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A great show primarily about Professional Wrestling!

A great show primarily about Professional Wrestling!
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A great show primarily about Professional Wrestling!








Smark Tank Episode 38 "Who is the real man in charge?"

Hey Everyone! Another fun filled action packed week leading to Wrestlemania on both Raw and Smackdown. Additionally I went to MSG yesterday and got some fun videos of the event! So check out the facebook later on in the day for those vids. This week we discussed everything from Braun Strowman to Shinsuke Nakamura so check it out!


Smark Tank Episode 37 "Phoning it in!"

Hey All! Due to real life getting in the way Bob and I had to phone it in this week, however we had a lot to discuss with Fastlane quickly approaching and Wrestlemania around the corner! Additionally we discussed the current status of the women's division's on both Raw and Smackdown, the Final Deletion and Who the future main eventers are on RAW after Brock potentially drops the title. What is this new WWE landscape going to look like? Find out on this weeks Smark Tank! P.s. Sorry about...


Smark Tank Episode 35 "Monday Night Rollins the Musical?"

Hey all! Sorry for the late upload but sometimes real life gets in the way but no worries, later this upcoming week we will present our first interview with an actual NYC indy talent so stay tuned for that. Enjoy the late recap of the week!


Smark Tank Episode 34 "The true legacy of Braun Strowman"

Hey all! Major annoucement... Braun Strowman sent us an exclusive copy of his brand new hit song "Get these hands!" Available on iTunes and spotify, listen to the beginning of the show to hear it! Also hear about the week in wrestling plus little tidbits about potential setup for stories aka fantasy booking scenarios only on Smark Tank!


Episode 33 "Tino oh Tino! Where for art thou?"

Hey all! This week we begin asking... Tino... "Sabbatelli"... if that's his real name... that's what he said it was anyway... Well! We ask him the hard hitting questions that the NXT interviewer forgot to ask him. It's a very short interview so don't get too excited. Shannon and Bob also review Raw, Smackdown, 205 live and of course... NXT after all we had... "Tino"... ::cough cough:: on. Tune in and join the fun on the Smark Tank!


Smark Tank Episode 32 "4 days of crazy wrestling..."

Hey all, NXT Takeover, Royal Rumble, Will it flip? ... I mean Raw and Smackdown. So much content to watch it feels like it never ended... but in a good way! Bob and I cover it all and tell you what we think is next leading up to... (point to the sign...) Wrestlemania!!! This is an episode you don't want to miss! So check out the smark tank! email us!


Smark Tank Episode 31 "Holy Crap is Enzo really a rapist? Oh yeah RAW SUCKED!"

Hey Guys, Check out what Bob and I had to say right away about the Enzo Amore rape allegations and RAW 25 was complete gutter trash! I should know better than anyone... I was there! Check out our review of the rest of the week in wrestling in our jam packed show!


Smark Tank Episode 30 "Well at least Raw was better than last week."

Hey all, With a lot of injuries on the roster where does that leave the WWE? Does the universal title match have what it takes in order to captivate the attention of the wwe audience? Who's going to win the Royal Rumble for both the men and women? Did Shannon's joke he made during the show offend you? Find out on this weeks Smark Tank!


Smark Tank Episode 29 "Post Wrestle Kingdom Blues"

Hey Everyone! This week was a bit of a throwaway week because we have RAW 25th anniversary coming up but there were some cool things that happened on both raw and smackdown. We get into why stars are not as popular as they used to be and how to actually get them to where they need to go. Also we will have the youtube link going up most likely Monday for our first ever breaking Kayfabe segment where Bob and I kind of just talk about non wrestling related stuff... Like Ghosting... Check...


Smark Tank Episode 28

Hey Everyone! Wrestle Kingdom 12!!! Wow! This whole episode is centered around around the significance of that card and what this means now for the wrestling universe as a whole. We definitely touch on Raw and Smackdown as well but there was something very magical about the last 48 hours in pro wrestling. Bob informs us this week about why the wrestling world as a whole has needed this kind of competition and buzz. The last 48 hours have brought wrestling back to basics for us and this...


Smark Tank Episode 27

Hey all, lots of great stuff this week. We broke a little personal kayfabe and spoke about Led Zeppelin and The Disaster Artist. Of course we spoke about the good stuff though! RAW, Smackdown and NXT! I did a few rants about Finn and "Woken" Matt but check it out and see what we said. We also revisited old Jon Moxly Promos and the rise and fall of talking smack. Check it out!


Smark Tank Episode 26

Hey everybody! This week we're discussing Finn Balor and how Bob would book him vs. how I would book him, Broken/Woken Matt needs to get in the ring, the women's Royal Rumble and all the fun stuff on Raw/Smackdown/NXT/205live. We're talking all the content this week. Tune in to see what Bob Black and Shannon Epstein have to say this week on the Smark Tank!


Smark Tank Episode 25 with Special guest John Markisch

Hey all, This week we have a very special guest @Real2KInsider aka John Markisch who joined us and commented a bit on how wrestling has changed over the years and how to make the monday night wars game actually work. It was a very exciting conversation and I hope you enjoy! Additionally Bob and I discussed the week in pro wrestling, how they are botching Finn Balor and the new female call ups... and More! Check it out!


Smark Tank Episode 24 "What the ...?"

I'll write a description later... I'm late for work... #onemanoperation


Smark Tank Episode 23

Today we started our episode with a story about some dumb things that happened in Brooklyn, right before we recorded! We also spoke this week about the on going stories on Smackdown and NXT. Last but not least there was a brand spankin' new proposal for what WWE2K games need to do going forward! "Monday night wars: The game!" Tune in to hear about that idea and more on this weeks episode of the Smark Tank!


Smark Tank Post Raw 11-28-17 "Bob is back!"

Hey all! Just wanted to deliver a new episode of the Smark Tank with a returning Bob Black! We ended up discussing a little bit of Survivor Series as well as NXT Take Over War Games. We also notice someone's CONDISHION is now starting to return! OMG!!! Check out the Smark Tank to see how we feel about all this and how we feel it should be going forward!


Smark Tank Episode 22 "Thanks for giving us wrestling!"

This week Bob is away so Shannon and Justin talk about the week in wrestling! Check out the Smark Tank Episode 22 Thanks for giving us wrestling!


Smark Tank Post Survivor Series and NXT Takeover Edition

Well between Saturday and Sunday I don't know which card was better but we got great matches on both shows! Tune in this episode to listen to Shannon Epstein and special guest Justin T Diamond and hear their thoughts on both these great cards!


Smark Tank Smackdown Post Show 11-15-17

Hey Everybody! Smackdown was pretty awesome tonight, definitely looking forward to Sunday, check out our post Smackdown reveiw! Women's title change and under seige 3!? It was a pretty good smackdown overall! Take a listen to what your boys at the Smark Tank have to say!


Smark Tank FIRST EVER Post RAW edition! 11-14-17

Hey all! Lots of craziness on tonight's go home show for RAW! We decided we wanted to try an experiment and do a few daily pods! Tune in to hear what Bob and I had to say about Monday Night Raw! Kane going through the ring wasn't the only crazy booking decisions that were made tonight! Remember to tweet us at @iLikeSmarks or email us


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