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ep.68 Stupidity is a Social Construct

Manchester Terror Attack, Donald Trump acts like a drunk tourist, and Jason finally gets pissed off....I mean really pissed off... BBC News - Manchester attack: Hate crime 'doubles' after incident Mancunians shut down EDL rally after Manchester terror attack Trump acted like 'a drunk tourist' on Europe trip that...

Duration: 00:47:40

ep.67 Whats he done now

Opps The Fat Orange Emperor did it again Edward Snowden speaks out after cyber attack brings chaos to NHS Trump has to get extra ice-cream A reporter had a four-course meal with Donald Trump, and what he witnessed was truly bizarre...

Duration: 00:37:18

ep.66 Bouillabaisse of Political Bullshit

On this weeks show, I start with the French National Anthem, talk shit about the world of Politics, and Science, and Religion, and finish of with the French National Anthem Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture

Duration: 00:58:09

100 Days later

Donald Trumps first 100 Days. Source Material for this weeks show comes from the following

Duration: 00:40:41

ep.63 Slavery

Can you ever justify slavery? Not is it right or wrong, not if its legal, I'm asking is it ethical or Just. 13th Documentary Original Document

Duration: 00:51:43

Ep.62 Insomnia & WWIII & Trump and & Brexit

How the Fat Orange Emperor either started World War the 3rd, or managed to strike a $500 Billion oil deal

Duration: 00:42:37

ep.61 Rev William Barber and the 4 Horsemen

Rev William Barber and the 4 Horsemen Reverend William Barber

Duration: 00:45:36

ep.59 B. Goode, Johnny

Chuck Berry, Lance Armstrong and Obama Care get smashed this week

Duration: 00:43:21

ep.59 Scotland Independence, Brexit and Trump.

Brexit, Scotland's Independence and Trump, but if that’s not enough, I ask What is Knowledge Answer: Knowledge, are truths that are the consensuses of practically every expert only in the appropriate field The Emigrants, by Friedrich Trump Most Serene, Most Powerful Prince Regent! Most Gracious Regent and Lord! I was born in Kallstadt on March 14, 1869. My parents were honest, plain, pious vineyard workers. They strictly held me to everything good — to diligence and piety, to regular...

Duration: 00:45:51

ep.57 Downward Facing Dum Dum

The Sword of Damocles is hanging over Theresa May's head by a nats pube, and she is doing yoga like a downward facing Dumbass.

Duration: 00:47:20

ep.55 Freedom of Speech & Fascist Orang-utan

Lincoln said, a house divided against itself cannot stand. But the White House is divided because an fascist Orang-utan with neck down alopecia wanted to be the Emperor

Duration: 00:41:50

ep.54 Rockstar or Make-up Artist

Rockstar or Make-up Artist Peace index The Global Peace Index (GPI) is an attempt to measure the relative position of nations' and regions' peacefulness.[1] It is the product of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) and developed in consultation with an international panel of peace experts from peace institutes and think tanks with data collected and collated by the Economist...

Duration: 00:45:43

ep.53 Trump me Kangaroo Down Sport

This week I learn that the latest generation are more aware of politics that we think. Then Dum Dum does what Dum Dum does best and acts like a Dummy when talking to the Australian Prime Minister. Ill discuss fad diets and why the word….or more to the point why the don’t work, and to finish I talk about the recent behavior of UK Politicians Tense phone call raises question over refugee deal with the US...

Duration: 00:48:53

ep.52 Trumps First Week, Brexit update & the Pope

In this weeks Show, I get pissed of at Theresa May, then I get pissed off at Donald Trump, then I agree with the Pope, then get pissed of at religion. Immigrants less likely to commit crimes than those born in the US Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are real and God is not 'a magician with a magic wand'...

Duration: 01:06:01

ep.51 Alternative Facts & Celebrity Chefs

This week I talk about The fat Orange Joffrey, and Celebrity Chefs Kelly-ann Conway says Sean Spicer gave ‘alternative facts’ at his first press briefing Trump's grammar in speeches 'just below 6th grade level,' study finds Celebrity Chef Chimp

Duration: 00:40:22

ep.50 Neoliberalism, Death Sentence, Trolley Problem

This week I discuss the Death Penalty, the Classic Trolley Problem and Neoliberalism The Trolley Problem Philippa Foot Moral Machine Neoliberalism: the deep story that lies beneath Donald Trump’s triumph | George Monbiot

Duration: 00:32:29

ep.49 Revolutions and Supermarket Scams

Time for a revolution? Retailers Scams, Brexit gets a radio star, Donald Trump is a dumbass and Mrs May still won't answer Questions Calendars in use today Trump’s Cabinet of Cronies, by the Numbers Do 17 picks for Donald Trump's Cabinet have a higher net worth than one-third of Americans?...

Duration: 00:38:00

ep.48 Merry Trumpmas

Tomi Lahren, Trevor Noah and Christmas Cheer, Muslim woman allegedly attacked with beer bottle, Australian court increases fine over 'misleading' Nurofen, Pastor Blows The Lid Off Santa Conspiracy Muslim woman allegedly attacked with beer bottle in Perth's south via @smh Nicola Sturgeon may stand SNP candidates in England...

Duration: 00:56:15

ep.47 Professor Edzard Ernst. Skeptic Smash Talk

Proff. Edzard Ernst, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Alternative Healing Professor Edzard Ernst Joins me this week, the Professor is an academic physician and researcher specializing in the study of complementary and alternative medicine. He was formerly Professor of Complementary Medicine at the University of Exeter, the first such academic position in the world. Ernst served as chairman of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) at the University of Vienna, but left this...

Duration: 00:28:54

ep.46 Skeptical Political News - Skeptic Smash Talk

Sarah Palin blasts Trump's deal with Carrier as 'crony capitalism' Donald Trump is assembling the richest administration in modern American history BBC News - France...

Duration: 00:26:34

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