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Welcome to Sign Me Up Podcast! Tune in every Wednesday to hear how @CheekyBobbi and @CydneyPoppins2 navigate the world of dating with the help of the star signs. We'll use the undeniable powers of astrology to solve your love life problems and possibly help you find the perfect "BAE." You've never heard pure conjecture sound so good.

Welcome to Sign Me Up Podcast! Tune in every Wednesday to hear how @CheekyBobbi and @CydneyPoppins2 navigate the world of dating with the help of the star signs. We'll use the undeniable powers of astrology to solve your love life problems and possibly help you find the perfect "BAE." You've never heard pure conjecture sound so good.
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Welcome to Sign Me Up Podcast! Tune in every Wednesday to hear how @CheekyBobbi and @CydneyPoppins2 navigate the world of dating with the help of the star signs. We'll use the undeniable powers of astrology to solve your love life problems and possibly help you find the perfect "BAE." You've never heard pure conjecture sound so good.




Rollin To 100 Episodes

Wow!! 1 0 0 Episodes!!!! What an amazing milestone! A very special thank youuuu to all our amazing listeners, yall literally keep us going!! We didn't twerk for 100 :( sadly.. This week we're in the closet with our Capricorn friend Joce.. happy birthday girl, she woke up like this! What are you going to do if your friend all the sudden changes their political views on you? Rachel, we don't want you or your hoodies -__- And we have a testimonial of the loveeeee Virgos and Capricorns share lol...

Duration: 00:55:11

Concentrate On Not Busting A Nut

taking over for the 99 and 2000 , it's the 99th episode!! DISCLAIMER: bear with us!!! our guest is literally a robot lmao it sounds so weird, he's a little faster than us, but stay with us til the end!! Speaking of a guest.. we found a male sag! Hey Ken! Would you go out on New Year's Eve alone? What would you want your sex super powers to be? Let's talk about edging-- guys really be concentrating on not busting lol.. Yall's brothers and sisters need to get out the cold doing dumb shit for...

Duration: 01:07:00

The Last Saturday

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! New Year, Same bitchessss lmaoo We're kicking off the new year shaking our Titties for the Podcast lol.. we have some tips on how to be the best lover you can be in 2018. N*ggas still out here having illegitimate babies but will this be the year men actually step up?? episode 100 on the wayyyyy Tweet us!! #TwerkFor100 p.s everytime you hear us say "titties for the podcast" best believe someone's titties were really out lmaooo

Duration: 00:44:25

Bartier Offset

Happy Holidayzzz yall!! I hope Santa brought you all you wanted and dreamed of lol.. Now it's Capricorn SZN!!! You're having a dinner and you have to invite one very annoying person.. who are you inviting ? What are you going to do if you find out your ex is transexual? and they were whileee you were dating?? do you think men are more jealous than women? (yes, probably lol) also we're 3 weeks away from 100 episodes!!! What should we do to celebrate?? Let us know!!

Duration: 00:42:32

Treat Her Like A Lady

Heyyy late-December!! Traveling during the holidays can really be the worst! ughh.. Yall ever had to deal with a bitch at TSA that's trying to steal your joy?! Shanna was super litty at the work Holiday party!! (it happens to the best of us lol) What do you do to prepare yourself for sex? Is Jay-Z the Sagitarrius spokesperson? and a marriage proposal from a tinder bae goes terribly wrong!! lol

Duration: 00:54:56

Love Is The Umbrella

Christmas is just around the corner, Shanna has been doing a little shoppingggg.. where do yall get the best deals? This week we're talking to allll my single ladies!! where yall at?! Are Sagittarius really lowkey petty? If you could take a sex toy in the bedroom, what you taking? Listen Passport Cutty.. how do u know all this tea on the men sis?! plus.. are you weak if you take back a cheater??

Duration: 00:41:30

Take A Knee For That D

hello December!!! Kicking things off this week with a bit of schooling for the kids.. black tie etiquette! ankles out (for men) and thighs out is NOT APPROPRIATE!! but millennials -__-.. what do you do if your new boo starts exhibiting "wyd ass nigga" tendencies?? There's hella lyrics that you been saying wrong since the 99 and 2000. Spoiler Alert! we're breaking down 'She's Gotta Have It'.. can you find any similarities between Nola and Issa?? We love learning more about polyamory.. teach...

Duration: 01:06:19

I Told Yall N*ggas

First of all, we're thankful! Thanksgiving was a good one, how long yall eating leftovers??? Second of all, Chirstmas is right around the corner.. won't you send us gifts?? What would you do if your were trapped in an elevator with an ex-lover or ex- friend? Where my Saggitari (Saggitarius) at?? Shoutout to yall this your month lol slide in our DMs!! and what do you do if you're riding in the car with your tinder date and he/she makes a detour on the way?!

