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Simple Steps Real Change with Cheryl Maloney

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Simple Steps… Real Change is a weekly show on Empower Radio that introduces you to real people, just like you, who have experienced life's challenges and have thrived through them and are passionate about helping you do the same.

Simple Steps… Real Change is a weekly show on Empower Radio that introduces you to real people, just like you, who have experienced life's challenges and have thrived through them and are passionate about helping you do the same.
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San Fransisco, CA


Simple Steps… Real Change is a weekly show on Empower Radio that introduces you to real people, just like you, who have experienced life's challenges and have thrived through them and are passionate about helping you do the same.




Tune out to Tune in with Rachel Butler

Are you surrounded by negativity? When you turn on the news, get together with friends and talking about the days drama, watch a crime show on tv how do you feel afterwards? Are you depressed over the politics, afraid of what is going on in the world, worried about what your kids are exposed to? When you surround yourself with negativity you feel bad. Unfortunately drama sells and when you buy in to it you end up getting more of the same. If you are ready to turn that tide then tune in...

Duration: 00:26:09

Finding Your Way in the New Year

Happy New Year Everyone. Where the past year has gone? Are you starting out a new year with the same goals and expectations you had a year ago? Do you wonder when you will actually succeed with your goals and dreams? We like to think of New Years day as a new beginning. A chance to start over and a chance to make this year the one in which our dreams come true. We set these lofty expectations and then life happens and we wake up a year later and say “where has this year gone.” Sound...

Duration: 00:25:54

Letting Go and Going Forward

Has this last year been a strain on your life? On your happiness? On your hopes and dreams? Are you looking forward to the new year because you just want this one to be over. Do you wish that you could say goodbye to the past and move beyond it in an instant when the ball drops on the new year? if you’re ready to move forward but are still hanging on to something in your past tune in as Cheryl shares the Simple Steps to usher out the old and ring in the new. Learn a few fun ways to find...

Duration: 00:25:57

Happier Holidays

Have you gone through more in this last year than you think anyone should? Now that the year is winding down is your heart not into celebrating like you use to? Is your heart just not into holiday festivities but you don’t want to let your family or friends see that you really don’t care? When we go through the worst life has to offer we forget what it is like to feel happiness and joy again. We forget to laugh and we certainly forget to have fun along the way. If you’re singing the blues...

Duration: 00:25:56

Bitter to Better

Are you still upset about something that you just can’t seem to let go of? Did your sister say something unkind or have you been at odds for years? Has your family left you out of their lives for some reason? It seems like the holidays bring back to life old wounds and you can find yourself back in the drama of what happened rather than enjoying the season or your life at all. If you are holding on to pain and know you’re bitter about someone who you feel wronged you then tune in as Cheryl...

Duration: 00:26:00

Finding Purpose In This Moment

Do you wonder why you are here? Are you still searching for your purpose in life because right now you think you’re missing out on something important? Do the people around you seem to know what their “calling” is but so far nothing is speaking to you? We hear the gurus professing the steps to discovering your purpose but what if they aren’t speaking your language? If you feel like you’re seeking but never finding maybe you are trying to hard. Perhaps what you are looking for is so simple...

Duration: 00:26:08

Happier Holidays

Does the holiday season bring you down? Are you missing loved ones or the times gone by? Do you dread the family gatherings because you know someone is going to make you feel worse than you already do? The holidays can bring up a range of emotions that can raise your stress level or plunge you to the lowest low. Whether you are alone or feeling lonely join Cheryl and find out what the Simple Steps are that will brighten your days and light up this holiday season. Learn how to deflect the...

Duration: 00:26:02

Rain and Rainbows

Are you soaked in the rain of your stress and feel like you are drowning? Do you want it all to stop but it seems like there is a monsoon with no relief in sight? Have you given up on happiness because you’re steeped in sorrow? When you been through the most difficult times in your life it’s hard to see past the darkness. On today’s show Cheryl’s going to share the Simple Steps to help lift you up and gently encourage you to take a step into the light. Oftentimes when we have been down for...

Duration: 00:25:59

Simple Steps to Stopping Self Sabotage

Have you lived through a lot of grief in your life? Those things that may have happened long ago, or not, but they keep popping into your head and driving you nuts. Do you bring back your own painful memories too often and then are sad, depressed or angry again? Do you want to stop but don’t seem to be making any progress? If that sounds too familiar join Cheryl today as she dives into the Simple Steps to stopping those thoughts that do nothing but cause you pain. Learn how to stop the...

