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Sinner's Crossroads with Kevin Nutt


Scratchy vanity 45s, pilfered field recordings, muddy off-the-radio sounds, homemade congregational tapes and vintage commercial gospel throw-downs; a little preachin', a little salvation, a little audio tomfoolery.

Scratchy vanity 45s, pilfered field recordings, muddy off-the-radio sounds, homemade congregational tapes and vintage commercial gospel throw-downs; a little preachin', a little salvation, a little audio tomfoolery.
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East Orange, NJ




Scratchy vanity 45s, pilfered field recordings, muddy off-the-radio sounds, homemade congregational tapes and vintage commercial gospel throw-downs; a little preachin', a little salvation, a little audio tomfoolery.




Episode from Dec 7, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Soproco Spiritual Singers - "Moving On" Gospel i.Q.'s - "Heaven Is Made For Me" Victory Travelers - "I Know I've Been Changed" Salem Travelers - "Paying My Dues" - "Hear Jerusalem When She Moans" Pennington Specials - "Nothing To Hard For God" Seniors of Harmony - "Sing A Little While" Golden Echoes - "Sinner Run To Jesus" C.B.S. Trumpeteers - "We Shouldn't Forget" Inspirational Chords of Harmony - "Savior Don't Pass Me By" Swanee...

Duration: 01:09:26

Episode from Nov 30, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Notes of Melody - "Old Landmark" Rev. Lloyd Oldham - "Richer and Richer" Singing Crusaders - "Now, Lord" [Church Pics tonight are from the very cool Atlas Obscura blog:] Eagle Jubilee Singers - "Canaan Land" Ernest Walker and the Inspiralettes - "Meet Me In The Golden City" Sensational Harmoneers - "It's Been a Long Journey" Mighty Walker Brothers -...

Duration: 01:10:44

Episode from Nov 23, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Ike Gordon - "Your Old Close Friends" Pilgrim Travelers - "Call On Jesus" Rev. White and the White Singers - "Keep On Praying" Rev. Charlie Jackson - "Goodness of God, Pts. 1 & 2" Sister Sarah James and the Sanctified Six - "My Testimony" [The great Elder Utah Smith's daughter on this one.] Dorothy Whitehead - "Rain, Rain, Rain" Robert Mitchell and the Mighty Travelers - "One Morning Soon" Pilgrim Jubilee Singers - "Oh Lord (Alt. Tk....

Duration: 01:09:13

Episode from Nov 16, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" - NO LP Slim and the Supreme Angels - "One Step Inside" - NO LP Bright Stars - "All My Help" - All My Help Stars of Glory - "All of My Help" - I'm On My Way Pure Heart Travelers - "Call On Jesus" - Call The Angels Cleveland All-Stars - "Jesus Said He Would" - Look The Place Over Rev. Charles Kirby - "I Surrender" - Having My Share of Troubles Capitalaires - "One Of These Mornings" - NO LP Soul Savers - "Just Anyhow" - NO LP Rogers Brothers -...

Duration: 01:10:37

Episode from Nov 9, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" - NO LP R&T Singers - "Alive and Well" - No LP Spiritual Clouds of Joy of Omaha, Neb. - "I Came To Jesus" - NO LP Robert and the Southerners - "In The Need Of Prayer" - NO LP Guiding Light Gospel Singers - "Just ACloser Walk With Thee" - NO LP Swan Silvertones - "Careless Soul" - No LP Rev. Curtis Watson - "The Soap Operas" - NO LP Watson Sisters - "One Talk With Jesus" - No LP Inez Andrews - "What A Blessing" - Close to Thee Crossroad...

Duration: 01:08:22

Episode from Nov 2, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Willie Ayers and the Morning Echoes - "Over in Gloryland" Starlighters - "Going Up To Meet Him" Mellotones - "Moving up The King's Highway" Rev. Alex Fountain and Alma Robinson - "Tall Angels at the Bar" - African-American Spirituals of Alabama Indiana Wonders - "Use Me Lord" - I Love The Lord Flying Stars of Brooklyn - "My God Has A Telephone" Sensational Spiritualaires - "Saints Go Marching In" Junior Hummingbirds - "Jesus Died For...

