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Jimi’s Jargon – Episode 2, Green Lantern: Rebirth

Hi gang! Tonight on the second episode of Jimi's Jargon, Dave and Jimi begin a noble exploration...Geoff Johns Green Lantern run! We begin with Green Lantern: Rebirth, the mini series which starts (and restarts!) it all! Jimi has a deep knowledge of the Geoff Johns Green Lantern run and of course Dave stopped reading at about issue 10 so we are in for a wild ride on the RE-READ! Dave also retells his origin story at Labyrinth Comics, and the tale of his first store manager, a very chilled...

Duration: 01:27:15

#39: Green Arrow: Quiver, Chaos at Warners, What is Acting

Hey folks! This time on the Signal of Doom Dave & Stew cover Green Arrow: Quiver by Kevin Smith! Take a trip way back down to 2001 and the RESURRECTION and the COMEBACK of Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow! You get to see HEAVEN FOLKS! Also, Warners remains trapped in Chaos, Dave feels bad for Geoff Johns, while we speculate on what really is GOING ON! Dave also rants about Andy Serkis, and we cover the enteral question: what is acting? and did Kong EVER speak? Dave has done some investigative...

Duration: 02:49:03

Jimi’s Jargon – Episode 1

JIMI's JARGON - EPISODE ONE GET READY FOR A BRAND NEW BEAT! Jimi Terzsis from Bruce Wayne's World over at the Batman Universe, has ENTERED THE FRAY! Its a pleasure to welcome Jimi for what will be a RECURRING FEATURE on the Signal! JIMI's JARGON has begun! The streets are drenched in blood. Dave and Jimi are discussing The War of Jokes & Riddles, from Tom King's Batman run! We go into some DEPTH, tears are shed, emotions are on display, Dave talks about a charred earth circling a dead sun,...

Duration: 01:20:41

#38: Trail of the Catwoman, the Fall of Society

Hey gang, its ANOTHER great episode of the Signal of Doom! This week Stew and Dave discuss the awesome "Catwoman: Trail of the Catwaman" trade by Ed Brubaker and Darwyn Cooke, while we also discuss the NEW Avengers Infinity War trailer! Stew leads a shot by shot breakdown of the trailer which amazes Dave! Dave then goes on a RANT and predicts the downfall of society. We then have the Akira Yoshida/CB Cebulski SCANDAL and Dave plays his part as wartime profiteer as advertises his copy of...

Duration: 02:42:08

#37: Netflix Punisher Extravaganza, Old Man in a Hat

Hi gang! Tonight we bring you a PUNISHER NETFLIX EXTRAVAGANZA, along with a discussion of Punisher: War Journal by Carl Potts and Jim Lee! Stew and Dave GO DEEP into "Justice League" and what the box office means for the DC film franchise moving forwarded, Stew is interviewed, and Dave talks at length about his recent 3.5 hour appearance on the Batman Universe! We also ask - can Geoff Johns save the Universe? And yes, we mean the actual UNIVERSE! Punisher Playbook has a LOT of content this...

Duration: 03:00:23

#36: Justice League Movie Review, JLA, The Kids are at the Planetarium

Hey gang! This week it's finally here...The Justice League movie! Stew and Dave do a complete breakdown of the movie, and there's a SPOILER REVIEW and a NON SPOILER REVIEW. So grab a cup of cocoa and a cut a rug, folks! We also discuss JLA Vol 1 by Grant Morrision, in an in-depth exploration of one of Dave's favourite comic runs. We also cover more reports on the Fox-Disney deal, break down the Doctor's new costume, Stew gives us all a MASTERCLASS on Morris the Living Vampire, and Dave...

Duration: 03:28:34

#35: JLA: A Midsummer’s Nightmare, Bendis to DC, Conan vs Tolkien!

