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An Improvised Podcast by Podcasting Improvisers. Hosted By Kate Anderson, Josh Blair, and Sean Conroy

An Improvised Podcast by Podcasting Improvisers. Hosted By Kate Anderson, Josh Blair, and Sean Conroy
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An Improvised Podcast by Podcasting Improvisers. Hosted By Kate Anderson, Josh Blair, and Sean Conroy






Smeared Inc. 70 - Eating Dog Food Isn’t So Bad (Love and Improv Part 2)

Josh and Sarah find themselves still on the road, and the eat weird things. That’s how couples bond. “POP:Gameshow!” is JULY 15th! Check here for more: Follow us on Twitter! @SmearedInc Josh - @thatjoshblair For more on Sarah Denton, visit: Be sure to Like!

Smeared Inc. 68 - Drifing Off with the Beastmaster

Josh’s calls out Kate about her comment’s about his love life. Sean sorts out the Fast and Furious saga and faces unfounded comments. Kate looks for the Beastmaster. To Find Out About Upcoming Shows including Chicago Improv Festival….Like us on FB!: Follow us on Twitter! @SmearedInc Kate - @improvKate Josh - @thatjoshblair Sean - @spatrickconroy

Duration: 00:45:23

Smeared Inc. 67 - Sorry Not Sorry Julia Roberts

With St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon, Kate tries Jameson. Then a new game is played, and then some random Julia Roberts bashing. To Find Out About Upcoming Shows….Like us on FB!: Follow us on Twitter! @SmearedInc Kate - @improvKate Josh - @thatjoshblair Sean - @spatrickconroy

Duration: 00:33:41

Smeared Inc. 66 - Get Your Kix and Flavor Your Milk

After returning from an alternate reality, Josh and Breakfast Joe join Sean and Kate in a rousing discussion of current events and celebrities they google. To Find Out About Upcoming Shows….Like us on FB!: Follow us on Twitter! @SmearedInc Kate - @improvKate Josh - @thatjoshblair Sean - @spatrickconroy

Duration: 00:33:17

Smeared Inc. 64 - How Brendan Fraser Stole Christmas

Sean, Josh and Kate try to spice up their holiday party. A couple friends join the party and it somehow becomes a Brendan Fraser Restrospective. Happy Holidays! And yes, Josh talks about Rogue One. To Find Out About Upcoming Shows….Like us on FB!: Follow us on Twitter! @SmearedInc Kate - @improvKate Josh - @thatjoshblair Sean - @spatrickconroy

Duration: 00:47:29

Smeared Inc. 63 - Halloween The Returning

BOO. We’re back. To Find Out About Upcoming Shows….Like us on FB!: Follow us on Twitter! @SmearedInc Kate - @improvKate Josh - @thatjoshblair Sean - @spatrickconroy

Duration: 00:48:33

Smeared Inc. 52 - Griding Nemo (or the one where Kate reviews Deadpool)

Kate goes to a comic book movie without Josh and she enjoys it. She then gives away what she thinks will happen it Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War. Sean rewrites the critically acclaimed Hamilton. Josh holds on to his sanity…maybe? Follow us on Twitter! @SmearedInc Kate - @improvKate Josh - @thatjoshblair Sean - @spatrickconroy Like us on Facebook! Smeared Inc. is coming to the Endurance Improv Festival on Saturday April 2nd in Madison, WI for...

Duration: 00:29:30

Smeared Inc. 51 - Spotlight: “Love Boat: The Improvised Musical”

It’s time to set sail with a special Smeared Spotlight Episode! Kate and Josh are joined by the cast and crew of Love Boat: The Improvised Musical! Go behind the scenes of the show currently playing at the Crown Point Community Theater! Directed by Nelson Velazquez, “Love Boat: The Improvised Musical” explores the genre of the popular TV show “The Love Boat” by recreating through improvisation the magic and splendor of being on the open sea on the Crown Point Princess. In each “episode”...

Duration: 00:22:49

May The Hype Be With You - Bonus Episode I

A long time ago, but not really… Hype! During the holiday season of 2015, stories of Santa, his elves and mistletoe are pushed aside when the hype of a new Star Wars film awakens inside millions around the world. Join Josh (@thatjoshblair) and Damien (@CubbieKoolaid) as they recount their experiences with their most beloved film saga in the first part of a trilogy of bonus episodes to celebrate the new most wonderful time of the year. Spoilers for the story thus far, beware! Follow us on...

