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Sick and Wrong Episode 601

Dee and Harrison chat about porn, prostitutes and drugs with special guest Johnny from Got Faded Japan. The Juggalos march on Washington. Dog likely high on crack fatally mauls man. Missing Minnesota girl swims across a lake to escape captors. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:40:08

Sick and Wrong Episode 600

Dee and Harrison warn Florida listeners not to shoot guns at the hurricane. Interview with Hollywood Sex Tape Broker Kevin Blatt. First Date in Bristol did not go as planned. Man really wants to be the only Burning Man at the festival. Serial killer in Connecticut is a bit of a try-hard. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:39:27

Sick and Wrong Episode 599

Dee Simon has to take a two-hour sexual harassment course. Sick and Wrong finally launches the Patreon page. Medley of terrible Aussie poo stories. Florida mom has bizarre revenge plan. South African cannibal ring. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:37:49

Sick and Wrong Episode 598

Harrison has no qualms about giving a man and his real doll a Lyft across town. Chav proposal does not go as planned. Russian man deals with a haunting. Three old pedophiles and their murder manifestos. Phone calls. RIP Tobe Hooper.

Duration: 01:41:00

Sick and Wrong Episode 597

Dee thinks Harrison lacks the interest and the special set of skills it would take to rescue him from Mexican kidnappers. Steele rants about used dildos, amber alerts, and Walmart in this edition of Fistful of Steele. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:41:35

Sick and Wrong Episode 596

While Harrison is at home trading cryptocurrency, the world is on the brink of nuclear war. Sorry racists but fatties wearing shorts are not allowed to be Nazis. Impress the ladies with OJ Simpson’s white bronco. NJ finance firm brings new meaning to the term sexual harassment. Area junkie ruins woman’s morning tea by shooting […]

Duration: 01:38:56

Sick and Wrong Episode 595

Dee and Harrison need to find their own John Popper to wind up on Twitter. Danzig’s house is for sale. Sex game ends with a bang in Manchester. Newcastle wife horrified by videos found on husband’s phone. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:36:17

Sick and Wrong Episode 594

Dee and Harrison angrily discuss the murder conspiracy involving Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell. Feces-eating diaper dad murders son in Colorado. Florida teens heckle man as he drowns to death. Drug deal in Denver for 10k dollars worth of pure uncut broccoli. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:36:15

Sick and Wrong Episode 593

Dee thinks Harrison can cure his depression by forming a sex cult. Interview with with Dr Eric Kurlander about his new book Hitler’s Monsters – A Supernatural History of the Third Reich. Phone calls. Buy a copy of Hitler’s Monsters from Amazon.

Duration: 01:24:37

Sick and Wrong Episode 592

Harrison returns from his sojourn in Scotland with tales of debauchery. Is Kid Rock going to be your next senator? Police shoot Joker And Harley Quinn at cosplay orgy in Australia. PA man needs to learn the economics of selling drugs. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:44:01

Sick and Wrong Episode 591

Dee and special guest hosts Isabel and Tyler chat about celebrating the 4th of July when you’re not from ‘Murica. Worst veggie tale of all time in Texas. Catfish Don’t Cry mashup in England. Sex Mad Weirdo – not Harrison – inserts needles into his penis in China. Phone calls. Check out It’s in the […]

Duration: 01:52:16

Sick and Wrong Episode 590

Dee Simon and special guest hosts Lance Wackerle and John Steele discuss Wackerle mentoring Dee’s brother Jeffrey on how to ride a motorcycle. John Steele rants about the recent Wonder Woman film and Subway sandwich artists. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:48:38

Sick and Wrong Episode 589

Harrison is vexed about his upcoming trip to the UK. Dee thinks he needs to relax with some necro porn. Tragic love triangle in Quebec nudist camp. Sadistic gang forces vulnerable adult to eat his own testicle. California brain surgeon charged with child sex abuse. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:42:27

Sick and Wrong Episode 588

Dee and Harrison suspect Tom Cruise may be a fan of parabiosis. A Chinese constipation story. The Carpenter and the She-Hulk. Worst Weekend At Bernies sequel ever. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:21:08

Sick and Wrong Episode 587

Dee and Harrison want 5 million people to tweet a special message to President Donald Trump on the 4th of July. Man deals fake drugs at Bonnaroo for God. Pyschopathic teen kills Uber driver with machete. Worst surrogate grandpa of all time. RIP Adam West. Phone calls. Join the #DONTTWEETONME campaign: Tumblr: […]

Duration: 01:47:50

Sick and Wrong Episode 586

Dee discovers that Wonder Woman is the origin of Harrison’s BDSM fetish. Enya cannibal cult in Florida. Mother and Daughter prank call victims at Poundworld. Freddy Kruger clown kills man at Torchys Tacos. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:50:28

Sick and Wrong Episode 585

Dee and Harrison chat with actor Dan Fogler about his upcoming Sam Kinison biopic. Black Man gets white penis transplant. The Punisher hits the Phoenix Comicon. Former Neo Nazi Muslim kills Neo Nazi roommates. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:37:53

Sick and Wrong Episode 584

Now that Harrison is teaching a writing class, Dee thinks he should be wearing a tan corduroy sport coat with brown leather elbow patches. LAX offers a new Elysium terminal for the ultra rich. Cary Grant took a lot of LSD. Oregon man decapitates mother on Mother’s Day. Never call an electrician when you’re cooking […]

Duration: 01:37:33

Sick and Wrong Episode 583

Dee and Harrison are rather perplexed by Rabbis who inspect period panties. Customs Agents have a rape table at Newark Airport. Suicide Helper in Utah. Saginaw man with cranking fetish. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:39:24

Sick and Wrong Episode 582

Dee struggles to comprehend Harrison’s lawsuit with HBO. John Steele rants about the First Lady, the Miss USA pageant, and prom season in Fistful of Steele. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:41:51

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