Hey gang! Stew and Dave are back, on Week 1 of our JUSTICE LEAGUE SPECIAL! This week we discuss Mark Waid and Fabian Nicieza's "JLA: A Midsummer's Nightmare", a great Justice League comic from 1996! Also, it's "imagine if Dave had a soul week", as he continues his one man war on the Internet, while still battling the remnants of his flu, and the BIG NEWS OF THE WEEK is two-fold! 1) Brian Michael Bendis is leaving Marvel for DC, which leads to Stew and Dave pitching books for him to write...

Duration: 03:02:35

#34: Scalped, Sick Davey, Voids in Pyramids

Hey gang, get ready for a journey into THE DARKNESS OF MEN'S SOULS, as the boys read Scalped, the Vertigo cult crime-drama classic by Jason Aaron & R.M. Guera, and Dave and the Main Man go deep on the RESERVATION! It's a long, bitter powerful cup of black coffee this time! Hold the SUGAR! Also, Stew and Dave go deep in the Star Wars teaser, Justice League rumours, the solo-centric spotlights on Batman, Wonder Woman Thor Ragnarok box office numbers, while the Signal's own Marvel...

Duration: 02:12:11

#33: Thor Ragnarok Discussion, Stew’s Flu, Magnum PI rebooted?

Welcome to another episode of Signal of Doom. My brave co-host Stew is suffering from flu but he still punches the clock and gives the Signal his all! He even agrees with Dave 100% about something! This is UNHEARD OF! The boys talk the Thor: Ragnarok movie in detail, with both spoiler and non spoiler reviews, while also going back in time to Stan & Jack's original Thor Ragnarok story! The boys talk Chuck Dixon's new comic project Avalon, part of the AltHero universe, which is open for...

Duration: 02:47:31

#32: Batman vs Predator, Nancy Drew meets the Wire, & Dave the Wedding Planner

Welcome FRIENDS to another episode of Signal of Doom as Dave and Stew cover Batman vs Predator, Vol 1! It's an EPIC episode as the Predator stalks his PREY in Gotham City! Also, Dave makes a bold statement about the current Batman era, high on the strength of the Metal spinoff books, and DEEP in love with Catwoman! We go IN DEPTH on the Black Panther trailer, the awesome possibility of an all female marvel movie, the Punisher Netflix Show has a RELEASE DATE and a NEW trailer, and Stew is...

Duration: 02:59:36

Mike Baron Interview – Q-Ball

We have a special guest tonight, one of my favourite writers working today, Eisner Award Winner, Mike Baron, who is launching an exciting new creator-owned comic called Q-Ball, through Kickstarter with artist Barry McClain! Check out the Facebook page for Q-Ball for updates and links when the Kickstarter goes love next month! "Detroit homeboy Curtis Ball joined the Merchant Marine and ended up managing a warehouse in Manila. Curtis wanted...

Duration: 00:41:23

#31: World War Hulk, Icers, I cannot sanction your buffoonery

Welcome BACK to the Signal of Doom, as the boys cover World War Hulk! It's the GREEN GOLIATH vs the rest of the Marvel U as the Hulk is back from Sakaar and ready to take names! It's SIGNAL TRAILER DISCUSSION TIME as Stew and Dave discuss the Justice League trailer, the Last Jedi trailer, the Pacific Rim Uprising trailer, a New Mutants trailer and an X-Files trailer just for good measure! Dave then goes into his controversy of the week from Marvel, featuring ICERS! This is the last hijinks...

Duration: 03:06:37

#30: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Tom Petty is a Rock God, Spoiler Territory

It's a BIG WEEK on the Signal of Doom as the boys discuss Crisis on Infinite Earths! Stew has been hitting wikipedia hard as we dissect exactly what happened! Meanwhile, we pay tribute to Tom Petty, one of the absolute favourites of the show, as he has recently passed on - we love you Tom. The news out of Vegas has left us sad and heartbroken, much love to the city. Meanwhile Marlene comes up in fan casting, the boys pitch Marvel Knights to Netflix or Disney or whoever is listening, Stew...

