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Sick and Wrong Episode 617

Dee and Harrison analyze the Stephen Hawking puppet theory. Home grown exorcism in Oklahoma. Wheel of Fortune compels Ohio man to kill his mother. Phone calls. Sign up for the Sick and Wrong Patreon to access bonus news stories, phone calls, and outtakes.

Duration: 01:35:56

Sick and Wrong Episode 616

In the first episode of 2018, Dee and Harrison share their concerns on the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Pennsylvania cop plotted to blackmail wife while she planned his murder. Florida man devises his own method to deliver an abortion. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:32:27

Sick and Wrong Episode 615.2

S&W Holiday Show Spectacular Part 2 with special guests Lance Wackerle, John Steele and Dee’s Brother Jeffrey. Happy New Year!

Duration: 01:25:28

Sick and Wrong Episode 615.1

S&W Holiday Show Spectacular Part 1 with special guest No. 2 from the Simply Loveleh Brotherhood. Dee and Harrison call several listeners to extend Yuletide greetings. Happy Holidays! Follow Simply Loveleh on Twitter @SimplyLoveleh

Duration: 01:43:47

Sick and Wrong Episode 614

Dee and guest hosts Ryan Keely and Danny discuss the plot lines of stepmom porn, the film Roadhouse, and sugaring your testicles. Ohio pedo caught with Chicken Alfredo, Sprite and a Zip drive. Good samaritan thrown over bridge in Connecticut. Phone calls. Sign up for the Sick and Wrong Patreon to access exclusive news stories, […]

Duration: 01:51:21

Sick and Wrong Episode 613

Dee and Harrison are none too pleased about having to compete with the deceased to get a date. Scottish woman doesn’t take threesome rejection very well. Kinky opportunist has sex with dead girlfriend. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:37:45

Sick and Wrong Episode 612

Your hosts receive an intimidating phone call from the Citizens for Trump Foundation. Grandmother distributes nude photos at Kentucky high school. Indiana high school teacher needs more than a cup of coffee to start the day. Phone calls. Sign up for the Sick and Wrong Patreon to access exclusive news stories, phone calls, and show […]

Duration: 01:41:02

Sick and Wrong Episode 611

Dee and Harrison search for the secret behind Charles Manson’s success with the ladies. Charlie Rose fired by CBS and PBS after harassment allegations. Escort shot man in the head because he was bad at oral sex. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:29:08

Sick and Wrong Episode 610

Harrison overdosed on Kratom and now self identifies as an Indonesian man named Chu Long Kok. Homeless man dismembers wife in front of kids. Canadian university teacher has an adult baby problem. South African man starts clit removal business. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:39:06

Sick and Wrong Episode 609

Dee predicts San Francisco will be a dystopian sky city by 2050. Louis CK teaches us how NOT to masturbate in public. Hartford student expelled for wiping bodily fluids on roommate’s belongings. Smallville actress second in command of sex cult. Naked Jehovah Witness family runs rampant in Canada. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:51:41

Sick and Wrong Episode 608

Dee and Harrison chat about the curious relationship between Anton Lavey and Jayne Mansfield. Steele rants about Halloween costumes, corn pops, and baked goods in this edition of Fistful of Steele. Phone calls. Check out the Sick and Wrong Patreon for exclusive extra content.

Duration: 01:41:12

Sick and Wrong Episode 607

Sick and Wrong Halloween Spooktacular. Interview with John Edmonds, owner of the Stardust Alien Ranch. Do you know the name of George HW Bush’s favorite magician? Time traveler covered in vaseline and wearing a thong arrested in Oklahoma. Nekromantic shenanigans in Bolivian hospital morgue. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:46:20

Sick and Wrong Episode 606

Dee suggests a new business opportunity where Harrison can help the disabled. Online retailers remove Anne Frank costume. Enterprising drug dealer visits a maternity ward. Angry Florida man delivers fatal karate chop to wife. Phone calls. Sign up for the Sick and Wrong Patreon to hear Harrison tell the story behind the stabbing last year.

Duration: 01:39:23

Sick and Wrong Episode 605

Dee explains muffing to a very interested Harrison. Hollywood execs assault men too. Only Aussie anglers should kiss fish. Call of Duty suicide in Texas. Phone calls. Check out the Sick and Wrong Patreon for exclusive extra content.

Duration: 01:25:19

Sick and Wrong Episode 604

Dee and Harrison think everyone wants to be one of the Lone Gunmen these days. Host should have put more planning into his Hurricane Irma threesome. The fall of a fat and perverted Hollywood film mogul. Colombian sex island getaway. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:42:05

Sick and Wrong Episode 603

Dee and Harrison ruminate upon the late Hugh Hefner’s sexcapades. Russian cannibal couple eats over 30 people. Sugar Daddy problems in Pennsylvania. Never bring a minivan to a swingers party. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:37:16

Sick and Wrong Episode 602

Dee and Harrison would prefer not to try out the new Chinese sex doll rental app. Steele rants about poor life choices, fast food workers, and ESPN in Fistful of Steele. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:40:37

Sick and Wrong Episode 601

Dee and Harrison chat about porn, prostitutes and drugs with special guest Johnny from Got Faded Japan. The Juggalos march on Washington. Dog likely high on crack fatally mauls man. Missing Minnesota girl swims across a lake to escape captors. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:40:08

Sick and Wrong Episode 600

Dee and Harrison warn Florida listeners not to shoot guns at the hurricane. Interview with Hollywood Sex Tape Broker Kevin Blatt. First Date in Bristol did not go as planned. Man really wants to be the only Burning Man at the festival. Serial killer in Connecticut is a bit of a try-hard. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:39:27

Sick and Wrong Episode 599

Dee Simon has to take a two-hour sexual harassment course. Sick and Wrong finally launches the Patreon page. Medley of terrible Aussie poo stories. Florida mom has bizarre revenge plan. South African cannibal ring. Phone calls.

Duration: 01:37:49

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