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#51 - Want To Get Fluent? Jump start the process with me

In this episode, you'll learn about these English terms and phrases 1)Such as this one 2)As Opposed to means – I praise my kids for the efforts they put in as oppose to praising them only after the end result 3)He was everything but polite (means he was not polite and rest he was everything) 4) I know we are wrapping up, I just want to say in listening to all these ideas I think Sheldon suggestion was a really important strategic (is-tra-tee-gic) consideration that I really liked a lot....


#50 - Golden Podcast - Build Your English Vocabulary

In this podcast English episode, we have covered these 10 New English words. 1) Your house depreciate in value in 10 to 20 year 2) I have extra support but I don’t use it for my advantage 3) Predicated – meaning based on A sentence – Your company is 4) So to help facilitate (means make it easier) this analysis, we are introducing a new tool 5) Mobile consumption is non-linear (meaning it is not straight forward) 6) I’m a slow reader because it is so hard for me to comprehend. 7) It’s...


#48 - Presentation Focused Useful Phrases

#48 - Presentation Focused Useful Phrases. Highlighting the important words 1) I’m in a meeting. It’s due to finish at 09:30 but might overrun. 2) Hi all – quick update. 3) Couple of highlights: – I love this blog – I love to speak – I love love These are the ways to share highlights 4) We should benefit from this as along as it is available. 5) She is a big advocate (means support it publically or recommend something openly) for all of the workshops. 6) I will quickly run through these...


#47 - I'm Going To Give Presentation In A Week - Excited / Intimidated ?

We will cover why I'm intimidated as well as excited for next week. Discover where I'm going to give a presentation and share the feeling. Bonus Word – Intimidated – means got scared 10 New English Words we have covered in this podcasts are 1) Outwork, outsmart, outplay, underplay, 2) However – means but – when you are going to say something contradictory to what you just said 3) I hate to join the chorus (ko-rus) (repetition line in a song) and say I am out 4) We have engineered...


#45 - English Verbal Diarrhea

In today's verbal diarrhea we are covering following English phrases / English sentences. 1) Just to clarify 2)As a side note 3)You didn’t even flinch when I gave you the offer 4)The way in which – instead of how 5)It doesn’t give aesthetically pleasing feeling to me – means something that give pleasure to eyes 97) I am on the fence – means I am unable to decide or being indecisive 98) Cleaning your pet’s litter is a chore (pronounced as chor-e) we all dread 99) Walk me through how it...


#44 - Fun Way To Build English Speaking Acumen

Without any written Diarrhea, I want to mention all the English Words / Phrases/sentences we are covering in this episode. And they are 1) That is perfect segway to next question 2) For the most part, people are the product of their environment. 3) We are getting off the point here – means talking out of context 4) Faux Pas (pronounced as Faw-pa) – means an event that has caused social embarrassment – People find it struggling to move on from the faux pas 5) It is everything but a...


#43 - Thoughts On My Life

I tried a different approach to learning English in this episode. Instead of learning about 10 New words, I picked a topic which is "thoughts on my life" and talked about it. In future, I'm planning to do more such sessions. I am open to doing everything it takes to become a fluent English speaker. Share your thoughts on new topics which I should talk about and all kind of suggestions are welcome. I will hold true to stick to this journey unless I feel much more confident about speaking to...


#42 - Mash Up of English Phrases / Idioms / Business Vocabulary / Expression

Today we are doing Mashup of English Phrases / Idioms / Business Vocabulary / Expression 1) I hope you can give me as much of a hand as possible 2)Fear of failure gets in the way of pursuing your passion 3)Experiencing it first hand – means experiencing something yourself 4)Recoup – means regain, redeem, recover 5) Acumen – means ability to make good decisions 6) I am in the spirit of Valentine’s day as it is coming up 7) It is a year round thing means something that happens entire year...


#41 - English Expressions To Build Your Vocabulary

I am back with another 10 English Expression/phrases. Let’s get it off the bat or should I say, get it off the ground. Anyway, let’s start! 1) I don’t want to tell you no right off the bat (means immediately or straight-away) 2) Easy to tell or easy to guess 3) Knock your socks off (means gonna impress you) 4) What were the pain points (means difficulties or challenges) 5) We r looking for a strategic partner more than anything 6) You never finished off (means never completed) your...


