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S01E09 – “Boca” – Cut To Black – A Sopranos Sitdown

Therapy, statutory rape, cunnilingus, what more could you want from a show? Want your opinions on the show? Email them to us at Please subscribe and review on iTunes and remember to spread the word to your Sopranos-loving friends – or maybe Sopranos newcomers like Jakob? For more from Jim Scampoli check out Jim and...


S01E08 – “The Legend Of Tennessee Moltisanti” – Cut To Black – A Sopranos Sitdown

We are passed the halfway point for Season 1 of The Sopranos and it looks like things are starting to fall in place for Tony and his multitude of conflicts both internal and external, but in this episode we shift focus to one Christopher Moltisanti as the show starts to flesh out the people in...


The Inbetweeners Season 1

This week we are going back in time to discuss the UK show, The Inbetweeners Season 1! Now you are either saying “That’s an old show” or you are saying “I’ve never heard of this”, both are natural reactions! This show was recommended to us by someone submitting a review with a recommendation! You can...


S01E07 – “Down Neck” – Cut To Black – A Sopranos Sitdown

It has been quite a love fest over here on Cut To Black as we make our way through Season 1 of The Sopranos, but has the honeymoon finally ended? Does S01E07 “Down Neck” throw the train off the rails and not deliver on the greatness of the first six? Or is it more Sopranos...


Star Trek Discovery S01E10-15 Breakdown

Jim and Jakob are back to discuss the back half of the first season of Star Trek Discovery. Has this show made Trekkies out of these lost souls? Does new Trek deliver or is it too dark and gritty? And most importantly what are the most popular ships in the fanfiction world? All this and...


S01E06 – “Pax Soprana” – Cut To Black – A Sopranos Sitdown

We are back this week with episode 6 of Season 1 of “The Sopranos”, titled Pax Soprana. This episode reels things in a bit after the small detour we took with Episode 5 “College” as the show re-introduces the Jersey drama between Tony and Uncle Junior and we learn a lot about Tony Soprano’s erections....


S01E05 – “College” – Cut To Black – A Sopranos Sitdown

This week Jim and Jakob get together to discuss the episode that Time Magazine lists as the best episode of The Sopranos and TV Guide has labelled it the #2 TV Episode of all time. Does this mostly standalone episode live up to the hype? Can Tony be fully honest with his daughter? And will...


Altered Carbon Pilot Breakdown and Review

Jakob and Jim get a small taste of the new Netflix sci-fi totally not Blade Runner epic ALTERED CARBON! Undercover Swede Joel Kinnaman stars in this new show that posits a world where your whole consciousness lives on a disc and can be swapped out into different sleeves essentially letting you live forever. Sounds great...


S01E04 – “Meadowlands” – Cut To Black – A Sopranos Sitdown

Jim and Jakob check in this week with episode 4 of season 1 “Meadowlands”, we get a nice dose of Tony’s home life and work life and how they overlap and we see the fallout after the events of last week’s episodes. Also since it is Sopranos and it is 1999 we get some hilarious...


S01E03 – “Denial, Anger, Acceptance” – Cut To Black – A Sopranos Sitdown

In our third Sopranos Sitdown we get into S01E03 “Denial, Anger Acceptance” of The Sopranos! Should you work for your friends? How does a Hasidic divorce work – if at all? And what’s the difference between speed and meth anyway? All important questions answered in this third episode of Cut To Black – A Sopranos...


S01E02 – “46 Long” Cut To Black “A Sopranos Sitdown”

We are back to discuss season 1, episode 2 of the Sopranos “46 Long” as we settle in for the long haul and learn all the trials and tribulations that come along with being involved in the New Jersey mob. Things do start to heat up (oof) between not only Tony and his mother, Olivia,...


The End of The F***ing World

In this The End of the F***ing World review we go on a wild trip with wannabe-psychopath James (Alex Lawther) and Alyssa (Jessica Barden) and we really love the journey! But how do we feel about the end of that journey? And is this TRULY the end or might Netflix squeeze out a second season...


S01E01 – “The Sopranos” – Cut To Black “A Sopranos Sitdown”

What more could be said about The Sopranos? Well, frankly quite a bit! Join seasoned Sopranos vet Jim Scampoli and Sopranos virgin (yes they exist) Jakob Burrows as they embark on a journey through all 6 seasons of The Sopranos starting with episode 1. Whether you have seen them all multiple times or you are...


Black Mirror Season 4 Explained

Think about this, the technology that you are currently using to listen and subscribe to Shows What You Know could one day be part of your downfall! Don’t want to think about? Well you have no choice as we are back to discuss everyone’s favorite technology after school special: Black Mirror! Black Mirror is back...


Maisel Men – Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S01E05-08 Breakdown

We are back with our discussion of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, we finish out the first season covering episodes 5-8 and wow, what a great show. Listen to hear our complete thoughts! Send your feedback to or tweet us @showswhatuknow! Send us a review on iTunes and recommend a show for us to watch! For...


Top 5 Christmas TV Episodes

Jim and Jakob get together this holiday season to go over their TOP 5 favorite Christmas TV Episodes and Specials! Tis the season to get into the holiday spirit with all of your favorite tv episodes! Lend us some of holiday cheer by emailing us at or tweet us @showswhatuknow! Send us a review...


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S01E01-04

We discuss the new Amazon show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! It’s a good name, because this show is truly marvelous. Send your feedback to or tweet us @showswhatuknow! Send us a review on iTunes and recommend a show for us to watch! For more from Jim Scampoli check out Jim and Them for more...


The Good Place Season 1 & 2

Let’s talk about The Good Place! It’s a good show for good boys like us. The Good Place is Good. So the title says season 1 & 2 but we actually talk about ALL of season 1 and then HALF of season 2, up until their winter hiatus – S02E08. Send your feedback to


Star Trek Discovery S01E01-09

You’ve discovered a great place to get a Star Trek Discovery review discussion! Send your feedback to or tweet us @showswhatuknow! Send us a review on iTunes and recommend a show for us to watch! For more from Jim Scampoli check out Jim and Them for more from Jakob Burrows check out Awesomepedia. Episodes...


How do we fix Stranger Things 2?

Now that Stranger Things 2 is over and done with, we look back on things that could be fixed, and we look toward the future! How would you “fix” Stranger Things 2? There are, quite obviously, spoilers for Stranger Things 2 in this discussion, so watch it first, it’s really good, we promise! Send your...


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