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#23: Chuck Dixon Interview, Bane, Batman, Punisher, Batgirl, & Lois goes Solo!

Welcome to Episode 23 of the Signal! SADDLE UP! Comic book great and author Chuck Dixon joins Dave on the show this week and we have a great jam-packed talk about many topics including - Batgirl: Year One, which Chuck co-wrote with Scott Beatty with fantastic art by Marcos Martin, plenty of PUNISHER chat, (of course) Chuck talks Bane Conquest, Batman, Lawdog stories, and there's also a healthy portion devoted to his 80's Moon Knight run! Plenty of cool questions from listeners make this...

Duration: 01:49:35

#22: Mage, Dave’s Internet Rap Battles, #Makeminemilkshake

GREETINGS TRUE BELIEVERS! Dave and Stew assemble and beam the Signal out on an icy night for the metropolis, as Dave tells us all about his recent Internet rap battle and his decision to GO NUCLEAR for a cause he can barely remember, while the boys discuss Mage by Matt Wagner, the mid 80's indie classic. We ask the hard questions such as is everything told in narration by Tom King, and debate what qualifies as pillow talk! Also Stew for some reason decides to act for the Prosecution as he...

Duration: 02:45:20

#21: Judge Dredd: The Apocalypse War, Jughead’s Crown, Comic Con

Welcome to another BIG episode of Signal of Doom! This week Stew and Dave discuss Judge Dredd: Apocalypse War, the mighty 1980's 2000 AD story which saw Mega City One laid low by Sov bombs! ITS APOCALYPTIC. Also, the boys discuss in detail the Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League trailers that showed at Comic Con, we break down Batfleck's commitment issues and the chances of him staying for a Batman trilogy directed by Matt Reeves, we go crazy with excitement imagining Captain Marvel and...

Duration: 02:58:45

Crisis in the Kremlin – Episode 1: San Diego Breakdown!

It's a crisis in the Kremlin as Dave takes a solo look at San Diego Comic Con! He covers breakdowns and reactions of the Justice League trailer, the Thor Ragnarok trailer, discussion of the defenders trailer and DETAILED analysis of the Punisher montage shown at that panel! Also covered is some Legacy discussion, some tidbits from the DC comics panel about Frank Miller and Superman, and the trailer for Will Smith & David Ayer's Bright is discussed at some length. ENJOY THE SOLO BREAK-OUT...

Duration: 01:04:56

#20: Thor: The God Butcher, Aladdin, Avengers D23, $1495 Lunching, New Female Doctor!

It's a HUGE Signal of Doom this week! Stew and Dave cover the awesome Thor: The God Butcher by Jason Aaron, RIP & love to George Romero and Martin Landau, they get heavy into discussing the incredible sounding Avengers trailer at D23, Dave is bitter and whines about "being peasants outside the cathedral" as he openly begs for a press pass to San Diego, the incredible Grant Morrison is back at DC doing Arkham Asylum 2 and Wonder Woman, we FINALLY have a cool new female Doctor in "Doctor...

Duration: 02:52:34

#19: The Nail, Spidey, Corporate Overlords

THE SIGNAL OF DOOM IS SHINING BRIGHT TONIGHT! As an icy cold descends on the city, Dave and Stew regather to talk The Nail by Alan Davis! Opinions fly free and fast as we read some awesome emails on the Chaikin controversy! Also, Dave & Stew talk impressive Spidey: Homecoming box office numbers, and ask why do so many comic fans hate themselves, lost in some internal civil war without end? Is Cindy Moon aka Silk in Homecoming? What scenes featuring the lovely Marisa Tomei were cut from the...

Duration: 03:21:59

#18: Spidey Homecoming, Amazing Spider-Man JMS, Random Weekly Controversy!

Hey gang, tonight its rockin hard in the Swamp and it's a SPIDEY fest as we celebrate the release of the Sony/Marvel Studios "Spider-Man Homecoming" movie and Dave & Stew discuss Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Collection 1 by JMS from the early 2000s! Also we tackle some thorny issues of censorship and offensive imagery (pun) in an exhausting rap battle debate between the two hosts that Johnny Cash himself has to INTERVENE INTO, and we cover some weekly books including Batman 26, Spider-Man:...