Duration: 00:46:24

Smeared Inc. 45 - Spotlight: “The Thanksgiving Circumcision” Pt. 2

Josh and guest host Sami go for seconds in this last part of our sit-down with the cast and director of The Thanksgiving Circumcision! In additional to discussing the new play and the journey to opening night, the word Frontbutt is used. Seriously. Returning Guests: Sophia Shrand (Elena), Brendan J. Mulhern (James) and director Erin Island For more info on The Thanksgiving Circumcision including dates and tickets visit: or...

Duration: 00:37:00

Smeared Inc. 42 - Capes of Wrath in Not All Turtles Eat Pizza

On the road to Smeared Inc. 50, things might get sidetracked. In this originally thought lost episode recorded from the basement studio outside Chicago, Josh is joined by Cousin Damien for a rousing discussion of the best Joker, all things Marvel and why turtles should or should not eat pizza. Follow us on Twitter! Kate - @improvKateJosh - @thatjoshblairSean - @spatrickconroy and our special Caped Correspondent Damien at @CubbieKoolaid

Duration: 00:38:35

Smeared Inc. 37 - Jurassic Jerks

What came first on the Meat Wheel? Chicken or Beef? Sean misses pretzles. Josh buys shaving cream. Kate eats nachos. The road back to Illinois can be treacherous with talk of dinosaurs, BBQ, road movies and drooling cheese. Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Kate - @improvKateJosh - @thatjoshblairSean - @spatrickconroy And if you like us, Subscribe!

Duration: 00:43:17

Smeared Inc. 36 - Road Rules Indiana

The gang take the show on the road, literally. Recorded on the board of Illinois and Indiana, Sean leads a pilgrimage to destinations unknown, Josh discusses his days as a wannabe bootlegger, and Kate is not Mrs. Robinson. Follow us on Twitter! Kate - @improvKateJosh - @thatjoshblairSean - @spatrickconroy If you like us, Subscribe!

Duration: 00:41:30

Smeared Inc. 35 - Spotlight: “Mostly Ladies”

It’s a new Smeared Spotlight as Josh sits down with fellow “Mostly Ladies” castmates Jenny Rauch and Sami Malnekoff to discuss their new Conservatory show “MISSinterpreted” currently in The Second City ETC Theater, Monday Nights at 8pm through May 18th. They discuss the conservatory experiences and the process of getting in to getting to the final shows. Later on they are joined by rest of the Mostly Ladies cast and a container of store bought cookies. **Recorded Live at The Second City...

Duration: 00:24:46

Smeared Inc. 34 - Batman v. Gosling: Dawn of Hey Girl

After Kate’s political show flops, she’s is joined by the poster from her bedroom wall and a slightly confused and perhaps deranged guardian of the night. Like the not so often talked about Aerosmith song goes…Just push play. Josh - @thatjoshblairKate - @improvKateSean @SPatrickConroy

Duration: 00:51:43

Smeared Inc. 30 - Really David Boreanaz? (Really?!?)

In the 30th episode, Josh returns home from visiting another podcast. Sean and Kate delve into the foundations of their non-high school friendship. The trio talks about the cartoon character they’d love to make out with. Then the unthinkable happens. Then the unthinkable happens again. Follow the crew: Sean - @spatrickconroy Josh - @thatjoshblair and now Kate!!!! - @ImprovKate #itsabouttime

Duration: 00:49:36

Smeared Inc. 28 - Lethal Force Grinch Silver

Happy Holidays to our all the listeners! As a special gift to all of you, please enjoy an all-new episode just in time for Christmas Morning. As we present: “LETHAL FORCE GRINCH SILVER” An Improvised Christmas Radio Play.- Josh, Sean and Kate

Duration: 00:33:33

Smeared Inc. 27 - X-Mas Bitterness

Live from somewhere cold…it’s the 1st Annual Smeared Inc. Christmas Special:… X-Mas Bitterness! The gang comes together for talk of merriment and attempts at caroling. Kate talks about why life is just bad after December 25th, Sean comments on having to share his birthday with the most wonderful time of the year and Josh wishes problems could be solved by the hidden prison cell beneath the Batcave. #xmasbitterness (Follow us on Twitter: @SmearedInc) Also! A special message from Second City...

Duration: 00:52:37

Smeared Inc. 26 - A Thanksgiving Carol

As the gang tries to indulge in a holiday for indulging…the lack of catchy Thanksgiving songs is discussed. Sean doesn’t eat any rolls, Josh is thankful for the return of Luke Skywalker, and Kate tries to push the Santa agenda. Follow on Twitter!: @SmearedInc Like us on FB!:

Duration: 00:33:55