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Ep 219 - Elyse Blechman: Returning the Favor

Elyse Blechman of The Macallan has influenced the hospitality industry in a profound way. From Speed Rack mastery to leading many discussions in the male-dominated field of Scotch Whiskey, Elyse has cherished every word of imparted wisdom from her mother to become the most exceptional woman she could be. From Houston to San Antonio, Elyse has cut her teeth from behind the bar in some of the greatest modern cocktail establishments. This love of hospitality and learning ultimately...


Ep 218 - Brian McCullough: Knocked Down But Never Out

Brian McCullough is a southern man with southern sensibilities. His love of family and hospitality have injected an infectious vigor into the Dallas cocktail scene. Shaking hands, and smiling widely, Brian has seen Dallas transform into the hospitality haven that we see today. With numerous projects opening, and closing, where is Brian headed next? We talk about Maison Ferrand, fatherhood, failures, love, and of course MONSTER MAGNET.


Ep 217 - Ashela Richardson: Rum is Connected to Everything

Download Flor de Caña's ambassador, Ashela Richardson is a well traveled, rum imbibed, ecological woman who understands that everything is connected somehow. From early days making visits to restaurants where her mother worked, Ashela acquired a familiarity with hospitality. Her travels led her to vacation in some of the most beautiful places in Central America and unbeknownst to her, a serendipitous relationship began to develop with Flor de Caña. We chat about The Aviary, food deserts,...


Ep 216 - Javi Gutierrez: From the Kitchen to the Shaker

Download San Antonio cocktail veteran Javi Gutierrez has seen all shapes and sizes in the hospitality industry. From a heavily engrained sense of community, sharing, and cooking in his mother's kitchen to slinging delicious cocktails from the leading establishments in San Antonio, Javi has seen it all. But when a dream starts to shudder and one's career needs a new turn, where do you go? We chat The Walking Dead, JP, Brooklynite, and more.


Ep 215 - Ryan Herzog: On the Road Again

Download The traveling Californian, Ryan Herzog, is on an ever-learning journey through life and his career. A deep interest in numbers and food sources translated into a peripheral booze journey in the Tonic market. Through the every day duties, Ryan learned about the human condition and ultimately took this passion to behind the bar. Peddling cocktails, certain Tennessee whiskey, and an kinetic charm, Ryan stopped by in Austin on a road trip with his sister. We talk family, metal,...


Ep 214 - Chris Morris: Competition and Composition in Houston

Hospitality veteran Chris Morris is a refined amalgam of music, academic insight, bitterness, and generosity. The Houston native emerged from small town Santa Fe , Tx with a developed mind for music and an eye destined for flavor. Years later, the trusted palette of Mr Morris has created Bittersmith Bitters and a lauded Regalo cocktail for Bacardi Legacy. We chat metal, devil-locks, language, and whiskey. The Regalo Cocktail 1.5 oz Bacardi Carta Blanca 1.0 oz Mango Nectar 0.5 oz Simple...


Ep 213 - Mike Capoferri: The Bitter Truth

Campari America's lovable Mike Capoferri travels the states sharing the finest sips of Italian Amari's


Ep 212 - Danny Ronen & Russell Davis: Returning to Academia

Unlimited Liabilities is an apt name for the 2 hospitality legends Danny Ronen and Russell Davis. We sit down to talk about their new Austin establishment Academia: a cocktail bar for intellectuals and everyone in between. The chat spans the 80's, UT parties, archeology and everything in between.


Ep 211 - Kimberly Patton-Bragg: The Great Red Hope

Kimberly Patton-Bragg, or KPB to most, is a creative and lively force in the cocktail scene. From days in New York acting, to a pursuit for the silver screen, her life has been anything but boring. KPB is an aspiring writer and Tiki fanatic who shares delicious drams in New Orleans. What does this incredible journey and life look like on the page however? We chat Duran Duran, Ted Bundy, Rum, and more...


Ep 210 - Ms Franky Marshall: From Paris, With Love

New York hospitality veteran Ms Franky Marshall is a culmination of art, language, and culture. An aspirational musician and teacher, Franky became acclimated to traveling at a very early age. This curiosity about the world and languages has driven her to all corners of the globe. As an influential female force in the New York cocktails scene, her career now takes a turn into the wonderful field of French Aperitif wines. The beautiful category known as Pineau des Charentes is filled with a...


