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Minisode 3 - The Florida Project, Professor Marston, Three Billboards, FilmBath Festival

It's another minisode this time. Sam, Elspeth and Liam talk about the films they caught at the FilmBath festival - The Florida Project, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, and Three Billboads Outside Ebbing Missouri

Duration: 00:55:34

Minisode 2 - Murder on the Orient Express, Stranger Things 2, Thor: Ragnarok

In this shorter minisode, Jim is flummoxed by Murder on the Orient Express, Sam picks the bones of Stranger Things 2, and Liam sings all about Thor Ragnarok. It's evident that without Elspeth to keep things in check, things rapidly go to hell. There'll be a proper episode next week!

Duration: 00:59:19

Episode 11 - The Death of Stalin, Blade Runner 2049, Ingrid Goes West, Prevenge, Halloween movies

In this bone-chilling episode, the gang chat about The Death of Stalin, Blade Runner 2049, Ingrid Goes West and Prevenge. Plus they talk about their favourite movies to watch on Halloween. Listen if you dare! (don't you hate it when people write "scary" Halloween shit like that? it's embarrassing. I'm sorry)

Duration: 01:33:37

Episode 10 - Kingsman: The Golden Circle, The Work, Stranger Things, mother!, Childhood Terror!

In this chilling episode, Jim struggles with the Kingsman sequel, Elspeth sings from the rooftops about The Work, Liam takes a scalpel to Stranger Things and Sam wrangles with mother! Then emotions run high as they pore into movies that scared them as kids

Duration: 01:44:22

Episode 9 - Love & Friendship, IT, First Wives Club, American Vandal, Favourite Arnie Movies

Liam goes into the Jane Austen adaptation Love & Friendship, Sam talks about the box office sensation IT, Elspeth lovingly dives into the 90s gem The First Wives Club, and Jim wrestles with the Netflix true crime spoof American Vandal. All of that plus our favourite Arnold Schwarzeneggar movies. Delightful yeah? Yeah.

Duration: 01:44:09

Episode 8 - The Defenders, Wind River, Norsemen, The Dark Tower, favourite Stephen King adaptations

In this thrilling installment, the gang discuss The Defenders, explore Wind River, laugh at Norsemen (the show, not the countrymen) and launch a full scale assault on The Dark Tower. Plus they talk about some Stephen King adaptations that are actually worth seeing! How wonderful is that?

Duration: 01:36:20

Episode 7 - Spy, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Entity, Raw and our Dream Sequels

In this episode, Elspeth exposes the delights of Spy, Jim analyses A Series of Unfortunate Events, Liam takes a look at The Entity and Sam raves about Raw. All this plus they pitch their dream sequels to movies that never did

Duration: 01:40:42

Minisode 1 - Beauty and the Beast, Spiderman Homecoming, War for the Planet of the Apes

In this (slightly) shorter episode, Jim, Sam and Liam try their best to muddle through without Elspeth. Jim praises War for the Planet of the Apes, Liam enjoys Spiderman Homecoming and Sam goes on a rant about the new Beauty and the Beast!

Duration: 01:08:56

Episode 6 - Baby Driver, My Cousin Rachel, The Red Pill, The Full Monty, Favourite Bad Movies

The gang talk about how good Baby Driver is, how disappointing My Cousin Rachel is, how infuriating The Red Pill is, and how hilarious The Full Monty is. Plus they talk about their favourite terrible movies. And they are REALLY terrible

Duration: 01:42:56

Episode 5 - Wonder Woman, The Nice Guys, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Reevaluating Childhood Classics

Sam, Liam and Elspeth praise Wonder Woman, then critique The Nice Guys, then drop pigs blood from a great height all over Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge. Then they re-evaluate some childhood classics. Think you could get in on that?

Duration: 01:32:07

Episode 4 - Colossal, Altered States, Tickled, Velvet Goldmine, Favourite Movies Challenge

This week Jim talk about Colossal, Elspeth muses on Tickled, Sam wallows in Altered States and Liam analyses Velvet Goldmine. Then hearts are broken, childhoods are ripped apart and feelings are hurt when the results of last episode's challenge are revealed....

Duration: 01:29:21

Episode 2 - Mindhorn, Get Out, Mad Max, Rogue One and our favourite Marvel movies

Elspeth talks about Mindhorn, Liam muses on Get Out, Jim analyses the merits of Mad Max Black and Chrome, and Sam makes some noise with his mouth about Star Wars Rogue One. All of this plus some mess about Marvel movies!

Duration: 01:41:10

Episode 1

Liam, Elspeth, Jim and Sam talk about The Handmaiden, Green Room, Ghost in the Shell and Win it All. They also chat about they're favourite movies from the year they were born. Also rambles and tangents and shit

Duration: 01:19:17