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17- Sparkle. Diane de Poitiers. Gen Fighting Joe Hooker and Modern Man

On this episode- we are talking about 3 examples of men procuring female companionship during history. First we talk about Diane de Poitiers- a King’s Mistress. Next, we talk about Major General Fighting Joe Hooker and lastly, we “sparkle” with a guest over his adventures on Craiglist. This episode is a little bit more “bolder” so you were warned. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:...

Duration: 01:52:25

16- Sip. Mental Illness, Cults, J. Paul Getty III Kidnapping and Sacagawea’s Husband

On this episode of Sip & Shine- we talk about the problem of mental illness in teens. We discuss the crazy self-help cult that Catherine Oxenburg’s daughter is mixed up in as well as the kidnapping and torture of John Paul Getty III. Lastly, we talk a serial killer that was just identified and Sacagawea’s husband was a molester of teen girls. Not your 4th grade history class. Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram...

Duration: 01:00:57

15- Sip. Poe’s Death, The Girl in Blue, Warrior Women Belt Buckles & Aaron Burr’s Missing Daughter

On this Sip Episode, Carrie talks about the strange occasion of Edgar Allan Poe’s death. Our hearts go out to the young woman who lost her life saving one (without choice) on I-66 in Virginia last week, which led to the story of the Girl in Blue. She was a girl who lost her life on a train track with no name. We talk about women warrior belt buckles over by Mongolia. Lastly, we tell the ghost story in Alexandria about Aaron Burr’s missing daughter. I think that’s about it. Follow us on...

Duration: 00:45:25

14- Sip. Downfall of Rosewater, Missing Person August Reiger, Buried Alive. And oh some 90 Day Fiance.

On this episode, Carrie goes sipping and shining all by herself. She talks about her recent outbreak of shingles (promise not yucky), a recent death of an actress who lost her husband to Doris Duke- after giving a show to the Nazis to save his a**. She chats about the downfall of rosewater (I know serious stuff right- but hang in there), a missing case of August Reiger, and cases from history of being buried alive. It is Halloween after all. And of course we throw in some 90 Day Fiance,...

Duration: 01:54:05

Welcome to RealiTV Podcast (Part 2): The Trailside Killer

On this second installment with Welcome to RealiTV Podcast, we dive into the Trailside Killer. This case originally was brought to light on Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald when Lisa Rinna talked about her mother’s connection to a serial killer. We also talk about Newton Shooting, Casey Anthony and Unsolved Mysteries. Of course we dabble in a little bit of reality chatting about Real Housewives of New Jersey. Jodie is an extremely talented, smart and witty up and coming podcaster who is...

Duration: 02:35:30

Welcome to RealiTV Podcast (Part 1): The Trailside Killer

On this episode, we host the very talented up and coming podcaster Jodie from Welcome to RealiTV Podcast. Over a glass of wine and maybe some vodka, we play drinking games talking about 90 Fiance, Before 90 Day Fiance, Meet the Putnams and Jodie’s bestie- Auj. So pour your class of mulled wine, get ready to pick out your housecoat, and enjoy our first installment of the Trailside Killer. We know the artwork says Trailside- at some point we will get it right.

Duration: 01:15:36

Jonestown: We Tried

On this episode we dig back into our archives on an episode with Meghan the Travel Teacher. This blogger ( features travel deals and tips all on a teacher’s budget. We attempted to discuss the sad history of Jonestown; instead we got distracted by bacon horseradish dip, cult stories and rescue dogs. We say “like” a lot and we “sip” even more. Join us Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:...

Duration: 00:49:18

The Foxcatcher Murder

This is the story of John du Pont, heir to a prominent Delaware family, and how he created a fantasy of being a successful athlete and coach on his compound. This fantasy lead to a tale of mental illness, drugs, jealousy and finally a killing. Was justice served when a wealthy man commits a murder or did he get off on the charges? Join us in this tale of Foxcatcher. Yes the movie had Channing Tatum and Steve Carell in it. Our wine & shot-outs are Shot of History Podcast and Atlas Obscura...

Duration: 01:00:29

Thomas Day’s Wifey Project

Definitely not as easy as the animated movie, How To Train Your Dragon, the peculiar Thomas Day decided he could conduct an experiment to train the perfect wife. So in the 1700s, he set out to adopt two orphans to do just that. Join us on this discussion of what happened when he conducted his experiment on our so non scholarly podcast. Join us on Twitter @sipandshinepod. Facebook & Instagram @sipandshinepodcast. Join our Facebook Group Sip & Shine Speakeasy. (No dragons were harmed in the...

