Okay, folks. This one is a very funny conversation mostly about jiujitsu and submission grappling with Pacific Grappler sponsored athlete Michael Whalon. Michael is a talented young martial artist currently training and living at Soul Fighters in North Carolina who just competed in his first ADCC trials submitting a nationally ranked jiujitsu blackbelt in his first round. You can follow Michael Whalon on Instagram @michaelbeanbjj As always follow us on Twitter @SWBWPODCAST and search for...

Duration: 00:52:31

Podcast 19- Advice on when to stop making love.

Jake and Sharod are off for the weekend and are enjoying some adult beverages and expounding on life. Jake spent all day competing in jiu-jitsu at the Ryukyu Freefight and Sharod got a Pacific Grappler hoodie! We go through some movie news, we give a decade-ish old review of Spider-man 3, and then round it out by sharing some funny stories of Black Fridays past. Check out our sponsor, Pacific Grappler on facebook and Instagram. Follow us on Twitter @SWBW Podcast and give us yo' money on...

Duration: 00:53:54

Podcast 17- Mystical Magical Nerds

THANKS TO OUR NEW SPONSOR- PACIFIC GRAPPLER! Check out In this episode, the guys get into the new Doctor Strange movie! There. Are. Spoilers. SPOILERS I TELL YOU! The Sorcerer Supreme (to be) adds a whole new dimension to the MCU and then twists the reality of that dimension! Sharod also did a deep dive into the world of the Power Rangers and the guys take a trip down memory lane. Please check out our sponsor, Pacific Grappler, on Instagram @pacificgrappler

Duration: 01:02:41

Podcast 15- Star Wars, early creeper red flags, booze and drugs!

Jake relates some HIGHLY suspect stories about his life before moving to Japan-- possibly even admitting to crimes? Sharod talks about the first time he got drunk as a young'un. The guys happily talk all things Star Wars including the new Rogue One trailer! Follow Jake on instagram @jankguerilla Follow the podcast on Twitter @swbwpodcast

Duration: 00:51:17

Podcast 14- Cat Cafe?

Jake comes rolling into the podcasting space with some STORIES for Sharod! Jake goes ice skating on a subtropical island, we learn all about the fluffy underbelly of an Okinawa Cat Cafe, and then we talk about jiu-jitsu for a bit.

Duration: 01:00:41

Podcast 10- Forced out of our studio!

In this episode Jake and Sharod had to record in a different, slightly more echoey room! The guys tackle Jake's growing obsession with social media before sliding into a conversations about Little Shop of Horrors, current events, and religion! Will we get our studio back? Will Jake consistently use 1st or 3rd person POV on these descriptions? Who was our special guest "live audience" member? Follow us on twitter @swbwpodcast

Duration: 01:03:11

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