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Shuffle Quest is a comedy RPG podcast where a team of adventurers travel between different fictional pop culture universes on a mission to save reality itself! Debuting with the first three episodes on July 12.

Shuffle Quest is a comedy RPG podcast where a team of adventurers travel between different fictional pop culture universes on a mission to save reality itself! Debuting with the first three episodes on July 12.
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Shuffle Quest is a comedy RPG podcast where a team of adventurers travel between different fictional pop culture universes on a mission to save reality itself! Debuting with the first three episodes on July 12.






Episode 18: Mobius Striptease pt. 4 (feat. Allie Reid)

Turgid the Snake lies dead at the base of the Mobius Tree! Things are popping off in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog. Power plays and great escapes abound in this hilarious episode. Peepers takes a nap. Elbows takes a stand. Omie and Arouse have a special moment. And Ruddy does a kaio ken. Check it out! SITE: FB: TWITTER: PATREON: DISCORD:...


Episode 17: Mobius Striptease pt. 3 (feat. Allie Reid)

Things are getting heated in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog! Arouse the Mink is holding a ball for the entire Mobius Tree, but with the Erotic King missing Peepers the Owl (Allie Reid) isn't sure who to trust. Meanwhile Ruddy and Omie have encountered the human resistance and are ready to help liberate the oppressed populace. Elbows finally fulfills an erotic life goal. Ruddy convinces himself this is a normal quest. And Omie has a shockingly sensual undercover experience. Get on it...


Episode 16: Mobius Striptease pt. 2 (feat. Allie Reid)

Somehow we haven't been arrested for every crime and we're back for more adventurers in the hedonistic sex dystopia of Sonic the Hedgehog! While Terok and Peepers (guest star Allie Reid) sample the erotic wonders of the Mobius Tree, Ruddy and Omie travel to the ruined human settlement of Scraptown, where they proceed to immediately get into huge trouble. Listen, this arc is never going to get less weird, so strap in and enjoy it, friends. SITE: FB:...


Episode 15: Mobius Striptease pt. 1 (feat. Allie Reid)

What if Sonic, but the weird DeviantArt fanfic version? This is the question asked and answered by MOBIUS STRIPTEASE, the third arc of Shuffle Quest, as Terok, Ruddy, and Omie enter the bonkers fuck dystopia of Sonic the Hedgehog. Guys, this one's goddamn nuts. Enjoy. SITE: FB: TWITTER: PATREON: DISCORD: EMAIL:...


BONUS EPISODE: Holiday 2017 One-Shot

Welcome Shufflepuffs and Stratosphans to our first-ever holiday bonus episode! Join the classic Shuffle Quest trio of fighter Ruddy Dayton (Joe Anderson), roguish Omie Heck (Gwynn Fulcher), and illusion wizard Tasha Amakiir (Tom Harrison), as our longtime GM Cody Melcher weaves us a non-canon tale of holiday cheer and spooky frights alike! This was going to be our Halloween episode but that didn't happen so now it's our Christmas episode but also our Halloween episode still! Look, we paid...


Episode 14: Olmec Interlude

After a grueling multiple-death-filled adventure in the world of Dragonball Z, our heroes are safely back in Olmec's head as he searches for a new world to save. Along with new Olmec resident Hardcore, our heroes are fixing to max and relax after their last quest. But sometimes things don't go as smoothly as we hope. Also: Olmec fixes a dinner. Omie speaks her mind. Terok learns a secret. and Ruddy makes a very important call. SITE: FB:...


Episode 13: The Hell Saga Finale (feat. Stephen Winchell)

The Red Star Army's leader Dunkaroo waits in Hell #4. The Shuffle Crew and Master Sal have six out of seven Dragonballs. It all comes down to this, and friends, it does not disappoint. Behold, the finale of THE HELL SAGA! SITE: FB: TWITTER: PATREON: DISCORD: EMAIL:


Episode 12: The Hell Saga pt. 5 (feat. Stephen Winchell)

After Omie's victorious bout in Demon King Funfetti's battle arena in the third level of Dragonball Z hell, it's time for the rest of the Shuffle Crew to get their turn in the ring! Get ready for Ruddy, Terok, and Master Sal to enter the colosseumed circle and throw down against the Red Star Army's toughest lieutenants and really test the limits of the insanely crappy Dragonball Z role playing game in this action-packed installment of the Hell Saga! SITE: FB:...


Episode 11: The Hell Saga pt. 4 (feat. Stephen Winchell)

After dying twice in search of the mythical Dragonballs, our heroes Ruddy, Omie, Terok, and Master Sal have died again and descended to third hell, which turns out to be a pretty buckwild place. But were you expecting any different? Join us as our heroes learn about new card games, max and relax, order some fancy food, and get whisked into a fabulous bout of demonic bloodsport. It's Shuffle Quest everybody, get on it! SITE: FB:...


Episode 10: The Hell Saga pt. 3 (feat Stephen Winchell)

It's time for beams! Yes, under the tutelage of Master Sal (guest Stephen Winchell), our heroes finally learn to shoot laser beams made out of their fighting spirit, the cornerstone of the Dragonball Z world. Then, it's off to the second level of hell to hunt down the seven Dragonballs to bring the population of Earth back to life. ALSO: Omie gets good at shields. Ruddy does war crimes with his elbow. And Terok looks extremely cool, as ever. SITE: FB:...


