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Small Business Podcast features audio interviews with experts in various areas of small business and entrepreneurship. Practical knowledge for busy entrepreneurs.




Small Business Podcast 2009-05-11 Starting a Business With Acquisition in Mind

Presented by: Small Business Expo Every entrepreneur's dream is to create the next big name success story like, or Google. While everyone should dream big, the reality is that most startups fail precisely because they're trying to become the next big name success. The real secret to entrepreneurial success lies in Strategic Entrepreneurism where you design a company specifically to be acquired by a larger one. That's why the founder and CEO of several successful high-tech...

Duration: 00:24:06

Small Business Podcast 2009-02-12 Secrets to Shopping for a Credit Card Processing Merchant Account

Presented by: Small Business Expo Comparing and evaluating small business merchant account providers who will process credit cards for your small business can be a daunting and confusing task. Aside from understanding all of the common fees such as the "discount rate" and transaction costs, you also need to understand how your money is handled and which processors are offering the best deals - without getting ripped off in the process. Here we discuss all the questions you should be...

Duration: 00:23:43

Small Business Podcast 2009-02-03 Writing a Business Plan and Startup Capital with Bill Bartmann

Presented by: Small Business Expo Writing a business plan for your startup is one critical piece that most small business owners fail to take. In this interview, we talk with Bill Bartmann about his thoughts on how to raise startup funds for a new business in a recession, why he doesn't ever recommend friends and family for startup up capital, and some of the things he feels helped him start several profitable companies. Find out more about Bill Bartmann at and...

Duration: 00:25:11

Small Business Podcast 2009-01-20 Business Owner Profile: Dawn Ellinwood

Presented by: Small Business Expo Dawn Ellinwood opened her first small business just 7 months ago - a high-end hair studio in Northern San Diego County. In this episode, we talk to Dawn about the challenges of getting started, how she's bootstrapping her way, and the difficulty in starting a small business in a down economy. We also talk about how she is getting business from reviews at and Find out more about Dawn and her business at Read...

Duration: 00:17:58

Small Business Podcast 2009-01-13 Buying a Business: Richard Parker

Presented by: Small Business Expo Richard Parker has bought and sold several businesses of his own and now assists others with education and consulting on buying a business. Here we discuss the current buying environment and why it is a great time to make a purchase. We also discuss how the lack of traditional financing is affecting the industry. We then discuss how to approach a competitor you may be interested in buying, when to get the seller out the door and when to keep them on...

Duration: 00:22:15

Small Business Podcast 2009-01-06 Small Business Marketing: Spa Owner Calvert Thompson

Presented by: Small Business Expo Calvert Thompson started her spa just nine months ago and is getting a lot of business referrals from her positive reviews on Google Maps. Here we talk about other forms of word-of-mouth marketing, her desire to own a business that provides a life and not just a job, and her plans for the future. Read the transcript here. Play in Windows Media Play in RealPlayer Play mp3 stream Direct link to mp3 file

Duration: 00:18:00

Small Business Podcast 2008-12-18 Using Online Feedback Sites: Barry Werner

Presented by: Small Business Expo Customer review sites such as, and Google Maps are a terrific way to market your small business by allowing prospective customers to see how well you treat your current and past customers. But what if you get an unfair negative review or one that looks to be written by your competitor? What's the best way to capitalize on the exposure these sites can give your local business and how do you encourage happy customers to post...

Duration: 00:17:52

Small Business Podcast 2008-12-11 Valuing Your Business: Matt Donnelly

Presented by: Small Business Expo When it comes time to sell your business, what are the first steps you should take to get the highest amount possible for the company? We answer that question today with business valuation expert Matt Donnelly. With 21 years in the business of appraising companies, we ask Matt about selling a business in a down economy, what factors go into a fair appraisal of a business and what you can do to make that figure as high as possible. We also discuss how...

Duration: 00:17:41

Small Business Podcast 2008-12-02 CRM Software: Steve Ireland of

Presented by: Small Business Expo CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for small businesses goes far beyond a simple contact list with notes. Today's software options offer small business owners a way to see track the sales process with incredible detail and also offers an easy way to view the history of purchases and payments. Especially useful in a tough economy, CRM software can help you sell more of your product or service by targeting your most profitable customers. In this...

Duration: 00:23:42

Small Business Podcast 2007-04-23 Entrepreneur Profile: Tom Gegax

Presented by: Small Business Expo Tom Gegax founded TiresPlus, a company he built up to a 200 million dollar business with 150 locations. He recently wrote a book called The Big Book of Small Business: You Don't Have To Run Your Business By The Seat Of Your Pants. He has taken his years of experience and put it into a practical textbook for entrepreneurs. Here we talk about his success, why he wrote the book, and what he'd like other small business owners to know about what it takes to...

Duration: 00:19:48

Small Business Podcast 2007-04-09 Profile: Jay Moore

Presented by: Small Business Expo Jay Moore is the Founder of, an online store that sells - you guessed it - GPS units. Here we talk about how he got started, the early days of constant tweaking to see what worked, why he doesn't use paid search and why he is obsessive about monitoring the conversion from visits to purchases. Jay uses, an eBay company, to run his e-commerce site. The recording is a bit "hissy" so I apologize in advance for that. Read the...

Duration: 00:27:01

Small Business Podcast 2007-04-02 CEO Traits: Gordon Quick

Presented by: Small Business Expo Gordon Quick has 30 years of hands-on business experience and is the co-author of The Enlightened CEO: How to Succeed at the Toughest Job in Business (co-authored with Bob Fifer). Here we talk about why self-awareness is important for a successful CEO (and what exactly it means in the first place), the number one thing Gordon thinks causes problems for CEOs of small business that grow, and the two main things he says are the most important points of the...

Duration: 00:19:10

Small Business Podcast 2007-03-26 Enlightened CEOs: Bob Fifer

Presented by: Small Business Expo Bob Fifer is President of Fifer Associates, LLC, which he launched in 2000. For 28 years, Bob has provided advice to more than one hundred companies, including a dozen of the Fortune 50 and numerous smaller firms both public and privately-held. Bob has authored a variety of articles and books including Double Your Profits which received strong reviews throughout the business and popular press, and became required reading for management at a wide variety...

Duration: 00:18:06