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Ep37: Of Paper Towels and Nespresso Machines

Over at the World Wide So Here’s My Story Podcast Headquarters, we have lots of great discussions. But this one is special, because it all started with a trip to the washroom. Solutions often have unintended consequences, consequences that could have easily been prevented with a little bit of forethought. And that’s what we are talking about in today’s episode. Why is that important for business? In order to prioritize service, you have to make assumptions about what kind of services...


Ep36: The Massage Saga Continues...

Have you ever walked into a space, and something in the environment made you uncomfortable? Or maybe you entered a work space and thought “this space is perfectly suited to the work being done in it.” Creating a space – whether the actual physical space, or even the virtual space – that supports the work you are trying to do is an oft ignored, but important aspect of your business. In this episode, we talk about what a massage treatment room has to teach us about matching our space to...


Ep35: Want-Shaming Free Zone

Have you ever asked someone a question – a deeper question that gets at who they really are – and received an “I don’t know” in return? This episode is all about the really good conversations that are possible when you ask - in just the right way – who a person is and what their dreams are. Why is that important for business? Sometimes, the best conversations are the ones you have to keep plugging away at. You are guaranteed to fail the first few times you try to get to the good...


Ep34: Vibrancy in the Low Places

January can have a weird energy for many people, both personally and in business. And all of us, whatever our season of lower energy, could use a proactive plan to help us cope. In this episode, that’s exactly what Eliot and Jodi share. Why is that important for business? Just like in our personal life, we can have hard seasons in our business life; a time of year where it is particularly hard, mentally, to be “up”. For Eliot, this is the time to focus on connecting with people, and...


Ep33: Own That Rant

Have you ever actually felt the exact moment that you lost all respect for a professional associate? In this episode, Eliot and Jodi discuss how straddling two messages in an attempt to be liked often ends in no one being served. For those moments when you are dedicated to something higher than “what the clients says they want”, this episode is for you. Why is that important for business? Helping clients doesn’t always mean doing exactly what they say they want. You must make sure you...


Ep32: You Need a Kristi

Do you ever get stuck in overthinking? Either indecision or second guessing the decision you already made? Well, so has Jodi (not Eliot – he’s perfect!), and in this episode, we try to figure out why, and maybe even some solutions when you catch yourself in overthinking mode. Why is that important for business? Overthinking makes business not only harder, but getting stuck all of the time can also be really draining. And, as suggested by Jodi’s former coach, “stuck” often means that you...


Ep31: The Price is Right

Feeling like you can’t get clients to understand your value? This episode of So Here’s My Story is all about showing potential clients the difference between your work as a commodity, and your work as an art form. Why is that important for business? It often feels like a billable hour model punishes efficiency and rewards inefficiency. Just as you don’t care how many hours workmen put into building your car, you want clients to see the value in the end product. But it is often a much...


Ep30: New Years Evolutions

New Year’s Evolution It's New Years. Want to avoid setting the same ole' “just add water, have shame in 3 weeks" resolutions? This is the episode for you! It’s that time of year where many of us make some resolutions. But we have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s Resolutions, and think it might be a time to rethink how we make them. Why is that important for business? What you measure will determine so much about your business. New Year’s is a great time to notice what and how...


Ep29: Cancer & Kudzu

Sometimes we set goals – like business growth – not because they are true goals, but because it feels like we are a failure if we don’t achieve them... Have you started your 2018 goal planning? We have some ideas on how to make that planning more effective, and we share them in this episode. Jodi also speaks Swedish-ish and coins the term “Zen Mama”, so there’s something for everyone! Why is that important for business? The practice of hitting pause and looking back is incredibly...


Ep28: Quack, Quack

Quack, Quack You know those early American Idol contestants? The ones with…less than stellar singing skills? Have you ever wondered why none of their friends pulled them aside and said “listen, dearest friend – you can’t sing”? This episode is all about the business version of “you can’t sing”. And Jodi and Eliot have a few different perspectives to share about it. Why is that important for business? We make assumptions that there is only one way to do things when we give advice,...


