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Eps 52 - Will Ronda Rousey Help WWE?

Ronda Rousey is going to sign her RAW contract at the Elimination Chamber PPV this month, but will she actually help the WWE? Or is she going to get booed out the building? Let's talk about that, RAW, SmackDown and everything else in the pro-wrestling world thanks to Simon Miller's Pro-Wrestling Podcast. Support the podcast here: and please give it 5* and a review on iTunes!


Eps 51 - The Romans Reigns Problem (w/RAW, SD reviews)

Is WWE eventually going to implode because of Roman Reigns? Or can they actually make it work? Simon Miller, and special guest Brett Phipps, team up to talk about this, as well as all the fallout from RAW, SmackDown and what's going on in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Click here to support the podcast: and please give the podcast 5* on iTunes!


Eps 50 - The State Of The WWE With Jim Sterling Part 3

Jim Sterling returns to chat everything WWE once more, including all the fallout from the Royal Rumble, RAW and SmackDown. There's also chatter about Ronda Rousey and what's next for 'Sterdust'. Please support the podcast here: and give us 5* on iTunes!


Eps 49 - Royal Rumble 2018 Predictions and the XFL 2020

Who will win the Royal Rumble? And who will win the other Royal Rumble? And why the hell has Vince McMahon launched the XFL for a second time? There's only one way to find out, and that's to chat about it all on Simon Miller's Pro-Wrestling Podcast with Patreon member Andrew McErlean Jr. Support the podcast here: and give us 5* on iTunes and a review!


Eps 48 - WWE SmackDown Review (23 January)

It's a weird SmackDown review this week as I was driving! But still - we get into all the ups and downs and try and figure out why WWE doesn't care about the Royal Rumble... Please support the podcast here: and give us 5* and a review on iTunes.


Eps 47 - WWE RAW 25 Anniversary Review (January 22)

WWE's 25th anniversary of RAW show is in the books and some people aren't happy. They feel that WWE should've done more, but is this true? Come and find out what happened on the whole show with Simon Miller as he talks Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, Roman Reigns, The Undertaker, DX and a whole lot more. Please do support the podcast here: and give it 5* and a review on iTunes.


Eps 46 - RAW 25th Anniversary Preview Special With Patreon Member Daniel McIver

WWE's 25th RAW Anniversary show is happening TONIGHT in New York, so there's only one thing to do! Go through the damn thing and try to figure out what's going to happen. Plus we're building to the Royal Rumble, PLUS it's The Miz vs Roman Reigns for the IC title. So *a lot* is going on. Join Simon Miller and Patreon hero Daniel McIver as they go through everything happening later in WWE land. Please support the podcast at and give it 5* and a review on...


Eps 45 - WWE Raw Review (15 January 2018) With Patreon member Tom Anson

Braun Strowman decided to try and murder people on the latest episode of RAW in a story that both started and ended on the same show. Which was weird. We also saw the return of Seth Rollins' curb stomp finisher, which was also weird, and learned a lot about what to expect from next week's 25th RAW anniversary show. Simon Miller discusses all this with Patreon member Tom Anson, and you can join the podcast, too, by heading over to and supporting. Please...


Eps 44 - Q&A: Your Pro-Wrestling Questions Answered (11 January 2018)

You asked the wrestling questions... I answered them! It's as simple as that. There's a lot of room to fill in this box, though, so let's just say they were the best damn questions ever, and the answers were alright as well. Please do give the podcast a review and 5* on iTunes and throw some money at it here:


Eps 43 - SmackDown Review (9January 2018)

It's a quick smash through this week's SmackDown as we realise that not a lot happened at all. Which is strange because the show was pretty decent. But what's going on with Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon? Will we get Nakamura vs AJ Styles vs Orton for WrestleMania 34? And why on earth did Rusev lose? Make sure to give the podcast 5* and a review over on iTunes and support the podcast at


Eps 42 - WWE Raw Review (8 January 2017)

