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Episode 32: Sippin Bone Broth and Talking Fall TV

Sipping Sisters take you on a journey through their thoughts on Fall TV. We talk bone broth, sexualizing thighs, our The 100 predictions, Shameless plugs and our adoration of Janet & all things The Good Place. Grad something brothy and join the convo! Tweet with us at @3SippingSisters Share your screen impacts at Subscribe, Review, and Tell a Friend. Cheers! Music by Patrick Lee

Duration: 00:35:59

Episode 31: "You have a dad but you don't have a dad"

Grab your adult beverages and listen along as we discuss how fatherhood is portrayed on screen. Focusing on TV dads, we discuss toxic fathers, best-dad awards, and everything in between. Three sisters, with serious daddy issues, sip and chat about the impact that fathers on our screens can have.

Duration: 00:45:32

Episode 30: Definitely NOT Married to Marriage Tropes with The One With Podcast

In our Dirt Thirty episode we continue our campaign to #KillYourTropes while we talk about Marriage on Screen! We all agreed a good marriage is hard to find, at least on TV. We talk Shameless, This is Us, Phil&Claire Dunft, Coach&Tammy, Roseanne&Dan, and many more! No on screen couple sways baby sis towards marriage, but Reality TV makes her no marriage decision even more solid! At some point we talk about Hillary and hand jobs--just like real marriage it gets a bit dicey at points!...

Duration: 01:23:58

Episode 29: Sports on Screen--The other FANDOM

Sip along with the sisters this week as we talk sports! Listen as we discuss our favorite sports to watch and the way we watch them, sports fandoms, and of course politics in sports. We might have different views but we all sure like sipping as we watch athletes compete at the highest level possible. Put on your jersey, pour a glass of your favorite tailgate beer, and gear up for some sports talk with the Sipping Sisters!

Duration: 00:51:56

Episode 28: Christians On Screen- OMG, Twisted Sisterds and Sipping Sisters MASHUP!

OMG, in this epic mash-up two trinities join forces to talk about Jesus on Screen. We discuss the stuff on our screens that moves our spirit and the stuff that makes us groan. We also dig deep into how the way the "good Christian" is shown on screen distances us from the loving message of Jesus. We ponder why "Christian" movies have a sheen of crappiness, and we talk some mad trash about Nicholas Sparks. We also share some of our personal experiences with church and how that has led to...

Duration: 01:51:24

Episode 27: We Ship it While We Sip It-Sipping Sisters Talk Shipping

Get ready to Sip It and Ship It this week as Sipping Sisters talk about ships! Shockingly, none of the sisters have Joey & Pacey on their top ten, but some other popular ships make the cut. Listen in for our top ten ships, our favorite and least favorite ship tropes, and a nice discussion of #SideShips that we love. We also share which ships we're looking forward to, Hello Timeless! For Sipping Sisters, loose lips SAIL ships! Come Sip & Ship with us! A secial thanks to @shippingroompod for...

Duration: 01:33:48

Episode 26: Sipping With Carina MacKenzie- On Feminism and Being a Woman in the Writers Room

It was perfect. Not only is this what Carina MacKenize had to say about her journey with the CW hit The Originals, it is also what we Sipping Sisters have to say about this episode where we discuss feminism and being a woman in the writers' room! The conversation is full of gems, like how Dear White People inspired The Originals writing team, sincere exploration of what it means to be a "strong woman" and spirited talk about where we find those examples of strong women characters on our...

Duration: 02:16:32

Episode 25: Motherhood on Screen

The Sipping Sisters talk Motherhood on Screen in this episode of the podcast! We start with a thoughtful consideration of naming our lady parts #FitFabFunBox and decorating with some vagazzling. We talk more seriously about Charlottesville and the terrorist attack that occurred at the white nationalist rally. After talking about Heather Heyer and how we're handling everything, we get into the episode's main topic, Moms and Motherhood on Screen! Let us know your favorite moms and portrayals...

Duration: 01:38:45

Episode 24: Sex On Screen-- Oh So Sexy Time--

Sex is all over our screens! Listen to this week's Sipping Saturdays episode as the sisters discuss sex on our screens. The good, the bad and the ugly of sexy time on screen. Sometimes it's just the right amount of skin and sometimes it goes too far. Sip along and listen to hear which sister you agree with the most; we all feel differently about sex on screen!

Duration: 00:50:21

Episode 22: Heroes and Heroines on Screen-- Who do you consider a hero?

This week the 3 sisters sip through the heroes and heroines we see on our screens. Listen as we discuss the reasons why we see the same type of hero over and over again and what we wished we saw more of on screen. We talk our heroes and heroines and how seeing (or not seeing)ourselves in these characters has affected us. This is the first of our Sipping Saturdays! Stay tuned for our weekly, Saturday, episodes. Don't forget to sip with us!

Duration: 01:21:05

Episode 21: A SPECIAL Sipping San Diego Comic-Con!