Duration: 00:26:01

Creative Perspective Shifts to Enhance Your Happiness

When was the last time you thought you were having fun in your everyday life? Does it all seem like responsibilities, chores & work? What would it feel like if you were enjoying what you now see as only routine? We drudge through the monotony of life and forget that life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and yes to be fun. If your life has fallen into what seems like a daily rut then join Cheryl as she shares the Simple Steps to shift your perspective to a place where you look forward to...

Duration: 00:26:03

Lost and Found

In your own personal life do you feel you are fighting for something or struggling against something? Do you feel that something is missing from your life but you don’t know what? Does your life feeling like something must be eluding you because your life is a daily drag or seemingly mundane routine? What is it that makes you feel unfulfilled? If you are looking to find your way join Cheryl on today’s show and discover what really is or isn’t missing in your own life. Come for...

Duration: 00:26:00

Letting Go of “Why” In Your Life

What is the one question you keep turning over in your mind. That thing that sticks with you even when you know that answer isn’t coming your way? Why? Yes, Why? Why did my life end up this way? Why are they living the good life and I’m making ends meet? Why did he die and I lived? Why am I alone? Why? If you are stuck in the “why” space then tune in and discover how you can let go of the “Why” in your life and choose to ask “What” instead. Learn the Simple Steps to turning your stress and...

Duration: 00:26:00

What Are You Waiting For

Do you think you’ll be happy when you meet the perfect guy or girl, have the best job, the nicest home, the fastest car? What about until then? Are you destined to be less than something? Less than happy, less than fulfilled? Less than anything you have the right to be? What are you waiting for, really? Do you think you need permission, forgiveness, absolution? What are you waiting for? Motivation, energy, time? We spend our lives on hold or at least we tread water going nowhere. We think...

Duration: 00:26:07

Living In the Now

Are you always thinking about what happened in your past and how you miss it or regret it? Or are you one of those people who worries about what might, possibly, happen in the future? Do you make decisions only have running through all the “What Ifs”? When was the last time you were able to let go of the past and forgo the future and just live in the moment? If you live you life in the before’s and after’s you sacrifice the only thing you really have, the now. If you’re ready to seize the...

Duration: 00:25:59

Are You Ready to Care About Your Happiness?

Are you living or are you existing? Are you happy with your life? Are you content? Or are you just putting one foot in front of the other and hoping you’ll end up somewhere better than where you are right now? When we’ve been through life challenges we forget what its life to laugh, to enjoy the moment, to care. If you are finding yourself in that place of feeling nothing this show is for you. Tune in as Cheryl talks about how to find your way to anywhere other than where you feel stuck...

Duration: 00:25:45

The New Old Me with Meredith Maran

Do you feel like you’re back at square one when you thought you’d be living out your golden years with ease? Did your life take a tumble or two and you’re upside down, you think? When we face the unexpected and the unthinkable we have a decision to make. Are we going to let it bury us or will we rise above it? Those are all easy concepts to understand if you’re not the one seeing your life from a dark and scary place. If you’re in that place you never imagined or wanted yourself to be join...

Duration: 00:25:51

A Revealing Perspective of Life

Do you ever find yourself looking at someone else’s life and wondering why they seem to be so blessed and why aren’t you? If only you’d taken that job, moved to California, married that guy your life would be so different. Do you feel like you’re not living the life you want to, should be or are meant to? When we think of our lives in terms of what if we somehow feel like we’ve failed or are less than someone who seems to have what we want. Join Cheryl on today’s show as she strips down...

Duration: 00:26:21

Soloing Later in Life

Are you living life solo and not sure what to do with yourself? Are you hesitant to go out alone even for a nice meal? Do you hate leaving your house because the thought of being alone scares you? Just because you’re going it alone doesn’t mean you have to spend the rest of your life lonely. Whether you are single by choice, by divorce or because your significant other passed it can be hard to walk out your front door let alone make new friends or to even go out with old friends. Newly...

Duration: 00:26:07

Re-Writing Your History

Is there something in your past that haunts you today? Do you think that “if only” you’d made a different decision, been in another place, pursued a different passion that your life would be happier, more fulfilled, better? Do you live with your regrets? Every decision, every event, ever path we walked led us to where we are today. While you can’t go back and change it you can choose to see it differently. Just like two people can see any situation from completely different perspectives...

Duration: 00:25:59

The Best Life Has To Offer

You’ve survived the tough times and lived to tell about it.You’ve hit rock bottom and been taken down by the worst life has to offer but you’re still standing. Now its time to put the past in its place and focus your next steps on the best life has to offer you. Perhaps it took the worst for you to be able to even see the best but now you know what you don’t want. You know what isn’t worth it any more and you’re ready to let the good times roll! On today’s show we’re going to talk about...

Duration: 00:26:00

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