Duration: 03:17:25

#17: Punisher: Year One, Marvel Capcom, Han Solo & Mars!

Howdy folks! This week Stew and Dave light up the Signal from a freezing metropolis! On top of covering the moody, magnificent Punisher: Year One and a lively debate on the merits of Punishment and Frank Castle's War on Crime, Stew and Dave dive deep on the Han Solo movie, Dave posits a dark Universe hypothetical where Ron Howard doesn't save us all, the buzz on Spidey Homecoming is POSITIVE, Star Trek Discovery is discussed as is conflict amongst the crew members, and Stew then gives us...

Duration: 03:46:04

#16: Cable & Deadpool, Han Solo, Ron Howard is a genius!

It's time for another episode of Signal of Doom! Along with discussing Cable & Deadpool: Vol 1 from the early 2000s, Dave and Stew light the Signal UP & are fresh from their Supernova date to talk Chris Hemsworth, Dean Cain & crowd control, while the BIG NEWS of the last 48 hours is the removal of the Han Solo movie directors Chris Lord & Phil Miller off the object to replaced by the mighty Ron Howard! Dave & Stew break it down for John Q public. The Watchmen TV show is discussed, along...

Duration: 03:28:08

#15: Judge Dredd: Case Files Volume 5! DREDD! Dean Cain! And other stuff!

Welcome to one of our most exciting shows yet as Stew & Dave cover the Mighty Judge Dredd as we read & discuss Judge Dredd: Case Files Volume 5! This epic collection includes Block-Mania, The Hotdog Run, Judge Death Lives and MANY other v cool stories! Dave also gives a speech on 2000AD like he's trying to win an award! The boys also discuss the disappointing Mummy movie and what this means for the Dark Universe franchise, Dave proves he knows nothing about Black Panther, Stew shows us he...

Duration: 02:23:51

#14: Spider-Girl: Legacy, Spencer Under Siege, Punisher, Wonder Woman!

This week Dave and Stew discuss Wonder Woman and we pitch each other very different WW sequels! We also talk Supernova and the prices Thor is charging for a photo, Dave details his Dean Cain obsession, we discuss "Secret Empire" writer Nick Spencer's hilarious political "career" in Cincy, Dave editorialises on Punisher comics, we fan cast the Black Cat & Silver Sable movie, and we cover the Spider-Girl: Legacy trade from the late 90's! The boys also cover a selection of weekly comics...and...

Duration: 02:34:58

Drew’s Views Ep 2- CLASSIC Avengers TALK!

Welcome to a special episode of the Signal! This week my friend Drew Geraci, DC inking great & author of The Demands novels, joins me on the show and we talk CLASSIC Avengers! Drew takes on a journey down the dusty byways of the 1970's, when Elton John was playing loud on the radio, and Drew and his cousin toured the county on bikes like an episode of Stranger Things & hunted down classic Avengers comics off the newsagent racks, amongst other places! Drew gives us all some some amazing...

Duration: 01:09:49

#13: Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka, Silver Sable & Black Cat, Phoenix Comic Con, Steak with Sauce

Welcome to EPISODE 13 of Signal of Doom - we cover the Wonder Woman early positive reviews & hype, do some box office predictions, and in Trade of the Week we cover the first volume of Greg Rucka's excellent early 2000's run on Wonder Woman. Also Dave and Stew cover topics varying from the loss of Lois Lane' leg, the barely averted tragedy at Phoenix Comic Con, an in-depth discussion of the Black Cat & Silver Sable movie out of Sony, while Dave defends his right to have sauce with his...

Duration: 01:57:17

#12: Spider-Man Blue, Amber Heard, Dark Universe, Invisible Man, Black Lightning, Chuck Dixon, Injustice 2!

