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Offseason Week 1 - Don't Drink Barbasol

The Brothers discuss the NFL playoffs so far, the Browns Front Office and Coaching Staff moves, some of the upcoming rumored moves and they each do a quick mock draft for the Browns first 6 picks to see what could be. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 01:08:34

Week 17 - The Way it Had to End

The brothers breakdown the final game of the season. They discuss the drop on the final drive, the referees performance and the disappointing showing from the defense. Later they discuss potential coaching changes and their number one offseason priority. Finally, it came down to the final week, but one brother was crowned champion of the weekly pick 'em games. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 00:56:47

Week 16 - All our luck is NFL draft related

The brothers, all together in one studio, discuss the week 16 loss to the Bears. While there is not much new to say they laugh about the Myles Garrett pick 6 that almost was and the Rashard Higgins fumble at the 2 yard line. Later, they discuss the possibilities at the top of the NFL draft. Finally, they pick the lines for the upcoming week. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 00:49:11

Week 15 - The Last "Shaved Thigh"

The brothers discuss the week 15 loss to the Ravens, whether the issues fall primarily fall on the players or coaches, Jerry Richardson selling the Panthers and the status of the Houston Texans pick. Later, they pick the lines on the upcoming games. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 01:01:38

Week 14 - If there is no more hope, what can we look forward to?

After a few weeks off, the brothers call their grandfather to discuss the Browns. The brothers then breakdown the devestating week 14 loss to the Packers and explain how the new pod sponsor came to be. Later they pick the lines of the upcoming games. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 00:52:38

Emergency Pod - Reaction to Browns Firing EVP Sashi Brown

The brothers scramble to react to the news about Sashi Brown and are joined by Pete Smith. Find Pete at: @PeteSmith

Duration: 00:27:51

Week 13 - Only 2/3rds as Good As The Others

Though a brother is missing, the show must go on. The older brothers discuss the browns week 13 loss to the Chargers. Matthew fumbles through his impromptu hosting duties and says "San Diego Chargers" every chance he can. They discuss Josh Gordon, Deshone Kizer and the coaching staff's future. Later, they look at the outlook for the Houston Texans 1st round pick and pick the lines on the upcoming games. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 01:03:12

Week 12 - At least Josh Gordon is coming back

The brothers discuss the week 12 loss to the Bengals and try and pull out the positives. Tony Grossi is mentioned and they struggle to hold back their true feelings. They talk about the state of the Browns roster and where the current WR pairing of Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman would rank in the NFL. Finally, they pick the lines on the coming games. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 00:58:27

Week 11 - "Poke 'em with sticks, feed em raw meat & say go get 'em"

The brothers do their best to not talk about the Browns game. They call their grandfather, but instead of talking about the Browns right away, he shares his big news! Later, the brothers continue to try to not talk about the Browns but that proves untenable. Finally, the brothers pick the lines. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 00:47:18

Week 10 - I believe the word is "Scheisse"

The brothers call their grandfather after the loss to the Lions and then later give a call to their friend Jens who breaks down what he expect from the matchup against the Jags. They discuss the loss to the Lions and the reasons to be optimistic about the future. Finally, the brothers make their picks for the upcoming lines. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 01:00:46

Week 9 - Interview with Dane Brugler

The brothers talk with Sr. Draft Analyst at, Dane Brugler, about growing up a Browns fan, his experience interviewing with the Browns a few years back, the current state of the front office and the 2018 QB class. After the interview, the brothers discuss the botched AJ McCarron trade, the returns of Corey Coleman and Josh Gordon and pick the lines for the upcoming week. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 01:19:56

Week 8 - Just a Sample Size Issue

The brothers call their grandfather to hear about the Browns loss to the Vikings and the weather. The brothers react to the news that Jimmy Garoppolo was traded to the 49ers and discuss why he is not a Cleveland Brown. They discuss the future of Hue Jackson, talk about the AFC North and pick the lines from next week. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 00:52:22

Week 7 - Say it ain't so, Joe!

The brothers discuss the all too predictable loss to the Titans, the lack of a plan for handling the QBs and mourn the loss of Joe Thomas. In a new segment they debate whether they would swap places with any of the other terrible teams in the NFL and then they pick the lines. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 00:57:55

Week 6 - "There is nothing to say about the Browns, they stink"

The brothers attempt to call their Grandfather about the Browns, but much to their surprise he is out on the town. The brothers discuss the week 6 loss to the Texans, introduce a new segment highlight the 3 dumbest things to come from Tony Grossi this week and make their picks for the upcoming games. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 00:52:39

Week 5 - "I don't want to do this anymore"

The brothers call their grandfather who has some very strong opinions about the state of the Browns. They discuss the week 5 loss to the Jets, the coaching decisions and where the Browns should go at the QB position. Later, they breakdown the division games and preview the upcoming matchup with the injury-riddled Houston Texans. Finally, they pick the lines and Mark begs for money. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 00:59:11

Week 4 - Their Only Quality is Ruining Sunday Afternoons

The Brothers mourn the end of all hope for a winning Browns season. They get an apology letter from their father and discuss their time spent in Cleveland watching the game in person. Later, they breakdown the Steelers win over the Ravens and the Jets overtime success over the Jags. Finally, they pick the upcoming lines. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 00:54:20

Week 3 - "The whole team is inactive"

The brothers are joined in studio by their grandfather. The four of them break down the week 3 loss to the Colts, talk about the few positives and moments of joy. Also the brothers preview the matchup against the Bengals and make their picks against the lines. @sinofourfathers

Duration: 00:39:25

Week 2 - If the Browns cut you, you know you are bad!

The brothers call their grandfather and get his take on the Browns/Ravens game. They discuss the performance of Deshone Kizer, contemplate the limits of Kevin Hogan and break down the crazy end to the first half. As always, the brothers preview the AFC North and the upcoming game against the Colts before they pick the lines on a few upcoming games.

Duration: 00:41:17

Week 1 - "It Felt Very Browns-y"

The brothers describe one another via former Browns players and analyze the week 1 loss to the Steelers. Michael struggles to pronounce players names correctly while the brothers discuss the Ravens victory over the Bengals and pick the lines for next week's games.

Duration: 00:45:40

Ep. 1 - If It Wasn't for Bad Luck, There Would Be None at All

The brothers get a call from their Grandfather who talks about his expectations for the Browns this season. The brothers recap the preseason, breakdown the rookies thus far and talk about their own expectations for the weeks ahead. Also, they pick some week one lines and laugh at the Chiefs for giving up a 5th round pick for Cam Erving.

Duration: 00:49:58