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The Small Changes Big Shifts podcast is your weekly dose of wellness encouragement. It’s the small changes that stick and ultimately compound to create big shifts in our holistic well-being. Dr. Michelle Robin and her renowned guests will share wisdom, knowledge, real life stories and practical tips to inspire and inform you as you move forward on your journey to a life of wellness.




Ep. 100: Dr. Nasha Winters

If you were told you only had a couple months to live due to a terminal illness, what would you do? Dr. Nasha Winters, N.D. and CEO of Optimal Terrain, was told this at the young age of 19 as she was diagnosed with cervical cancer after dealing with multiple health issues. Dr. Nasha took her diagnosis and decided she wanted to go out on her own terms so she went to the library and the book, Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra, popped out at her so she read it one night. By reading this book,...

Duration: 00:29:36

Ep. 99: Dr. Mao Shing Ni

Dr. Mao Shing Ni is a licensed acupuncturist, Diplomate of Chinese Herbology and a Diplomate in Anti-Aging. His family has had roots in acupuncture going back 37 generations and Dr. Mao fell into the practice at a young age. When he was six, he fell from a three story roof and was in a coma for one month. He suffered from brain damage and a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed and was told he would never walk again. After the help from his father, acupuncture, herbs, tai chi and...

Duration: 00:23:57

Ep. 98: Randy Floyd

Randy Floyd is a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker and Founder of Midwest Anxiety. Randy has been practicing since 2009 and is known for providing “real life” help to children, teens, and adults who struggle with anxiety, depression and negative thoughts or feelings. This “real life” help comes from the fact that Randy does not practice out of a traditional office but instead goes to peoples natural environments like their school, home or sporting event. This approach to...

Duration: 00:21:44

Ep. 97: Jodie Benveniste

Jodie Benveniste, a Registered Psychologist and creator of the Intuitive Parenting App, is helping parents get out of our heads and use other parts of ourselves to raise our children. She focuses on using our hearts, souls and intuition to better our relationships with our kids and ourselves.

Duration: 00:21:22

Ep. 96: Patti Phillips

Patti Phillips, CEO of Women Leaders in College Sports, is committed to the advancement and development of women in all aspects of life. She has been involved in athletics her whole life from coaching college basketball to being a color analyst for ESPN to now empowering women in college sports and beyond.

Duration: 00:19:10

Ep. 95: Ed Harrold

Ed Harrold is a Certified Yoga Instructor as well as being certified in Advanced Pranayama and as an Advanced Meditation Teach. He also created the Mind Body Athlete performance training program. Ed has been involved in competitive athletics his whole life but it wasn’t until he was competing in the Around the Island Swim (22 ½ mile swim) in 1994 that he faced his ultimate turning point. In this race, he discovered the power of breath and the concept of “flow states”.

Duration: 00:19:06

Ep. 94: Dr. Partha Nandi

Dr. Nandi is the creator and host of the nationally and internationally syndicated television show Ask Dr. Nandi, which can be seen in over 95 million home daily. He also is a practicing physician and international speaker.

Duration: 00:21:57

Ep. 93: Holly Rilinger

Holly Rilinger is not only a coach, trainer and speaker but also the star of Bravo’s elite fitness show, Work Out New York. Holly began playing basketball at a young age and found that it brought her peace and happiness and knew that her passion had been sparked. She was able to take basketball to the next level by going professional and then looked elsewhere to fulfill her passion and landed on personal training and instruction. She has taken everything she learned as an athlete such as...

Duration: 00:14:34

Ep. 92: Ananta Ripa Ajmera

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts we have Ananta Ripa Ajmera. Ananta is author of the bestselling book The Ayurveda Way (Storey Publishing, 2017). She is a Certified Ayurveda Health Practitioner and Yoga Instructor who continues to study closely with Acharya Shunya, a renowned master teacher whose lineage extends back to ancient India.

Duration: 00:17:24

Ep. 91: Sandy Weston

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts we have Sandy Joy Weston. Sandy’s mission is to spread Joy. She uses fitness and her gift of motivation as her tools to help individuals achieve their goals with ease and flow.