Is John Cena fighting The Undertaker at WrestleMania 34? Was RAW any good? How will Chris Jericho do in his extended New Japan run? It's all this and more in Tuesday's edition of Simon Miller's Pro-Wrestling Podcast. Please do give it 5* on iTunes and support the podcast at:


Eps 41 - WWE SmackDown Review (2 Jan 2018) and NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 Predictions

AJ Styles is mad at Daniel Bryan, Shane McMahon is mad at Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryan doesn't seem to be mad at anybody... What is happening on WWE SmackDown, and what does all this mean for WrestleMania 34? We also have a good look at the New Japan Pro Wrestling card for WrestleKingdom 12 and chat all bits and wrestling bobs. Please do gives the podcast 5* on iTunes and leave a review, and support the podcast here:


Eps 40 - WWE Raw Review (1 January 2018)

It's the first podcast of 2018 and that means we try something new! So why only get one dose of Simon Miller's Pro-Wrestling Podcast when you could get a few. That's why from today you'll get an episode after RAW, after SmackDown and whenever something else big goes down, such as WrestleKingdom 12 this week. So sit back, relax and let's talk about WWE Raw from the 1 January 2018. Please do leave a 5* rating and a review if you're on iTunes, and support the podcast here:...


Eps 39 - WWE Clash Of Champions Fallout

WWE Clash Of Champions is done and dusted but was it any good, and how was the subsequent fallout on SmackDown? And does it all mean we're getting Shane McMahon vs Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 34? Plus we go through RAW as well as try and figure out what the hell Vince McMahon's 'Alpha Entertainment' is all about. Please do rate and review the podcast on iTunes, and you can support it here:


Eps 38 - WWE Clash Of Champions Predictions

WWE Clash Of Champions is this Sunday so it's time to run through the card and predict all the matches. We also talk about Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega's awesome angle in NJPW for WrestleKingdom 12, and jump into everything that happened on RAW and SmackDown. Please do rate the podcast 5* on iTunes and support the podcast here:


Eps 37 - AJ Styles: The Best Wrestler In The World?

Is AJ Styles the best wrestler in the world? Maybe, and that's what we're discussing this week on Simon Miller's Pro-Wrestling Podcast as well as looking at the arrival of "Woken" Matt Hardy in the WWE, and what could happen with Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Matt Hardy WhatCulture interview here: Miller Report Matt Hardy interview here: Please do give the podcast 5* on iTunes...


Eps 36 - Roman Reigns And The Importance Of IC Gold

Can Roman Reigns restore glory to the IC title? Can Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks sells out a 10k seater arena? Can Simon Miller – me – become a wrestler and why were WWE RAW and SmackDown so boring? All this and more in this week's Simon Miller's Pro-Wrestling Podcast! Please share this around social media, give us 5* on iTunes and support on Patreon:


Eps 35 - The State Of WWE With Jim Sterling Part 2

Jim Sterling returns to address the current state of the WWE once more and provides a wonderful commentary on the world of pro-wrestling as only he can. Survivor Series 2017, RAW, SmackDown, Nakamura, Bray Wyatt, the infamous 'Sterdust'. Whatever comes to mind, Jim and Simon Miller chat about. Please do follow Jim on YouTube: and Twitter: because he's very good at what he does, and support the podcast here:...


Eps 34 - Survivor Series 2017 Fallout

It's all the fallout from Survivor Series 2017 as we run down the show and see how that played into both RAW and SmackDown. Plus Simon answers your questions! Please do support the podcast at and gives us a review on iTunes!


Eps 33 - Survivor Series 2017 Predictions

What will happen at this week's Survivor Series PPV? How on earth did Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho become real? What's the deal with WWE's India tour? Who was right, and who was wrong, when the Montreal screw job went down 20 years ago? All this and more in this week's Simon Miller Pro-Wrestling Podcast! Please do leave us 5* and a review on iTunes, and support the podcast at:


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