Duration: 01:04:53

Episode from Oct 26, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Reverend Charlie Jackson - "Wrapped Up and Tangled Up in Jesus" Abraham Brothers - "Pray While You Have The Chance" William Lot - "Lay Your Hands On Me Jesus" - Johnny L. Jones: The Hurricane That Hit Atlanta Tommietts Gospel Singers - "Have You Been Through The Water" Veteran Singers - "Give It Up" Colemenaires - "Out On The Ocean Saling" Original Spiritual Jubilaires - "Everytime I Feel The Spirit" Bethlehem Gospel Singers - "Give Me A...

Duration: 01:07:37

Episode from Oct 19, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Ike Gordon - "Your Old Close Friends" Highway QC's - "Done Got Over" Sons of Daniel - "Leaving My Heavenly Home" The Golden Nugget - "Jesus Is Waiting" Prophet G. Lusk - "The Devil's Trying to Steal My Joy" Reverend Milton Phelps - "Come On, Come On" Montgomery Spiritual Five - "Come and See about Me" Famous Renfroe - "In His Hands" Pilgrim Jubilee Singers - "You've Got to Wait" The Sensational Whirlwinds - "Satan Leave Me Alone" Faithful...

Duration: 01:09:59

Episode from Oct 12, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" CBS Trumpeteers - "If You Live Right" - Judgement's Coming Electrifying Friendlyettes of Selma, Alabama - "You Need To Love Him" Lucile Jordon and Claudia Benson - "When God Closes The Door He Opens the Window" Unknown Group Pure Heart Travelers - "By God's Grace" - Angels Void Brothers - "I've Got Something To Shout About" - Something To Shout About Flying Clouds of Montgomery, Alabama - "Somebody's Calling Me" - Sermon on the...

Duration: 01:09:45

Episode from Oct 5, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Joe Townsend - "Going Over The Hill" Spirit of Memphis - "See What the End Will Be" Bells of Tone - "Come and Go With Me" Original Gospelettes - "Give Me One More Chance" Gospel Songbirds of Chattanooga - "I'm On The Battlefield" Davis Sisters - "Sign of Judgement" [Art tonight by Sam Doyle] Mighty Uniques - "Shoes" Evangelist Maxie Clark Jr. and the Outreach Singers - "Running for My Life" Linen Singers - "I've Got to...

Duration: 01:09:23

Episode from Sep 28, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Michigan Nightingales - "He'll Make It Alright" Glory Bound Singers - "Didn't It Rain" Mountavie Gospel Singers - "I Love The Lord" Mighty True Gospel Lights - "Somebody Need You Lord" Sensationl Gospel Eagles - "why Not Tonight" Rev Charles Kirby - "Over The Hill" Gospel All-Stars - "Traveling On" Brother Hayes and the Farmer Singers - "Saved and Sanctified" Gigantic Overland Travelers - "I Don't Know" Mighty Messiahs - "While The Blood...

Duration: 01:09:00

Episode from Sep 21, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Rev. Peter Sellers - "WAOK Devotion" Squeaky Morgan - "Jesus Is On The Mainline" - WAOK Gospel Caravan Southern Faith Singers - "Every Day and Every Hour" - God's Promise Gospel Ambassadors - "Time" Spiritual Sons of Greensboro - "Jesus Brought Me To The Light" Sunset Jubilees - "New Jerusalem" Jubilee Hummingbirds - "Always Treat a Stranger Right" Kings of Harmony of Alabama - "Shine On Me" Traveling Gospel Singers - "Work Until My Day Is...

Duration: 01:11:01

Episode from Sep 14, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Rev. Willie Morganfield - "I Can't Keep it To Myself" Song Birds - "Blood of Jesus" Robert Chatman - "Nobody Knows" - Holy Ghost Trip Humble Servant Gospel Singers - "Jesus Is Mine" Jackson Harmoneers - "John Saw The Number" Golden Echoes - "Ride Away to Heaven" Inspirational Singers - "Gift of God" Rev Hubert Baker and the Twilights Singers - "I Know it Was The Blood" Trumpetaires of Mobile, Alabama - "That's Alright" Southern Travelers -...