We've done it! The Sipping Sisters have sipped their way through San Diego Comic-Con. Join us for a discussion about our favorite moments from our weekend! It's a Best Of episode! We cover the Best Reveal, Best Audience Question, Best Cosplay Moment, Most Cringe Worthy Moment, Best Shipper Moment, Most Worth the Wait, Closest Cast, Most Likely to Watch New Show and MORE!! It is a fabulous episode and we hope you'll listen and join our conversation. Tweet with us @3SippingSisters Email us...

Duration: 02:03:41

Episode 19: Tape 7 Side A-- Mr. Porter's Tape-- The last tape

We are on the last tape of 13 Reasons Why. Sip with us as we discuss the last episode and wrap up our discussion on the series. We talk Hannah's last ditch effort at getting help, the loose ends left behind in her wake and the role of counselors in school. Take a big gulp for our last episode on the series 13 Reasons Why.

Duration: 01:31:34

Episode 18: Tape 6 Side A- Sipping Through Clay's Tape with Christine-Everything On the Rocks

It's rocky-both in Christine's whiskey and in this tape, Clay's tape. Sit and sip with us through our heart-wrenching and oddly heart-warming, conversation about Hannah, Clay, Alex, Jessica, Justin and the reasons we need to keep on talking about them. Even if you're losing your sh*t, sh*t's overrated, lose it. We're giddy and nervous throughout this episode because the amazing Christine @ChrissyMarie47 from The Shipping Room Pod @TheShippingRoomPod joined us. We talk shipping a couple...

Duration: 01:25:02

Episode 17: Tape 5 Side A- Shadows Reveal the Shape of You-Justin's, or is it really Hannah’s, Tape.

In this episode we talk at length about the grey. In a very pivotal episode in the series 13 Reasons Why, shadows are cast on our main characters and their complexities are revealed. We do some serious sipping through sexual assault, red flags, what we should expect from teens and how Hannah is not a hero and this really should be her tape, not Justin's. Take a sip, maybe even a swig, as we venture into the first of three stories from Jessica's party. Join our conversation on twitter...

Duration: 00:37:26

Episode 16: Tape 4 Side B -- Why are the arts so important?--Ryan's Tape

Take a sip and join us as we talk through our sipping of Tape 4 Side B of 13 Reasons Why. This is Ryan's tape, a boy who anonymously published a (very good) poem by Hannah without her knowledge. Listen as we discuss the ways that teenagers and students connect to school and how important the arts are. Do you think Ryan deserves a tape?

Duration: 00:24:23

Episode 15: Tape 4 Side A --What else did she get wrong? -- Zach's Tape

Take a sip and join us as we talk through our sipping of Tape 4 Side A of 13 Reasons Why. This is Zach's tape, but it is about much more than Zach. With the addition of our honorary sister, Courtney, we discuss the loneliness that people face and its effects. We reflect on trying to make friends and how schools, teachers, and adults can facilitate friendships. Tweet with us at @3SippingSisters Email us at Rate, Review, Subscribe and Share us! Sip You Very Much!

Duration: 00:53:08

Episode 14: Tape 3 Side B- From Her Grave, The Boxer Says Two Words "Don't Try"- Marcus's Tape

Take a sip and take a swing and join us as we fight through our sipping of Tape 3 Side B of 13 Reasons Why. In this discussion we talk about people who will do anything to protect their image and how that leaves others injured and beaten down. We talk about the ways we fight, whether with words, fists or lies. Finally, we ponder Hannah's parting imagery for this tape, a epitaph from a boxer's grave that says "Don't Try". From "The Boxer" by Simon & Garfunkel I am just a poor boy Though my...

Duration: 00:34:13

Episode 13: Tape 3 Side A- Take Me Back to the Night We Met- Courtney's Tape- 13 Reasons Why

Grab your best Promposal and slow dance moves and take a sip and a sashay with us through Hannah's high school Winter Formal. Even though it seems all glitter and fluff, high school dances and the social expectations that come with them can be an apex of angst and anguish. Little sis thinks this tape showcases that when we are ashamed of ourselves, we shame others. Shame on you Courtney. Shame on you. Join our conversation on twitter @3SippingSisters Email us at

Duration: 00:39:16

Episode 12: Tape 2 Side B- Those Who Go Unnoticed- Tyler's Tape- 13 Reasons Why

The Sipping Sisters sip through Tape 2 Side Be of 13 Reasons Why and discuss the students who go unnoticed. How do we find and bring back the lost ones? Will what was lost by Hannah and the people on the tapes ever be found? Why do some kids go under the radar and continue to be ignored by peers and adults? More questions that answers for this one, but, as always, the trick is in the unpacking, in the noticing. One of the sisters manages to sip herself to sleep by the end of the episode,...

Duration: 00:24:25

Episode 11: Tape 2 Side A- The List and It's Open Season on Hannah Baker- Alex's Tape

In this episode we sip through Tape 2 Side A of 13 Reasons Why. We have ome serious talk about the way that "The List" impacts Hannah and how we have experienced those ourselves. Janelle shares a personal list story and the Sipping Sisters all highlight the warning signs that we see from Alex that everyone seems to be missing. We end on a light note, chatting an itty bit about our favorite heartbreaking ship, Hannah & Clay. Sip and sob with us through this important series. Tweet with us...

Duration: 00:31:42

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