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Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 69 The Million Dollar Question

There is one question, that when you answer it and implement the response, can make or break a business. One question that will set you apart from every one of your competitors and bring you more business at higher prices. Want to know what that one question is? Listen to this episode. Questions or Comments? Send them to: More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - The Million Dollar Question with Ty Brown

Duration: 00:24:01

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 68 Printing Money With the Newsletter Guru

Jim Palmer is a long time veteran of countless businesses and epic business growth. Years ago he learned how to grow businesses with print newsletters. In spite of all the digital media of today he finds that this method still works amazingly well to grow a business, get more referrals, and get customers coming back time and time again. Questions or Comments? Send them to: More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Printing Money With the Newsletter Guru with Ty...

Duration: 00:31:29

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 67 How to Scale Your Dog Business

Not everyone wants to grow their dog-related business beyond just themselves and that's totally okay. But whether you want to grow beyond yourself, or you want to grow big with multiple employees, learning to scale a business applies to what you're doing. Scaling allows the single-entrepreneur to have more time and make more money. And for those that want to get bigger, scaling allows for that growth to happen. In this episode I share the three things that have allowed us to scale to where...

Duration: 00:28:33

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 66 Launch and Get Momentum Quickly

Whether you've just launched your pet related business or have been going for years there are principles that govern gaining strong momentum in a short period of time. Heather Havenwood is a marketing and sales specialist who once took a company with no name, no product, no database and did 7 figures of sales in less than a year. In this episode she tells exactly how she did it. Questions or Comments? Send them to: More details on this episode MP3 Podcast -...

Duration: 00:31:12

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 65 How I Made Over $15k With Black Friday

I've never discounted my programs or services in 10 years of being in business. In fact, I've always been very against that. But I came up with a way to discount on Black Friday without cheapening my brand and without giving up much margin. And it earned us over $15,000 in one weekend. Listen in to learn how I did it. Questions or Comments? Send them to: More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - How I Made Over $15k With Black Friday with Ty Brown

Duration: 00:29:25

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 64 Use this Low-Tech, Easy to Employ, Cheap Method to Grow Your Business

If I told you that I discovered an easy to use, low tech, cheap method that grew my business by 57% and hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in less than a year would you be interested? You're in luck. Listen here and I'll tell you the whole story. Questions or Comments? Send them to: More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Use this Low-Tech, Easy to Employ, Cheap Method to Grow Your Business with Ty Brown

Duration: 00:35:30

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 63 How to Use Landing Pages to Increase Your Leads

Many more dog business pros are onto landing pages. They know that a solid landing page can create WAY more leads and lead to much more revenue. But they don't know how to use them. In this episode you'll learn what a landing page is, why you should really want them, what to include on them, and software that makes them way easier to make. Questions or Comments? Send them to: More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - How to Use Landing Pages to Increase Your...

Duration: 00:30:35

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 62 Program Creation: The Core of Every Great Company

The programs you offer your clients encapsulate the promises you make. If you make weak promises and don't provide much value, don't expect a strong business. But if you can make strong promises and deliver, then that's what a great company is all about. Having the right programs designed around the right factors are what allow you to make those promises. But there's a very specific way to do it. Listen to this show to get my formula on how we do it in my business. Questions or...

Duration: 00:32:52

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 61 How to Nurture Your Leads

Okay, dog pro! You've got a lead! Now what? Every single customer you ever have will have to go through a process in order to buy from you. The better you can facilitate that process through lead nurturing the more clients you'll get AND the less wasted effort you'll have. What if I told you that from the SAME leads you are currently getting you could make far more sales? That's exactly what lead nurturing accomplishes. Listen close and take notes. I was speed talking in this one and...

Duration: 00:32:59

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 60 What Can You Offer to Get More Leads?

I'm finding more and more dog business owners are becoming more savvy about how to get leads for their business. They know that they need to offer something on their site in order to create the lead but the question is often, 'What should I offer?' In this episode I detail how I've been able to create 40,000 leads and millions of dollars in sales over the past decade using lead generation. And I talk about what works and what hasn't worked. I hold nothing back. This is a must...

