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A series of panel discussions recorded before an audience at the Auckland Museum, as part of the popular LATE at the Museum evenings.

A series of panel discussions recorded before an audience at the Auckland Museum, as part of the popular LATE at the Museum evenings.
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Auckland, New Zealand


A series of panel discussions recorded before an audience at the Auckland Museum, as part of the popular LATE at the Museum evenings.




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Smart Talk At The Auckland Museum: Immigration

The first edition in the 2017 series Smart Talk from the Auckland Museum explores the topic of immigation. Today's panel discussion chaired by Noelle McCarthy features writer and broadcaster Ali Ikram, researcher and Maori spokesperson for the Migrants and Refugee Rights Campaign Dr Arama Rata, filmmaker Roseanne Liang and Massey University's Professor Paul Spoonley, who is heading a six-year research programme looking at the impacts of immigration and diversity.

Duration: 00:51:56

Smart Talk on Antarctica And Climate Change

The multimedia artist Joseph Michael, the director of the Deep South Challenge, the oceanographer Dr Mike Williams, Associate Professor Sandy Morrison and the entrepreneur Geoff Ross discuss the impact of Antarctica on the planet, exploring how to work together effectively to both reduce and adapt to climate change. Noelle McCarthy is in the chair for an Auckland Arts Festival event marking Joseph Michael's installation ANTARCTICA - while you were sleeping, which brought Antarctica to life...

Duration: 00:48:11

Smart Talk at the Auckland museum

A panel discussion from the Auckland Museum about the music machine - the relationship between musicians, critics, and their audiences. Chaired by Charlotte Ryan, it features director of Saiko Management Scott Maclachlan, bass player Chip Matthews, four time Silver Scroll Award finalist Anna Coddington and James Milne, one of New Zealand's finest songwriters better known by his stage name Lawrence Arabia.

Duration: 00:49:55

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum: The Taste of Inequality

A panel discussion from the Auckland Museum about the taste of inequality: how food access and consumption in New Zealand's largest city is seen in the context of broader social divisions. Chaired by Auckland University's Associate Professor Damon Salesa, it features Victoria University of Wellington's Professor of taxation Dr Lisa Marriott and former Auckland City Missioner Dame Diane Robertson. They're joined by Eat My Lunch co-owner Lisa King and Dr Teuila Percival from the School of...

Duration: 00:48:34

LATE at the Museum - #Slacktivism to Activism

A panel discussion from the Auckland Museum about social activism in an era of social media. The internet has increased opportunities for large-scale online social participation. Rebellion is trending. But how is online awareness transformed into action on the ground? Chaired by journalist and media commentator Russell Brown, this session features director of campaigns at ActionStation Laura O'Connell Rapira, cartoonist and illustrator Toby Morris, environmental activist and senior...

Duration: 00:52:32

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum Mana Wahine

A panel discussion from the Auckland Museum about the about feminism in New Zealand and the everyday realities of the quest for equality. In this first of the 2016 Smart Talk series, you can hear from the writer and musician Courtney Sina Meredith; the Maori, women's and LGBT rights advocate Dr Ngahuia Te Awekotuku; the social and critical accounting researcher Dr Pala Molisa; and the Pasifika artist Rosanna Raymond. Mihingarangi Forbes in the chair for this RNZ recording.

Duration: 00:51:15

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum on the First World War

A panel discussion about the impact of the First World War on the century which followed it. With Jim Mora in the chair, Associate Professor Maartje Abbenhuis, Dr Felicity Barnes, and Dr Maria Armoudian from the University of Auckland offer a range of perspectives on matters as diverse as the nature of Anzac Day commemoration, Gallipoli’s role in our nation-building, and the relative obscurity of other parts of NZ’s First World War history. The timing of the Armenian genocide committed by...

Duration: 00:52:40

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum: Auckland as an island

The future of Auckland is the focus of a panel discussion chaired by Bill Ralston at the Auckland Museum. It features Marina Matthews from the law firm Chen Palmer; and Waikare Komene, a young architect from Otara, along with Professor Damon Salesa from the University of Auckland, and business commentator Rod Oram, well-known to RNZ listeners.

Duration: 00:48:40

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum: Auckland Eats Itself

A panel discussion about the changing nature of food and eating in Auckland. Chefs Connie Clarkson, Te Kohe Tuhaka from Marae Kai Masters and Benjamin Bayly from The Grove and Baduzzi restaurants join Professor Paul Spoonley of Massey University. Noelle McCarthy is in the chair.