Ep 209 - 10 songs & 10 Whiskies with Jonathan Wingo

The Balvenie's Jonathan Wingo sits down with me to co-host a 10 song playlist with paired whiskies. We intro the tracks and talk about why whisky is the best thing to pair with music. Some great bottles, and even greater songs in the mix. Sit back, tune in, and enjoy this great playlist. Get the Spotify playlist here! With 2 extra tracks.


Ep 208 - Carlos Sada: The Black Marked Mezcal

Born and raised in Mexico, Carlos Sada took a deep interest in learning everything possible to build a long-lasting lucrative career. After obtaining his masters degree in Australia, he sought out opportunities to apply his entrepreneurial spirit. As a brief stint in the hospitality intersected with agave spirits, Carlos was introduced to mezcal. Years later, his interest of mezcal and business have combined to market the fine mezcal of Marca Negra. We chat War on Drugs, Germany, San...


Ep 207 - Adrina Drina: Curating the Perfect Mezcal Experience

Adrina Miller, aka- AdrinAdrina has dedicated her life to creating and facilitating the creativity of others. From studies in London to art curation in New Orleans, the world has inspired Adrina in immeasurable ways. Perhaps the greatest inspiration emerged from Mexico. And after developing an intimate relationship with Mezcal, Adrina and her partner Elliott Coon developed Gem & Bolt a beautiful Mezcal infused with Damiana. The creative process is now perpetual as the brand takes root in...


Ep 206: Duane Fernandez Jr - The Consummate Matchmaker

The respected and influential New Yorker Duane Fernandez Jr has finally settled into his new home of Texas. One year in the making, he's transformed and built an amazing team for Bacardi in Texas (and beyond). His knowledge, wisdom, and desire to connect makes him an indispensable part of the hospitality community. From humble beginnings, his love of art and performance has taken him into multiple directions, but ultimately the life changing hospitality industry stole his heart. We chat...


Ep 205: Andres A Chopite-Parra - Home Is Where The Rum Is

Andres A Chopite-Parra watched the revolution from within Venezuela. From a deeply religious upbringing to crafting cocktail concoctions from across the bar, his path was far from boring. With deep interests in law, travel, and the human condition, Andres' journey led him to Florida and London just to taste freedom outside of his politically tumultuous homeland. A quick passion for hospitality developed and years later, Andres is reconnected with his home via the delicious Santa Teresa...


Ep 204: Cory Brim - You Can Always Turn Things Around

A thriving career in finance provided riches, opportunities, and empowered bad behavior for SugarRimBar owner Cory Brim. Living life at the top with money to spare, Cory's career was deeply effected by the stock market crash in the the late 2000's. Forced to put the pieces together, and rebuild his career, Cory rose from the ashes to become an inspirational author, speaker, and business owner. We talk about financial health, fatherhood, and Facebook live.


Ep 203 - Sean Finter: Paying It Forward In The Right Ways

Sometimes the path to success veers far away from where you originally thought. For Sean Finter CEO and founder of Barmetrix, the Canadian dream of playing professional hockey was a short lived reality. Leaving town and trying to understand his purpose, Sean dove into hospitality as a dish washer. Learning lessons about hard work, proficiency, and focus, he continued to expand his roles in hospitality. And ultimately, he became one of most notable experts in efficiency, profitability, and...


Ep 202 - Andy Maurer: A Man of the People

The ambitious and musical New Yorker Andy Mauer has worked his way through the ranks in the cocktail community to now serve Texas as the Brand Manager for Anchor Spirits. When sports and punk rock collided, Andy started his illustrious career as a local record store employee. The experience combined logistics, art, and sparked a desire to being even more creative. Many career advancements and social opportunities later, Andy set his sights on Texas. Here he has made the biggest impact yet....


Ep 201- Mike G: Questions From the Guests

It's been a good few years here at Show de Vie. Lots of great chats, lots of great guests, and some amazing spirits sipped in the process. To commemorate over 200 episodes of SDV, the lovely Shid Barrett of Seven Grand & Las Perlas hosts and asks the questions (both from him and previous guests) We talk about it all. Thank you so much everyone for the continued support!


Ep 200 - Douglas Smith: Whiskies of the World

A deep career in California's tech industry collided with a love of flavor and food. Event director of Whiskies of the World, Douglas Smith, discovered that whiskey and its ability to pair beautifully with food had an unparalleled allure. This spark for whiskey passion was then ignited. The renowned Whiskies of the World event sells out in Austin and San Francisco regularly and now the amazing exhibition is heading to Houston this Saturday 9/30 for a new leg. Attendees have the pleasure of...


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