Duration: 02:11:58

Drew’s Views: The Defenders, Secret Wars, Private Universes

A big WELCOME BACK to DREW GERACI, DC inking legend and writer of The Demands series, and the Signal's own MARVEL ENCYCLOPEDIA, who is back on the Signal of Doom this week! We take a time travel mission back to the 1970's as Drew SELLS US The Defenders, giving out specific issue number recommendations! It's a mind-trip! Dave can't help but question drew on his Spider-Man knowledge and we get recommendations for post-Stan Lee Spidey from the 70's into the 80's! That name ROGER STERN comes...

Duration: 01:25:43

#29: Planet Hulk, Jughead (almost) in a Car Crash, Marvel Legacy, the Social

The SIGNAL shines BRIGHT TONIGHT! Dave and Stew cover Planet Hulk by Greg Pak, we discuss Justice League, Ezra Miller and "the social", we speculate wildly about the happenings on the Riverdale set, Stew declares it "fake news", Stew doesn't see It (again), Marvel Legacy is discussed at length, James Cameron and his Wonder Woman comments are dissected and put to account, and a whole bunch of weekly comics are reviewed and discussed! Also, PLANET HULK, Stew's big pick, takes centre stage as...

Duration: 02:56:45

#28: Kill or be Killed, Punisher Netflix, Chuck Dixon, Stripper Clothes

Hey gang! The Signal of Doom is back, BLAZING RED into the sky! The boys cover Kill or be Killed, the awesome story of a troubled young man turned vigilante, courtesy of a deal with a demon, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, and Dave declares it "maybe the great f*cking book he's read"! Also Dave tells us his story of his encounter with a salesgirl dressed like a stripper, we speculate on Darth Vader's possible inclusion in the young Han Solo film, and Dave debuts *The Punisher Playbook!*...

Duration: 02:38:33

#27: Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin, RIP Len Wein, Gene Simmons has a Vault

It's a BRAND NEW SIGNAL this week, soaring high into the heavens! First, a huge RIP to the great Len Wein, an inspiration and a legend and one of the main reasons we are even reading comics at all on the Signal. Go in peace Len, we love you. The boys discuss a massive Spidey trade, Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin, a 90's classic by Howard Mackie and Roger Stern, with John Romita Jr on art amongst others! Also, we explore the Gene Simmons Vault, available for only $52000! Complete...

Duration: 02:34:37

Special Krisis Episode – Len Wen Tribute

Hi guys, just a short Krisis in the Kremlin episode as the Signal pays tribute to the great Len Wein, sadly departed Sept 10 2017. Len was a giant of the comic book industry, the co-creator of Wolverine, NightCrawler, Storm and Colossus, amongst MANY others, an acclaimed writer on titles such as Swamp Thing and Spider-Man, an editor with acclaimed works such as Watchmen and Saga of the Swamp thing produced under his stewardship, and an all time beacon of good ideas and professionalism...

Duration: 00:25:15

#26: Infinity, X-Force, Bunker Days, Marvel Hot Takes

Welcome to a FRESH episode of the Signal of the Doom! Dave and Stew are recording from the Bunker this week, holed up deep as hurricanes sweep the globe and zombies roam the earth! The book of the week is Infinity by Jonathan Hickman, and straight away Dave is in trouble for not reading the required 46 tie in issues but hey what's new! We cover the big news about the X FORCE MOVIE, we say farewell to Colin Trevorrow on Star Wars: Episode 9, we speculate on the replacement director, and...

Duration: 02:34:58

#25 – Daredevil by Frank Miller Vol 1, Leo Joker, The King is 100

Welcome to Episode 25 of Signal of Doom! Dave and Stew are BACK IN ACTION and we cover the news that MATTERS with the PASSION and SARCASM you need! First off we cover Hurricane Harvey, much love and prayers to our listeners in Houston, the King JACK KIRBY turns 100 in our hearts forever, the boys cover what Jack Kirby means to them and what avenues in his many comics they want to explore. Stew is our resident early Marvel expert and he talks about Jack Kirby's impact on Fantastic Four and...

Duration: 03:25:56

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