Duration: 01:08:44

Episode from Sep 7, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Henry Clay and Franklin Turner - "Serving the Lord" Alabama Nightingales - "I Know So Much About Jesus" Golden Stars - "Move Up A Little Higher" Friendly Five Quartet - "Lord You've Been Good To Me" Sensational Four - "We Come A Long Way" Highway Spirituals of Charlotte, NC. - "I'm Glad Man Didn't Make Me" Golden Harmonaires - "Just As Long As God's In The Hearts of Men" - Golden Harmonaires JT Isom and the Spiritual Stars - "Not...

Duration: 01:09:08

Episode from Aug 31, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Daughters of Zion - "Holy Ghost" National Clouds of Joy - "When Jesus Rises" Pilgrim Five - "You Don't Have To Worry" Rev. E. Fair and the Sensational Gladys Davis Trio - "We Belong To The Royal Family" Sensational Nightingales - "All Be Over" Sensational Skylarks of Detroit - "Nobody Knows" Spiritual Five - "Stumbling Block" Friendly Four of Selma, Alabama - "I've Had It Hard" Chosen Sons of God of Birmingham - "When I Get To...

Duration: 01:09:35

Episode from Aug 24, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Dixie Hummingbirds - "This Evening" Wilson Harmonizers of Washington, D.C. - "You Can't Hurry God" Masonic Travelers - "I've Got A Home On High" Kansas City Soul Revivers - "Salesman for the Lord" Bessemer Big Four - "Precious Lord" Soul Revivors of Benton Harbor, MI - "I'm On My Way Home" Christian Tones - "God Got His Eyes On You" Singing Crusaders - "Lord Somebody Touched Me" Caravan No. 2 of Zachary, LA - "Trouble In My Way" Junior...

Episode from Aug 17, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" - NO LP Four Stars - "Lords Been Good To Me" - NO LP 5 Saints - "Jesus Looks After Me" - WAOK Gospel Caravan Chosen Gospel Singers - "Why Do Men Turn There Backs On God" - NO LP Famous Swindell Singers of Laurinburg, N.C. - "I've Been Mourning A Long Time" - NO LP Johnson Spiritual Singers - "Jesus Met The Woman At the Well" - Don't Let The Devil Ride Isaiah Owens and Sister Ann Talbert - "He Is Well With My Soul" - NO LP Glory Travelers -...

Duration: 01:09:36

Episode from Aug 10, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" - NO LP Daytonians - "I Got Everything I Need" - Let Jesus Work It Out Dixie Hummingbirds and the Angelic Gospel Singers - "Jesus Will Answer Prayers" - No LP Trumpeteers - "Saints Go Marching In" - NO LP Crecent City Gospel Singers - "Heavenly Fathers" - NO LP Cleveland All-Stars - "I'll Fly Away" - No LP Little Anthony and the Truetone Gospel Singers - "Right Will Win In The End" - Live the Life I Sing About Sensational Gospelaires of...

Episode from Aug 3, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Bill Moss and the Celestials - "That's All I Want" Suggs Brothers Quartet - "When I Get Home" Rev. Brady L. Blade - "Old Ship of Zion" Golden Crown - "Don't Forget Your Family Prayer" Golden Echoes - "Have Mercy My Father" Kingdom Stars - "Walk On By Faith" Georgina Bennett, Creola Bennett and Alonzia Pettway - "I Want You to Help" Voice of New England - "Evening Train May Be Too Late" Spirit of Illinois Quartet - "Traveling Shoes" Singing...

Duration: 01:09:52

Episode from Jul 27, 2017

Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Rev. Samuel Butler - "Deep Down In My Heart" - Only The Strong Shall Survive Rev. Willie Morganfield - "Walk With Me" - You Better Get Right Lunenburg Travelers - "What Could I Do" - Religion in Rhythm Pilgrim Travelers - "I'm Thankful" Sensational Six of Alabama - "When The Way Is Dark" - Just Beyond the River Gospel Ambassadors - "Leave That Liar Alone" - Leave That Liar Alone Dixie Hummingbirds - "We'll Meet Again" Gospel Artistics -...

Duration: 01:09:50

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