Duration: 00:30:32

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 59 Question Based Selling With Tom Freese

Let's face it. We're all salespeople. Like it or not we're in the business to sell our products and services. Many of us jump into this challenge full steam ahead by reading books, taking sales training courses, and studying sales training. The problem is that many sales methodologies are outdated and don't take into account the shifting way that people are now buying their products and services. In this episode, Tom Freese, founder of Question Based Selling and author of SIX...

Duration: 00:32:37

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 56 Copywriting Specifically For Dog Businesses

I've found that one of the biggest leverage points you can have in order to sell your services, win out over the competition, and differentiate yourself is that of copywriting. Copy that converts well can do a great deal of the selling on your behalf, leaving you free to work more on your business. In this episode, I go over key components that I use when creating copy that have sold millions of dollars of dog related services and products. Also, make sure to check out my latest webinar on...

Duration: 00:32:46

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 55 Low Hanging Fruit

For most dog business owners one of our biggest assets is our website. It's our full time salesperson. The problem is that, for most of us, our salesperson isn't terribly good. Perfectly good clients are being lost because our salesperson (website) isn't doing a good job at converting them into customers or interested leads. In this episode I talk about simple things that any business owner can do to increase conversion rates on their website. Make sure to take notes. Questions or...

Duration: 00:32:26

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 54 Boost Your Profits With Specialty Courses

Robin Bennett is a fixture in the dog business industry. For decades she's been running successful businesses and teaching other business owners how to do the same. In this episode she shares several strategies that she's used to create income from her current client list above and beyond the normal programs she offers. The net benefit to the business owner is saved time in finding clients, new revenue sources, and higher value per client. If you have slow times of year, are trying to find...

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 53 How to Tell a Story with Copywriting

Carlos Redlich is an international copywriter traveling the world and growing his clients' businesses using the power of copywriting. But his copywriting adventures deal with so much more than simply putting pen to paper. In this episode you're going to learn how he's able to use storytelling and video to not only dictate how text should be arranged on a website but also to pre-frame your customers' expectations of what it's like to work with you. This type of information can be a game...

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 52 Build Your Tribe

When most people get into the dog business they aren't thinking of building a tribe. But whether you're a groomer, trainer, walker, sitter, or other dog professional our businesses are built on relationships. Relationships with dogs and relationships with their people. The better we build community around that concept the more we grow. But what is the most effective way to do that? In this episode Ted Efthymiadis explains how you can create your own tribe around ideals that you define....

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 51 Mindset Leads to the HOW

Any successful business owner must have the right mindset. When your mind is in the right place you're better off in sales, taking care of your customers, watching over your employees, and more. But too many people stop there. Their mind is in the right place, but they don't have the tools and techniques to grow. In this interview with Bill Church you'll learn fascinating things about the human brain which, when understood, allow us to push through the artificial barriers we create. But...

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 50 Facebook Dark Posts

Facebook Dark Posts. Have you heard of them? If not, you may be leaving lots of money on the table with what is becoming one of the most effective ways to harness the power of social media to grow your dog related business. In this episode, Enrique Marquez takes us behind the scenes into what creates a successful Facebook Dark Post Campaign. This episode has TONS of actionable items you can start working on today. Make sure to listen. Questions or Comments? Send them to:...

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 49 Automated Promotions

As dog business owners we know we need to get out there and create relationships and market our business. While this is great it can be time consuming. What if you had an automated marketing system that could bring in leads and automatically sift through those leads without you having to do anything? April Melton is a photographer in El Paso, Texas. She has developed such a system and the best part is that it can be applied to just about any dog business. Questions or Comments? Send them...

Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 48 Opportunity Analysis- Finding Hidden Income

I'm of the belief that every business is sitting on hidden income. In fact, when I consult with dog business owners the goal is to find at least $20,000 or more per year in hidden income. In this episode I sit down with professional dog trainer Corinna Melanie who is already running a great business and tight ship. We pull back the covers and examine areas where she may be potentially leaving cash on the table. Questions or Comments? Send them to: More details on this...
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