Duration: 00:57:01

I Get The Bag

issa New York episode!! Shoutout to BK babe @carolynsowild for joining us in the closet.. DRAKE holla at her!! she ready! lol Shes dropping knowledge on how to secure the bag in the service industry.. If you were the next jimmy fallon, who would you feature on your late night show? Would you rather.. sex on a rollercoaster or merry-go-round?... word on the streets is single women are the happiest. do yall agree?? And tinder ohh tinder.. small town or big town, it's the same ole niggas on...

Duration: 01:19:11

Show Me The Money, Ricky!

Hey Scorpios! Hope all is well! Lil baby Britt is in the closet this week serving audience member realness. First of all, Shanna gave Cuba Gooding Jr. a dance to the karaoke version of Despacito.. lollll I feel like we don't even need to discuss anything else. lol But anyway... how are you reacting to bae trying some unauthorized sex acts on you?? the aggressive spit.. issa a no dawg. Tyrese is still just a baby boy, he aint the real McCoy.. How do yall feel about the Meek Mill situation??...

Duration: 00:56:28

Man's Not Hot

Heyy, beautiful friends, romans, countrymen, Scorpios.. all yall n*ggas lmao.. We're starting off this week with 2+2 is 4.. that's quick math lol. Heads up, this is such an A.D.D episode lol the topics are endless. What should we do for our 100th episode?? Tweet us! #Twerkfor100 Shoutout to a #scorpio friend of the show reminding Cydney Novemeber is not bland! lol (who knew ryan gosling andddd leo dicaprio were both fine ass Scorpios?!) and the #Tinder scene is sooo dry and washed lmaoo...

Duration: 01:06:03

Bi Guy Thriller

Happy Halloweennnnn mmuuhahahahahaaa lmaoo We're kicking off this week's #ScorpioSZN with scary stories! its safe to say Cydney had a real nightmare. Shoutout to all the sound effects this week lmaooo issa thriller. What's your favorite Halloween costume?? Cardi B is engaged!! who saw that one coming?? Shanna still on her #tindertales shit.. and we have 2 questions.. are you down to date a bi guy, and does going dutch mean you're just friends? (hell yea lol)

Duration: 00:49:43

One Minute Man

It's the end of #LibraSZN yall! A special guest is in the Closet, Cydney's friend Mo joins us.. and its a whole lotta gang shit! lmao Shanna got jumped!! smh.. Can you get ur rocks off in just one minute? i need #morethanaminute lmao Libras (bring the beat in) keep the Love on top!! How do we date average pay niggas ?? And last but certainly not least.. Shanna got "new phone, who diss'd" lmaoooo tried her!!

Duration: 00:56:02

The Choice Is Yours

heyyy it's still #LibraSZN for a hot second more.. what do you do if bae shows up with ya lil boo already at your house?? we're calling our #Libra friends and you can get with this or you can get with thatttt!! Lola and Afrika are grreat sports lol how you giving head with no knees?? and send us your #TinderTales!!!

Duration: 00:53:53

She Had An Odor

Heyyy #LibraSZN !! Cydney's crazy cousins are in the closet this week and it's so great to have listeners join us! We're out the gate talking about ideal dates. How do we feel about #transbabies ?? The big topic of the epi is what these guys are willing to do #ForThatP.. is it paying for the P if you invite and pay for bae on baecation? Plus.. bitches with odor issa NO dawg lmao

Duration: 01:29:12

For The D

It's #LibraSZN yalllll !! Welcome! The icebreakers are pretty lit this week, we're talking Herpes and bestiality *insert wide eye emoji* We're still team #CardiB! If there's an earthquake, where you hiding?? annd last but not leasttttt issa #ForTheDChallenge !!!!! what are you willing to do for that D/P?? lol let us know !

Duration: 01:05:51

Issa No From Me Dawg

this is truly a testament of the fuckery that the #MercuryRetrograde brings.. but at long last Zay and Britt are in the closet! We're chit chatting about the Virgo X Taurus love connection. Zay and Britt tell us how they met.. and we'll find out whos willing to get tatted for love.. plus Cydney and Zay go thru a list of 10 things that may or may not be true to Virgos.

Duration: 01:04:26

Lit Like a Bic

Everytime you hear one of us say "Lit" take a drink! lmao (dont drink and drive)Traplord is in the closet with us celebrating #VirgoSZN.. Shoutout to the figure it out years.. we just trying to work it out. What are you going to do if your bae has stank breath?? lol and trap had a semi-traumatic tinder date.. plus everyone loves Cardi B!

Duration: 00:40:39

Disappearing Acts

We're back again for Cydney's magical birthday week #poppinsparty Kicking things off with the question, "what are you going to do with a stealin' ass nigga?" #DisapperingActs We also get into the pros and cons of being a wing woman. To take the L or not take the L...that is the question!

Duration: 00:48:59

Tinder Tales Galore

Stroll with us down Memory Lane as we reach back to some of our favorite #TinderTales and pleaseeeee send your own tales.. even if it's not about you.. slide in our DMs on twitter and IG @signmeuppodcast or email us !! issa #TinderTales #Nigeritos

Duration: 01:24:45

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