BONUS EPISODE: What is Dragonball Z? A Primer with Joe Anderson

What the hell is Dragonball Z? Ruddy Dayton himself, Joe Anderson, sat down with Tom to lend his expertise to the Shuffle Quest fans unfamiliar with the ins and outs of this anime classic. Tom was absolutely floored by how easily Joe was able to summarize literally hundreds of episodes of anime that he hasn't seen in years with literally no preparation, and maybe you will be too! This is a NON-NARRATIVE bonus episode, the likes of which you can find on the Shuffle Quest's Patreon page,...


Episode 9: The Hell Saga pt. 2 (feat. Stephen Winchell)

The Hell Saga arc earns its name as our heroes find themselves in Dragonball Z's afterlife, the Home For Infinite Losers. But nothing is easy for the Shuffle Crew, so hell isn't the fun, consequence-free vacation adventure it usually is for denizens of the Dragonball Z universe. Thrill as Omie, Ruddy, and Terok (now going by Takenoko) find themselves locked in their first action-packed martial arts DBZ battle! ALSO: Omie makes a new friend out of an old enemy. Terok wins a fight with his...


Episode 8: The Hell Saga pt. 1

It's time for the Shuffle Crew's second quest, finally fulfilling the show's titular promise to shuffle between settings! This time, our heroes Terok, Ruddy, and Omie find themselves in the world of Dragonball Z, a place of martial arts, fighting, energy beams, and an incredibly low conception of the value of human life! Turns out something called the Red Star Army has been causing some serious problems for Dragonball Z world lately, and it looks like it's up to the Shuffle Crew to put it...


Episode 7: Olmec Interlude

Omie, Ruddy, and Terok have just busted their butts saving the Men in Black universe from a reality-shredding portal gun, and now they're getting a well-deserved chance to kick back and relax in a floating stone head flying through the milky unreality of the space between universes. A TOTALLY NORMAL OCCURRENCE FOR SURE. Olmec's gotta spend some time finding the next world that needs the Shuffle Crew's help, and what better use for that time than some goddamn character development? Join us...


Episode 6: Sittin' On Chrome Finale

No more futzing around: it's time to confront Bill Lawrence Obb and retrieve the Synchronous Retrophasic Modulator. The Shuffle Crew has turned Men in Black's New York inside out and upside down chasing down leads, and now the time has come to end it. It's the end of the Sittin' On Chrome arc, buds, get H Y P E D SITE: FB: TWITTER: PATREON: EMAIL:...


Episode 5: Sittin' On Chrome pt. 5

The search for Bill Lawrence Obb is heating up in the world of Men in Black! Our heroes are separated for the first time and have to make sense of dizzying revelations that threaten to end the world of Men in Black forever! Will they rise to the occasion, or will they blithely escort goblins onto a city bus, blow up a church, and start an intergalactic incident? I am of course asking this rhetorically, because it is clearly the latter. Things are falling into place now, so join Ruddy,...


Episode 4: Sittin' On Chrome pt. 4

After spending the night with murderous alien crime lord and drug pusher Corgligula, the crew is ready to confront Claudia Rudinsky and learn more about the disappeared blob alien Bill Lawrence Obb. Will theirs be a subtle, nuanced interrogation, or a big-ass fight full of crack urges, huge explosions, drugged-up goblins, and phone calls at inopportune times? I mean, you've met Ruddy, Omie, and Terok. It's going to be the latter. SITE: FB:...


Episode 3: Sittin' On Chrome pt. 3

Finally, the Shuffle Crew gets to RPG-murder things! While hunting down Bill Lawrence Obb's trail, our heroes find a bunch of CRIME GOONS ready to fight with crazy chrome nonsense. ALSO: Ruddy visits a 24-hour Pizza Hut/Taco Bell. Omie tries out her chrome knuckles with explosive results. Terok gets looking cool as hell! Also to crack. SITE: FB: TWITTER: PATREON:...


Episode 2: Sittin' On Chrome pt. 2

Our heroes meet Alva Raines, a time-manipulating alien whose inability to control her powers leaves her stranded on Earth under the Men in Black's care. Will she be able to help the Shuffle Crew find the missing blob alien Bill Lawrence Obb? Will they ever ask why it's important to find Bill? Spoilers: they will in like, episode five. ALSO: Ruddy jumps a good jump. Omie does a good deed. Terok drinks his coffee too fast. SITE: FB:...


Episode 1: Sittin' On Chrome pt. 1

The saga begins! Paladin Terok Nor (Tomefoolery's Cody Melcher), rogue Omie Heck (Pleasuretown's Gwynn Fulcher), and fighter Ruddy Dayton (Joe Anderson) are plucked from the fantasy world of D&D by extradimensional stone god Olmec, who presses them into service on a grand quest to save the fictional multiverse. Let's get this goofy-ass mess started! Our heroes begin in the world of the pretty good 1997 film Men in Black. ALSO: Ruddy gets a gun. Omie deals with motion sickness. Terok is...