Stew and Dave delve DEEP into the mysterious, pulsing heart of comic books & comic book movies! This week we pay tribute to the victims of Manchester, and cover the wonderful and beautiful "Spider-Man Blue". We also talk a HOST of movie topics including the Dark Universe & The Mummy, Dave's concerns about Invisible Man, the excitement machine that is Amber Heard's Mera casting vs the concerns of Stew, the endless cycle of Terminator movie time-lines and Dave's obsession with post...

Duration: 03:01:10

#11: Justice, Doomsday Clocks, Defenders, Injustice 2, IRS, J Dog!

Welcome to an ACTION PACKED Episode 11 of the Signal of Doom - we cover "Justice" by Alex Ross, we talk Doomsday Clocks & modern geo-politics, we cover Justice League reshoots and our hopes and prayers for Wonder Woman, a thorough examination of "New Mutants", along with a host of comics and TV news including "Gifted" and "Defenders"! We take an excursion into the use of political correctness, and Davey learns a lot about how close we are to Armageddon! Plus, we shout-out to J Dog & the...

Duration: 01:59:00

Drew’s Views Ep 1 – Captain America, Streets of Poison

Welcome to a special episode from the Signal! This week DC inking great and author of "The Demands" series of novels, Drew Geraci, joins the Signal of Doom for the first in series of recurring guest spots! Drew and Dave talk about Captain America, specifically in relation to the 1980's arc, "Streets of Poison" and Drew gives his analysis and facts from that time period where Cap was written by Mark Gruenwald for over 10 years! Also Dave sends out his love letter to Cap's on again/off again...

Duration: 00:52:10

#10: Knightfall! Batman, Baby Groot, Hellboy, book-burning, and Rene Russo!

Join Dave & Stew as we cover Batman: Knightfall Vol 1, the classic 90's story where Bane BREAKS the Batman! Also we talk Secret Empire and the controversy over Free Comic Book Day book-burning! We chat about the adorable Baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, the upcoming Hellboy reboot, along with weekly comics and trailer reviews. Plus, Dave tells a story about a terrible comic store, and the story of great one in Kings Comics, AND he also pays tribute to Rene Russo. Pack a satchel...

Duration: 02:09:49

#9: Chuck Dixon interview, Bane: Conquest, Birds of Prey, Dark Tower, American Gods!

Join Dave & Stew as we interview the mighty Chuck Dixon this week just in time for the release of Bane: Conquest! No topic is off limits as we talk about Bane and the Bat Books, plus Chuck's career as a comic writer and novelist, as the Signal of Doom blazes out across the Universe all the way to Chuck's Florida war-room! We also talk American Gods, Dark Tower, the Batman: Arkham VR game, take an email from a listener, discuss the 90's classic Birds of Prey Vol 1, and cover weekly titles...

Duration: 02:53:17

#8: Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon, Joss Whedon vs Davey’s tantrum, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, DC World!

Its another ACTION-PACKED ALL TIME classic episode of the Signal as Dave & Stew cover the BIG QUESTIONS - How good is Guardians of the Galaxy 2? What is happening with the Joss Whedon Batgirl movie...as Dave extends his CLAWS! Which Marvel stars are re-upping on their contract? Meanwhile, the boys cover Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon by Matt Fraction & David Aja, they give a spoiler AND non spoiler review of Guardians 2, & imagine what DC World in Abu Dhabi will be like, & will it have...

Duration: 02:34:31

#7: Thanos, Marvel Press Junkets, Cable & Amber Heard!

Join Dave & Stew on another crazy broadcast of the Signal of Doom! The boys go COSMIC as they cover The Thanos Imperative, go in deep on a Marvel Studios press junket, whilst debating the merits of the Punisher and his war on crime! We also cover the recent Ardian Syaf scandal, the Batman Family movie rumours, whilst Dave rhapsodises about Amber Heard & we crunch the numbers on what Josh Brolin is taking home for Thanos AND Cable! BEAM IT OUT!

Duration: 03:07:46

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