Duration: 02:58:53

History of Measles: The Disease Next Door

On this episode of Sip & Shine Podcast, we say goodbye to our old equipment through chatting about the case of a missing woman from Hurricane Harvey and the concept of the new TLC show Before the 90 Days (a spin-off of 90 Day Fiance). Carrie talks about her new favorite podcast- Welcome to RealitTV. And then we get to the point- the history of measles! This may seem like a boring topic- why talk about a childhood disease? Well, this is still a disease resulting in death in the world. If...

Duration: 01:12:27

Lululemon Murder in Bethesda

On this episode, we talk about the brutal attack that occured in a Lululemon Store in Bethesda Maryland. Straight out of a City Confidential episode, this attack was more than random- with sinister motives behind it. Previously seen on Oxygen’s Snapped, this is DC Life & Style’s take on the case. Listen in to hear the tale of retail murder that took investigators down a road they didn’t expect. (Please note, the host Carrie did have recent oral surgery and you will hear the effects from...

Duration: 00:42:53

Paranormal Activity

This is a re-released episode. Our guest this week has visited some of the most tragic areas in the Northeast United States- to investigate the existence of ghosts and paranormal activity. If you are not a believer, this guest may change your mind. Find us on @dclifeandstyle for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Download our free app on Google Play or Itunes.

Duration: 01:38:18

An ID Channel Actress

On this re-release of Sip & Shine Podcast, we interviewed an ID Channel actress on her prior life as a private investigator but more “importantly” what is she interested in? Of course, murder and serial killers! You will recognize her from her countless roles on the ID Channel. This New Yorker phoned in to talk Ted Bundy and her other favorite murders. Our wine & shout-out: Check out the Twitter of @carrieri_jenny. Her sister was murdered in the Baltimore MD area and it goes unsolved...

Duration: 00:43:35

Justice for Jody: The Unsolved Case of Jody LeCornu

On this episode, we talk to two sisters who lost their sibling to an unsolved murder. On March 2, 1996, Jody LeCornu was sitting in her car in a shopping center. The 23 year old young woman was shot in the back, whereupon she drove across the road to another shopping center where she unfortunately she lost her life. We want to keep her memory her alive and answers to her case. #justiceforjody. Our wine and shout-out, check out the Gleason Documentary. It depicts the story of Steve Gleason-...

Duration: 00:34:21

The Colonel: U.S.S. Indianapolis

Have you visited the World War 2 War Memorial in Washington, D.C.? Or have you seen the recent Nicolas Cage movie, U.S.S. Indianapolis: Men of Courage? On this episode, we chat with the Colonel (yes, a real one) discussing one of the largest, tragic naval tragedies to date. After delivering components of the atomic bomb, the U.S.S. Indianapolis was hit by enemy torpedoes. After sinking, approximately 900 of the 1100 men were stranded in the water for three and half days- open to the...

Duration: 01:10:04

Marie from Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Dallas

On this episode, we talk to Marie from Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Dallas. She was friend of the Real Housewives franchise; she describes what it was like and how the original show wasn’t even intended to be a franchise. Marie also talks about the infamous incident that she was embroiled with; specially with the show’s intimidating star LeeAnne Locken. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @dclifeandstyle. Sip and Shine Podcast Playlist Song Someone to Take Your Place by Tara...

Duration: 01:29:47

Samantha Walsh Part 2 The Wandering Blonde

This is the fun part of the Samantha Walsh interview. We play drinking games (she is in the UK and it is 2:30 in the afternoon in the U.S.). I think I offend her with my American humor (especially with my true crime humor) but you can see why she is so sparkle-ly- she looks gorgeous and is achieving her dreams. So do some shots and start listening- because you may want to play Marry, Date or Kill with us. Follow us @dclifeandstyle on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Our Napster and Youtube...

Duration: 00:38:32

Parenting Teenagers: Suicide and Self-Harm

On this episode of Sip and Shine Podcast, it was an episode that featured a young man who suffered from issues of self-harm and suicidal attempts. It was an episode of triumph- only to result in a suicide attempt later that evening. This episode serves as a reminder- that we can all get better- and that at times you may stumble- but it is the way you pick yourselves up again that matters. Follow us @dclifeandstyle on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Sip and Shine Podcast Napster and...

Duration: 00:34:36

Shine: Jonestown Part 1

On this episode, we have Meghan The Traveling Teacher back to discuss Jonestown. The grave of Congressman Leo Ryan is in Arlington Cemetery. We try to discuss it- starting from why people join cults to sins of the father. However, we get side tracked and discuss our new dogs from rescues and trying to learn how to train us to be puppy mommies. We then weave back- and decide we need to get together again and talk about Jonestown again- because this just didn’t cut it. Sorry guys. What...

Duration: 00:52:36

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