Ep27: Patre-OFF

Are you in the mood for a rant? This week, Jodi and Eliot air some grievances about the newest changes to the Patreon fee structure, all in the spirit of championing honest business practices and taking care of you, the listener. Why is that important for business? Patreon, the organization we work with to help fund our podcast, has changed its policies in a frustrating way. They have raised their fees, and have decided those extra fees will be added to the money pledged by the patrons....


Ep26: Mental Feng Shui

Episode 26 Have you ever found yourself adding unnecessary steps to a project? Made something simple way too complicated? This week, Jodi and Eliot talk about the mental feng shui that happens when the mundane creates space for real business magic. Why is that important for business? Often, we overcomplicate things in our business. It may just be the way we have always done something, or it may be that we are too close and cannot see what is possible – often we need someone else to...


Ep25: "Does This Look Infected to You?"

This week, Jodi and Eliot talk about the situations where you don’t want to collaborate; there are times when you want the experts to lead. And it all starts with a trip to the doctor. Why is that important for business? In business, one of the most challenging things to figure out is when is the time to stop listening, and do the thing that they came to do; when to stop collaborating, and be a leader. If you are a professional, you need to find that place where it is time to stop...


Ep24: Is There Anything ELSE I Can Help You With?

Episode 24 We’ve all had the experience of feeling like a company doesn’t care about us, but how many of us have examined how our own clients experience working with us? This week, Jodi and Eliot talk about Thanksgiving and whiskey, Saturday Night Live spoofs, and how all of it relates to keeping your customers and clients happy. Why is that important for business? "You see, this phone system consists of a multibillion-dollar matrix of space age technology that is so sophisticated -...


Ep23: A Story Taylor-Made

This week, Eliot and Jodi discuss Taylor’s car shopping experience, implicit bias, and the benefits of curiosity. Why is that important for business? As Taylor’s story illustrates, ignoring a decision maker is an excellent way to lose a sale. Who we choose to ignore often relates to our implicit biases, about who is important and who is not. (Check out this episode of the NPR podcast, Hidden Brain, for more on implicit bias). The hardest part of addressing your biases is that you...


Ep22: Controlicating (Yes, that's exactly what we meant.)

This week, Eliot and Jodi talk about those moments in business where we have irrational, emotional reactions and what that intrepid traveler, Indiana Jones, teaches us about how to deal with them like adults. Why is that important for business? We need to remember that it’s not just business; it’s personal. And when things get personal, we don’t always have the capacity to respond rationally. We all make irrational decisions; we all think like petulant children sometimes. And even...


Ep21: What Kipling Saw

This week, Jodi and Eliot talk about that famous business poet, Rudyard Kipling, and what he has to say about riding the ups and downs of business. Why is that important for business? “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same.” -- from Rudyard Kipling’s If. Just as in life, business involves both triumph and disaster. Sometimes people are better with the triumphs and some are better with the disasters. But it is important to remember that...


Ep20: Ahava Story (with Ahava Leibtag!)

Ahava Story This week, Jodi and Eliot talk about their interview with Ahava Leibtag of Aha Media about why she started her unique business, the worst day of her business, and the heartwarming best day. And of course, being Eliot and Jodi, they also make time to discuss the perils of putting beans up your nose, all while making it relevant to your business. So what DOES this week’s episode say about your business? Ahava has a big “why” for her business. But yours doesn’t have to be as...


Ep19: Will & Grace-less

We watched the new Will & Grace, and at the risk of losing diehard fans, we have some ideas about how it relates to your business. This week, Eliot and Jodi talk about knowing your value, and the importance of white space. Why is all of that important for business? Sometimes, in TV and in business, people are not clear with what their real value is. When you don’t know what value you are actually bringing, you can put all of this energy and attention on aspects of your product or...


Ep18: The Agony and Ecstasy of High Expectations

This week, Jodi and Eliot talk about the psychology of loss, VIP sections, and goldfish the size of a continent, terrorizing the ocean. It all makes sense in the context of the divide between your own expectations, and those of your clients. Why is all of that important for business? Many businesses and events have a system that allows clients and participants to engage at different levels. But what happens when these levels inadvertently cause valued clients or peers to feel...


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