Duration: 00:51:31

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum: City of Shadows

A panel discussion about the hidden histories of Auckland. Noelle McCarthy chairs a lively conversation between Ella Henry, a street girl and drug addict in the 1970s who was befriended by James K Baxter; a former stripper turned mother and blogger Sarikha Rosli; and Michael Stevens, who grew up gay in an era when it was illegal.

Duration: 00:45:39

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum: The Treaty of Waitangi

A panel discussion from the Auckland Museum chaired by the famous comedian Te Radar features the social entrepreneur Kiritapu Allan, Professor Paul Spoonley from Massey University, the fibre artist Suzanne Tamaki, and Leilani Tamu, a poet, social commentator and Pacific historian. Together they are exploring fresh perspectives on the Treaty of Waitangi in a session recorded in March 2015.

Duration: 00:40:24

Songs of the City

A panel discussion from the Auckland Museum about the city's vibrant music scene Chaired by Russell Brown, it features DJ and hip hop legend Phil Bell (aka DJ Sir Vere), along with Aotearoa musical pioneer and icon Dave Dobbyn. Rounding out the panel are AudioCulture's Creative Director and local music authority Simon Grigg, and Rachel Lang, co-creator of the iconic pop culture series Outrageous Fortune. This session, which opens the 2015 series looking at culture and history in Auckland,...

Duration: 00:51:59

Smart Talk: Slacktivism

Russell Brown talks about activism online and on the streets with the National Director for ActionStation Marianne Elliott; the author Nicky Hager; the political commentator Matthew Hooton; and Co-Founder of RockEnrol, Laura O'Connell Rapira.

Duration: 00:53:06

Pacific Sound

Politics, history and immigrant experience are explored by Oscar Kightley with the "godfather" of New Zealand Hip Hop Danny "Brotha D" Leaosavai'i from Dawn Raid Entertainment, acclaimed singer Annie Crummer, and activist and reggae artist Tigilau Ness.

Duration: 00:50:49

Smart Talk: To boldly go where your ancestors have already been

Explorer Kevin Biggar, astrophysicist Prof. Richard Easther, designer Kate Sylvester and celestial navigator Jack Thatcher range widely over the theme of what it means to be an explorer today in this panel discussion with Jesse Mulligan.

Duration: 00:51:33

Smart Talk: Food choice good/food choice bad?

Two university professors and two celebrity chefs discuss how New Zealand food has evolved over the past fifty years, argue about the effect of our diet on our health, and share their ideas of the national Kiwi dish with an amused and engaged audience at Auckland Museum. Featuring Al Brown, Professor Rod Jackson, Professor Grant Schofield, and Anne Thorp with Jesse Mulligan in the chair.

Duration: 00:50:35

Smart Talk: Aphrodite - Beauty

The goddess Aphrodite's power came from her beauty. How relevant is that in the 21st century? Join Noelle McCarthy with the curator and researcher Dr Aroha Yates-Smith, Dr Caroline Daley (Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of Auckland), and Colin Mathura-Jeffree (New Zealand model, actor and television host) as they ruminate on whether in a global culture of pin-ups, hook ups and celebrity tweets, appearance is all that matters.

Duration: 00:53:30

Smart Talk: Athena and Ares - War and Violence

Filmmaker Gaylene Preston, writer Nicky Hagar, Professor Kevin Clements (Foundation Chair of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Otago) and RSA head Dr Stephen Clarke consider the place of conflict in our history and our consciousness with Wallace Chapman. A lively discussion of role of the gods Athena and Ares in our New Zealand history and culture.

Duration: 00:53:10

Smart Talk: Dionysus - Intoxication

Noelle McCarthy explores the theme of intoxication and the place of alcohol in our culture and lives with Pam Corkery, Norm Hewitt, Ross Bell and Yvonne Lorkin. When the god of wine Dionysus comes calling, most of us are ready. His influence is part of our history, and culture - but at what cost?

Duration: 00:53:05

Smart Talk: Tangaroa and Poseidon - our oceans

With the gods Poseidon and Tangaroa in mind, Wallace Chapman talks with marine scientists Dr Rochelle Constantine and Dr Tom Trnski, the musician Don McGlashan and the CEO of Sustainable Coastlines Sam Judd about the oceans which surround us. Among the many issues they traverse is the complex one of how we protect our marine reserves while still sustaining a fishing industry.

Duration: 00:53:59

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