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Episode 3: Who is Ben?

00:46- A different sort of episode today. 00:49 - FYI the German TV show was called Bronski and Bernstein. Its great. 01:17 - Ben's first degree and what he studied. 02:08 - "Ben have you considered teaching" 02:28 - Ben has no talent. 03:43 - Editing a doco for Public Access TV 06:11 - If you don't aspire to be anything why do you bother to do this? 07:45 - Working on Trapped 08:57 - "You're not saving lives" 09:07 - "The camera operator or DOP has to be the gentleman of the set" 10:59 -...


Episode 2: Building Empires with Grant

Interview with Grant Sputore, director and one of the founders of the Penguin Empire. How did you decide you wanted to work in film? 03:24 Grant discusses film school 04:33 Book reccomendations! 05:50 Directing Actors Directing Actors: Creating Memorable Performances for Film & Television Story Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting A discussion on film structures 07:04 "A films only job is to entertain you" 07:42 Grant discusses the early days of the...


Episode 1: sound with Owen

Interview with Owen Hughes-Odgers, location sound recordist and drone pilot. "If it's remote, isolated, dusty or on fire" 2:10 When did Owen decide he wanted to work in film? 2:28 "I'm in two minds about my studying" 4:44 "Is it important to align yourself with mentors?" 7:00 Owen talks about his thesis on sound. 7:43 Owen discusses leaving university and entering the film industry 9;14 "It was the classic indie film producer call "We have an amazing DOP and a massive camera and we can't...


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