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Married at First Sight

Jess and Tony are back and both in agreements that the single life is the best life. With sad news about being ghosted again,Jess now has Ghostbusters on speed dial. Love hurts, stay single! Jess gets a question from an active listener about a show ‘Married at First Site’ causing Jess to start sweating, again. Marriage is for life, unless you’re divorced like 50% of us. Thanks for listening and keep Singling!

Duration: 01:12:14

Love Actually

Happy New Year from the Singling Podcast! Jess and Tony are so excited to be back after the holidays. With their producer Craig they talk about Love Actually. What actually is love? That butterfly feeling, sick to your stomach, can’t stop thinking about someone kind of love. New Year, New least that’s what Tony thinks. Although Jess is struggling with a Flighty guy once again there’s something different this time around, tune in to find out what it is. Thanks for listening and...

Duration: 01:02:20

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Singling Podcast is back with an update on Over or Overreacting. Is Jess being a psycho or is she a psychic? Jess and Tony breakdown the part in the relationship where you are in or you are out. Is there even a mid between? Dating is hard, let’s all just embrace the single life. Thanks for listening and keep singling!

Duration: 00:48:56

Over or Overreacting

Jess and Tony are back for Season 3! This episode will bring you right up to date in the life of Jess and talk about communication in a relationship. Jess always says communication is number 1. Is trouble in Paradise? Tony is wondering if it’s over or if she’s overreacting. Tune in and give us your feedback at Thanks for listening and keep Singling!

Duration: 01:01:27

Power Tools

Jess and Tony talk about sex! Are you one of those couples that has a code word for sexy time? Jess and Tony break down some classics that basically sounds like they are building a house. Why do so many sex names have to do with power tools? Screw that! Jess thinks it’s aggressive! Thanks for listening and keep Singling!

Duration: 00:33:57

Dear John

Jess and Tony are back to talk about Dear John letters to all of Jess’s lingering men. Jess is breaking hearts and taking names on this episode. They also talk about the 5 love languages and how your love language can make or break a relationship. Tony is no longer gluten free just on a low carb diet - check out the air fryers on our website at Thanks for listening and keep singing!

Duration: 00:57:11

Love or Lust

Jess and Tony are back after a spooky break for Halloween to talk about Love or Lust. They have so much to cover! Jess gives an update on the race and finally chooses a winner to cuff up with for the winter. Tony fires up the air fryer and blows Jess away with the outcome of crispy food. He is finally off gluten free making Jess super happy. Thanks for listening and keep Singling!

Duration: 01:00:48

Connections AF

Jess and Tony bring back Lexy for an update on her latest “connection”. Time to DTR. Jess wasn’t ghosted after all and clearly needs help in the dating arena. She likewise thinks she has this thing called a “connection” and hates it! Dating is hard. All the while Tony is still gluten free and hasn’t used his air fryer.

Duration: 01:08:49

To Ghost Or Not To Ghost

Singling is back this week to talk about ghosting and gluten free. Tony is apparently gluten free now and is really excited to talk about it. More beer for Jess who needs it because she was ghosted (again) - just in time for Halloween! Tony explains why ghosting is a thing and why it's good while Jess argues that the best approve is the fade away.

Duration: 00:46:08

Are guys or girls More sensitive?

Who's is more needy when it comes to relationships? Jess and Tony breakdown who is the most sensitive, guys or girls. Jess thinks guys are the ones who pout more and don't talk about their "feelings" while Tony thinks girls are clearly more sensitive. They both agree girls are the crazy ones. Thanks for listening!

Duration: 01:08:12

How to get out of the Friendzone

They say the best relationships are the ones that started as friends. Jess and Tony try to breakdown "How to get out of the friendzone" with their producer Craig who says he's never been able to get out of the friendzone. Jess gives Craig props for at least trying. Thanks for listening!

Duration: 00:59:12

Cuffing Season

Jess and Tony have a public announcement to warn their listeners on Cuffing Season. Don't get confused when winter approaches and your ex comes knocking on your door. This is the Season people are Cuffing up for the winter. So much Netflix and chill. Don't miss the episode!

Duration: 00:39:24

Who's Got Game

Jess and Tony talk more about the game. Jess says no matter what, you're playing the game even by not playing the game. Lexy joins in so she can give us the update on the guy she went stage 5 clinger on. Dating is exhausting. Keep singling!

Duration: 00:53:27

Quality Not Quantity

Jess and Tony are back after a week break from the holiday. Jess is recovering from Vegas and Tony is recovering from QVC shopping remorse. Tony talks about Lexy being a stage 5 clinger and not to get confused with quality verse quantity.

Duration: 00:54:05

Season 2 Episode 8: The Dating Game

Jess and Tony with some new guests talk about the dating game. Jess is so annoyed by the game and is seeking advice on what to do when she actually might like someone. So many questions! Is there really a 3 day rule, do you double text, can you initiate conversation? She needs all the help she can get. Thanks for listening!

Duration: 00:56:47

Speed Dating

Jess brings on Lexy to tell Tony all about their adventures in Speed Dating. Jess and Lexy went Speed Dating on a Tuesday and couldn't wait to talk all about it and how the process works. Jess and Lexy talk about their matches and Jess comes out of this adventure with even more friends.

Duration: 01:00:31

Season 2 Episode 6: Chameleons

Jess and Tony invite back George to talk about how people change what they like once they get into a relationship. Tony calls this the chameleon and we all agree that just about everyone changes in one way or another once you're in a relationship. Football season is coming up and Jess is looking to meet someone quick so she has a football team to vote for.

Duration: 00:53:05

Season 2 Episode 5: Serendipity

Jess has a new soulmate who doesn't even know it yet and Tony completed operation kiss! Jess thinks it's important to find out certain things about this soulmate before she can even date him. Listen to 20 classic dating questions you should ask or find out before getting into a serious relationship.

Duration: 00:43:08

Season 2 Episode 4: Comic Con Special. Turn On's and Turn Off's

Jess and Tony reunite after 12 days apart to catch up on Comic-Con and how Tony’s Chewbacca backpack was a major turn off. Now that it’s season two Tony’s good friend Kevin finally joins the show with little Sam from a prior episode to talk about what turns us on and what turns us off. Jess isn’t letting Kevin back on after this episode! Thanks for listening and keep singling!

Duration: 01:01:27

Season 2 Episode 3: Singling Ain't Easy

Jess and Tony invite a group of friends to talk about their experiences with modern dating. Dating has become so hard now a days! Everyone comes to the conclusion that organic dating is far better than online dating but for some reason everyone is online dating. A psychologist joins the group to help everyone better understand why we should organically date and put our swiping to the side.

Duration: 01:06:37

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