#40 - English Expressions To Build Your Vocabulary

In this session, we have covered following English words which will surely help you build strong vocabulary. 1) I am the only game in town 2) Can I counter – means can I negotiate? 3) There is nothing else like this on earth 4) We are right there at the same price as the standard red cup 5) 2% is not gonna make or break me, so we have a deal. 6) You can dodge (avoid / skip) all the facts as I am not interested in listening to that 7) There is this saying – don’t go where the path may lead...


#39 - Everyday English Phrases / Expression / Phrases / Idioms

Last week I was on fire with 3 sessions back to back but I got carried away with the feeling of achievement and I flunked to record more sessions following week. My dearest apologies for it. Let me redeem myself with at-least 3 sessions today if not more. So, people get ready to get amazed and I suggest you to buckle up and let’s start right off the bat. 36) What are your projections (means estimate / forecast) for next year A sentence You projection lacks reality to me 37) Contingent –...


#38 - Business English Sentences And Phrases

Third time in a row, this podcast is focused on Business/Sales Phrases and Words. There are the phrases covered in this podcast. 1) It clearly answers a need 2) You are not gonna get any innovation out of an old guy in the industry they would have invented it a long time ago. They don’t want the change because they own the market 3) As much as I hate to say, I won’t be on-board with you on this 4) Here is I would count on you, (means here is I would like you to do) 5) I haven’t moved a...


#37 - Business English Sentences And Phrases

Most commonly terms used in everyday office and business talks. This session is also inspired by Shark Tank. Many English Phrases have been pulled from it. Practice these sentence in your everyday English conversation to level up your game.


#36 - Inspired By Shark Tank - Business Focused English Phrases

#36 - Inspired By Shark Tank - Business Focused English Phrases. I have pulled most of the phrases and words from this American Show - Shark Tank, in which entrepreneurs pitch their company to get investment and thus so much Business terms. You can thank me by start speaking these words in your everyday conversation. Have fun fiddling with English Speaking.


#35 - Top Conversational English Phrases Picked From CEO of HP

We focus on learning English from various sources and the way we do it is by listening to various interviews of world’s leaders and pick spoken English by them and pull the style of speaking as everyone has a unique style of speaking and this is at least what we’d like to think. Not only we get our English doze but at the same time get inspired to continue learning with the aim of to be a Memorable and Empowering Storyteller. Let’s cover today’s 10 New English words and phrases picked from...


#34 - Top Conversational English Phrases For Sales / Business Executives

We all want to improve our English or level up our conversation by using more of phrases and idioms and conversational words. We may have different aim to improve English but we have a common way and that's is Spoken English. With that said, let's see what we are covering in today's session. 1) Everybody wants what everybody wants, nobody wants what nobody wants 2)Draw parallel conclusion 3)Two Kind of people - Expanders & Containers 4)Inevitably 5) Get rid of complainers 6)Bizzare 7)Paint...


#33 - Top 10 Conversational English Phrases

Today we are discussing these English Words and Phrases. 1) Mounting on Shoulders – means taking help from people to reach to higher level A sentence – I would like to thank my team because I don’t get to be here without mounting on shoulders of them and getting consistent help from them. Please give them a round of applause. 2) Take mind off something – means to forget it A sentence – What can I do to take your mind off it? Shall we go out for a movie? Another sentence – Having monthly...


#32 - Top 10 Conversational English Phrases

Today we will be covering 10 New Conversation English Phrases and Words. Please leave your suggestions in the comment as I am a learner myself and trying to make this two ways of communication. 1) Enrich Perspective – means gain more perspective, A sentence - What you do is going to shape and enrich your perspective 2) Having been through many iteration – means having done multiple changes A sentence – we have been through many numbers of iterations and still this thing is not working 3) A...


#31 - Top 10 Conversational English Phrases

Howdy? No this is not part of today's 10 New Words. Howdy, just means How are you and this is just bonus word for today. Today we are covering following 10 New English Words - 1) Trying to keep egg off my face – means trying to avoid embaressment 2) Scratch that Enterprenuial itch or scratch that managerial itch…or scratch that swimming itch 3) An Elephant in the room - A problem that no one wants to talk about 4) Translate the learning into other platform 5) My favourite pillar set, I...


#30 - My Personal Favorite - Top 10 Conversational English Words

Have you ever struggled to keep up with a conversation or felt lost in conversation due to lack of vocabulary then fret not or you can say sweat not. Here we learn 10 New English Words whenever we can and try to use those words or at least try to squeeze in those words even though it doesn't sound natural because there is just one way to be fluent and that is by "Speaking it" Today we are covering following 10 New English Words - 1) No fruit which is not better before it is ripe, 2) Raving...


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