Duration: 00:24:11

Ep. 90: Dr. Gabrielle Pelicci

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts we have Dr. Gabrielle Pelicci. In 2006, Gabrielle, a former international fashion model, became “Dr. Gabby” when she completed her Ph.D. and started changing lives with her transformational courses and coaching.

Duration: 00:15:43

Ep. 89: Sandra Yancey

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts we have Sandra Yancey. The quest to find a solution to a common problem standing in the way of business success is how Sandra entrepreneurial path took root to grow. Networking for business was her nemesis. In 2000, from a room above the garage of her Dallas, Texas suburban home -- with limited entrepreneurial experience -- Sandra boot-strapped her way to create one of the largest and most decorated business networking organizations in North America,...

Duration: 00:20:53

Ep. 88: Sarah King

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts we have Sarah King. Whenever someone asks Sarah why she founded Invigorate, they assume someone in her family had Parkinson's and motivated her to commit her career to the disease. Sorry to disappoint, folks. Sarah has always been fiercely passionate about helping others achieve the best version of themselves and she believes strongly in the ability of the human body to heal itself given the right tools.

Duration: 00:20:20

Ep. 87: David Norcott

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts we have David Norcott. David is an entrepreneur, an athlete, a tri athlete, ironman, Para Olympian in training and also a life coach certified by surviving life itself and all its traumas. He is a Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer for the Benbrook YMCA, the YMCA of metropolitan Fort Worth, Texas. Davis is a retired Paramedic and Fire fighter after horrific and tragic auto accident and fire over 18 years ago. Making me, a Bi-Lateral, above Knee amputee....

Duration: 00:24:46

Ep. 86: Dr. Richard Day

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts we have Dr. Richard Day. Dr. Day and his wife, Dr. Haley Day, returned to the Kansas City area from Colorado in 2014, bringing fifteen years of combined clinical experience with them. While in Colorado, they established a chiropractic practice built on the principles of providing high-quality, evidence-based, informed chiropractic care and related services to the community. They have brought their compassionate, patient-centered approach to Prairie...

Duration: 00:22:27

Ep. 85 Tammy Fadler

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts we have Tammy Fadler. Tammy is a Speaker, Investor, Entrepreneur, Developer, and author of the best selling memoir Finding the Pearl. Tammy Fadler’s origins guide her philosophy to this day. Born in Vietnam and the oldest of 12 children, she worked in food service for the U.S. Army for the six years before the American military pullout in 1973. Without the U.S. presence, security and economic stability were severely compromised; Fadler worried for her...

Duration: 00:19:56

Ep. 84: Matthew Thie

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts we have Matthew Thie. Matthew is the President of Touch for Health Education. Matthew collaborated directly with his father, John Thie, from 1996 until John's death in August of 2005, just before the new book was released. Mat worked with John developing healing protocol, writing articles, teaching seminars around the world and working with students. Matthew has taught about the Chinese 5 Element Metaphors to over 1,000 students worldwide, and trained over...

Duration: 00:19:29

Ep. 83 Dr. Melissa Cady

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts we have Dr. Melissa Cady. Change happens when we accept the Challenge to strive toward a goal. Never Give Up! The website is here to encourage you to do a little bit more to improve yourself. It is an efficient and useful source of information for anyone trying to make better choices despite the unlimited temptations and conveniences found in our society.

Duration: 00:20:59

Ep. 82: Dr. Leslie Tidwell

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts we have Dr. Leslie Tidwell. Dr. Tidwell is the creative mind behind This business has been a long time coming. Deep in Dr. Tidwell’s subconscious mind she has always known that she was a teacher and a healer. But she ran in circles for years, always feeling that she was getting close to her calling, yet never hitting the target.

Duration: 00:17:58

Ep. 81: Liz Koch

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts we have Liz Koch. Liz is an international teacher & author with 30 years experience working with and specializing in the psoas muscle. Educating both laypersons and professionals around the world, she is recognized by colleagues in the movement, wellness, and fitness professions as an authority on the core muscle of t he human body.

Duration: 00:17:57

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